1. Explaining What’s New with the Revamped Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Tudor Heritage Black Bay

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is one of the most popular watches right now, and it’s not difficult to see why. Boasting a smart and chic design, and not to mention a relatively affordable price tag, the Black Bay is highly sought-after by folks new to watches and even veteran collectors. This year, Tudor is giving the Black Bay a thorough refresh, and the highlight changes include a new in-house movement as well as aesthetic changes to the dial and bracelet. Read this to get a better understanding of what’s new with the new Heritage Black Bay.

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2. The Birth of G-SHOCK, Casio’s “Revolutionary” Watch

Casio G-Shock

It would not be a stretch at all to say that the G-Shock from Casio is a watch icon. Mechanical watch snobs may scoff at it, but the G-Shock is a bona fide global bestseller and a modern day cultural icon. Beyond that, it has also become synonymous with quality, rigidity, and toughness. But did you know how the G-Shock was born? That story begins with a man named Kikuo Ibe and his unfortunate encounter one day while walking down the hallways in Casio’s office. Find out the rest of the story by hitting the link below.

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3. Best of Basel 2016: Only The Strong Will Survive

Baselworld 2016 is over, which means it’s a good time to reflect on the new watches that we have seen so far since the start of the year, and also what it means for watch collectors and the state of the watch industry. There’s no way to sugar-coat it, 2016 will be a tough year for watch brands. Demand has dropped considerably, and word on the street is that luxury watch brands are collectively sitting on billions of dollars worth of unsold inventory. And as the title of this article suggests, only the strong will survive. And so here are some of the best watches that were launched at Baselworld 2016.

Source: Revolution

4. Top 5 Watches Under $5000 USD of Baselworld 2016

In response to weak demand for luxury timepieces, watch brands are adapting their strategies and are seeking to offer less expensive watches and also watches that offer more value for money. For many brands, the under-$5,000 mark is becoming an increasingly important segment of the marketplace and there’s a lot of interesting new watches that were released at Baselworld 2016 priced under $5,000. And here, Michael Clerizo, who is a noted author and who writes about watches on the Wall Street Journal, shares with us his top 5 watches under $5,000 at Baselworld 2016.

Source: The Watches TV

5. A Technical Perspective – All you want to know about Finishing in Haute Horlogerie

Haute Horology Finishing

Have you ever wondered why a watch from Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne costs so much? Sure, some of it is down to the exclusivity and prestige of the brand, but on the other hand, a lot of it is also due to the amount of work that goes into finishing the watch. This post details the various types of finishing and finishing techniques that are commonly found in haute horlogerie timepieces.

Source: Monochrome Watches

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