As we move into springtime, springing forward our watches and basking in post-5:00 p.m. sunsets, we look back at the best red-carpet watches spotted at this year’s Oscars with Monochrome, while Fratello recaps British Watchmakers Day. On the news front, we explore the ramifications of some recent litigation aimed at Hermes, and catch a glimpse of an upcoming batch of watches belonging to the beloved Michael Schumacher. On the home front, the ABTW team recaps big releases from Omega, takes note of Tudor’s push into the world of sports, while on the SUPERLATIVE podcast, Ripley Sellers and ABTW founder Ariel Adams dive deep into the world of G-Shock. Mike Razak also gives us the skinny on meteorite dials. Finally, the fellas at Collective (along with Worn & Wound guest, Zach Kazan) look ahead to the watch world’s Woodstock — Watches & Wonders which begins April 9. To prepare for the show, they take us behind the scenes on their most recent Openwork Podcast. Let’s get to it!

The Absolute Best Watches Seen At The 2024 Oscars

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A few hours before Oppenheimer took home a haul of trophies, the red carpet outside the Dolby Theater was — for a moment one of the best places on earth to see watches. From the classic (Roger Federer’s Daytona, Cillian Murphy’s Omega De Ville Prestige) to the bizarre (Matthew McConaughey’s Jacob & Co. Bugatti), each wrist seemed to sport something of note. Famous “watch guy” Robert Downey Jr.’s JLC Reverso Tribute Chronograph in pink gold even made it into the main broadcast on several occasions, including as he took home the prize for Best Supporting Actor.

Source: Haute Time

New Release: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch With White Lacquered Dial

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It was a big month for the Moonwatch and its derivatives. Likely the biggest release in March (in terms of sheer press coverage) was the new white-dialed Speedy. And for good reason — not only does it breathe new life into a classic, but it’s not a limited edition. That’s good news for pretty much everyone. On its heels, the Omega x Swatch collab produced its first moonphase MoonSwatch, an all-white variant awkwardly called “Mission to the Moonphase” that’s got Snoopy’s paw-prints all over it (literally). Meanwhile, Fratello boss Robert Jan managed to clear up rumors swirling rumors that Omega was discontinuing the current “Snoopy”. Thanks, Robert!

Source: aBlogtoWatch

Everything You Need To Know About The British Watchmakers’ Day

After unlucky timing with their first event planned for 2020, the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers regrouped and pulled off a highly successful program this year with the first event. Held in Westminster, the show brought together 80 brands, an impressive number for a first-time event. With participation from brands like Fears, anOrdain, Christopher Ward, and more, the success of the show is a good omen for restoring the esteem of British watchmaking.

Source: Fratello

Wait A Minute! Meteorite Is Not Rare

Does meteorite make a watch unique? Definitely. Is it because it’s rare? Well, that’s another story. As Mike Razak explains, the extraterrestrial stuff might look cool, but its characterization as a rare substance might have more to do with clever marketing than actual scarcity.

Source: aBlogtoWatch

California Residents Sue Luxury Brand Because Iconic Handbags Are Too Difficult to Purchase

As a watch collector, do phrases like “waiting list” and “purchase history” make your blood boil? Then pay attention to the current lawsuit filed in California against Hermès International and Hermès of Paris. While the case is centered around handbags, not watches, it could still have consequences for the way certain brands and retailers allocate high-demand timepieces. Alleging that Hermes engaged in “unfair business practices” by requiring customers to purchase ancillary products before being given the opportunity to purchase the brand’s much sought-after Birken handbag, the plaintiffs are claiming the French fashion house is in violation of, among other things, the 1890 Sherman Act, America’s grandpappy of antitrust legislation.

Source: SF Gate

Timepieces from the collection of Michael Schumacher at Christie’s Rare Watches auction in Geneva

As far as rare watch auctions go, the upcoming showcase by Christie’s of legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher’s collection is a special one. Noteworthy not just for their provenance, some are true one-of-a-kind timepieces such as a Royal Oak Chronograph emblazoned with Ferrari symbology and an F.P. Journe that implements a wandering hours display that’s appropriately evocative of a racetrack. Announced in March, the auction goes live on May 13.

Source: Time & Watches

New Release: Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink Dial Watch “Produced In Limited Numbers”

Vying with the white Speedmaster for top-billing in March was the pink-dialed Black Bay Chrono from Tudor. Released several days after Tudor publicly announced its sponsorship of brand ambassador David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF, the pale-dial chronograph is certainly unique. Of note, Tudor has now launched three sporting partnership watches after June’s special Pelagos FXD models with Alinghi Red Bull Racing. That number grows to four if you count February’s non-publicly-available ceramic blue dial Black Bay spotted on Daniel Ricciardo’s wrist during the Visa Cash App RB F1 sponsorship promo.

Source: aBlogtoWatch

What Is Up With Radium On Watch Dials? How Dangerous Is It, Really?

Vintage watch collectors: take note. In an excellent primer that concisely tells the story of radium and gives some level-headed guidance on owning watches made with radium-painted dials, Thomas Van Straaten weighs the consequences of adding an ionizing piece to your collection in 2024.

Source: Fratello

‘G-Shock’ Author Ariel Adams On Casio’s 50-Year Legacy

When do self-proclaimed “amateur historians” become actual historians? Between ABTW founder Ariel Adams’ book, G-Shock, and Associate Editor Ripley Seller’s insatiable appetite for the weird and wonderful world of “evolutionary dead ends,” the pair constitute a wealth of knowledge about one of Japan’s most transformative watch brands. Give a listen as they discuss Casio’s half-century of contributions.

Source: aBlogtoWatch

First Espresso in Space

The Venn diagram of watch collectors and coffee geeks is almost a perfect circle. So using a chronograph to time an espresso shot just makes sense. But what about doing it in space? Ingenuity in watch launches is nothing new. Even literal “watch launches” have been done before, one example being Fortis’ testing of its WERK 17 movement in space. However, Brew Watches took things to another level this month with their space-based espresso pull in conjunction with its Metric Chronograph.

Source: Brew Watch Co.

What Really Goes on at Watches & Wonders – Zach Kazan

Ever dreamed of being the first in the world to see releases from brands like Rolex, Cartier, Grand Seiko, A. Lange Sohne, and more? Well, get ready for a week of dehydration, jet lag, and punishing 20-hour days. With the ABTW news team nodding along knowingly, Zach Kazan breaks down what launch-day access looks like behind the scenes at the world’s biggest watch show.

Source: Collective Horology

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