Tudor doubles down on its “Born to Dare” motto by launching the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink, a rather unexpected watch that arrives in the pre-Watches & Wonders vacuum of releases sustained by powerful embargos that have thus far kept all exhibiting brands from announcing anything but boutique openings in places you probably don’t live in. Good for you, Tudor, thank you for the entertainment, and for dropping a fresh color into a sea of blues and greens.

The inspiration for this bold new reference lies in the shared affection for the color pink by Tudor’s various brand ambassadors, such as David Beckham whose Miami CF team wears pink to stand out, Jay Chou whom Tudor claims to “own the color pink” (which is a statement I’ll leave you to assess on your own) as well as the leader of the bike race Giro d’Italia that Tudor is the official timekeeper of. As someone who cares about watches and watchmaking more than which Taiwanese singer can lay claim to a color, I hope you’ll pardon me when I swiftly move on to discuss the watch itself.

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Something is telling me that we’ll be seeing an uptick in pink watches in the coming years, as brands and indeed their customers burn through all the blacks, silvers, whites, blues, and greens of the world, ultimately looking for something different to excite them. Looking at the new Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink, the “pink-dial watch” recipe appears to work and, on a personal note, I can’t wait for more pink watches from Tudor and others.

Essentially, we are looking at a Black Bay Chrono that we covered hands-on here, with two notable changes: A domed pink dial, and a five-piece link bracelet. Tudor does not specify this, but I do believe it is the first time that the Black Bay Chrono is fitted with this Jubilee-inspired bracelet and, frankly, it suits it beautifully. It is a supple, comfortable bracelet, made all the more comfortable by including a Tudor “T-fit” rapid adjustment clasp that we know and love.

Now, as for the dial, Tudor says “the Black Bay Chrono Pink might not be for everyone, and that’s OK because few of them will ever be made.” For an industry whose defining major PR nightmare was managing customers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) and its rampant exploitation by flippers, leaning into said FOMO might be a bit too soon, for some. Limiting the production of watches a brand isn’t exactly sure about is very much a thing across the entire spectrum of brands, independent or otherwise.

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Maybe you’ll agree that Tudor did the smart thing here by not putting a ridiculously low limitation on what will likely be a very popular watch (like Breitling did with the first SuperOcean Rainbow), which will allow it to keep this in production a bit longer. Let us hope that pink pigment is not in short supply in Switzerland and production won’t need to be limited for some hardly relatable reason.

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink comes in a 41mm wide case crafted from 316L stainless steel with a fixed steel bezel with an anodized aluminum bezel insert fitted with a domed sapphire crystal. Hiding under the domed dial is the Manufacture Calibre MT5813, which is a reworked version of Breitling’s revered B01 manufacture chronograph caliber. For more on what a manufacture movement is, read our extensive and thought-provoking feature article here.

Tudor does not specify how many pink-dialed Black Bay Chrono watches it will produce so we’ll just have to wait and see how long it will linger around. The Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink watch is priced at $5,675 USD. You can learn more at the brand’s website.

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