Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGC001 watch on eBay

I can’t help but share these Seiko watches with you. They are only available outside of the US and I know exactly why. We have this brand snobbery here in the US, which results in us not having a lot of good products. Basically, we think that once a company makes a “down market” product, their high-end products are inferior. This is usually false, and why certain wonderful products, like the Volkswagen Phaeton failed here in the US, while succeeding in other markets. In Japan, there is no Toyota and Lexus. There is just Toyota, as Japanese consumers are comfy with a single brand selling a $10,000 car and a $100,000 car. Check out the Toyota Century if you are interested in something unique.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph Ad

So Lexus loving Americans are brand snobs. Here is a very high-end Seiko, from the “Grand Seiko” line. Stare at the pristine simplicity to realize how ergonomically perfect this watch is. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive model SBGC0001 includes a chronograph, date, GMT hand, and power reserve, as well as the time. It also has the now legendary Seiko Spring Drive 9R86 movement with a column wheel 12 hour chronograph! The quality of this watch as well as the finish is the best that Japan can do, which is pretty good. This isn’t supposed to be a mimicry of European watches, but rather something a bit different. You aren’t going to get the fashionista vibe from this watch. Rather, you’ll get something that is made to be super easy to live with. The layout of the dials makes it extremely clear to read the information, especially for the chronograph. The faceted hands and indicators as so well done and hand polished. This watch just oozes cool and quality to me.

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Grand Seiko SBGC001 watch rear

Look at the large comfortable pushers, precision milled and polished surfaces, and overall hefty look to the watch. It is solid and heavy. And at 43mm wide, it is no petite watch. It is something to rely on. Check out the column wheel  for the chronograph visible through the caseback window. Nothing European with a column wheel that I know of is available at these prices.

This particular model available on eBay is used and available a price below retail of course. Starting price is $6,800, though deals can be made. The buyer invites you to make him an offer, which I suggest you do if you are interested. Watch lovers will almost get upset if you don’t haggle a bit. It shows you have pride in your horological pursuits.  Check it out.

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