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Hot off the press is Bulgari Beyond Time, a large-format, beautifully presented hardcover coffee table book by renowned publisher Assouline. It is a holistic exploration of Bulgari, by Bulgari. It invites the reader to discover the Swiss-Italian company’s emotion-fueled past, present, and future in the dimension of high-end watchmaking, making it the ideal gift for oneself or a special loved one.

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“The most important and difficult part of our business is to give form to an emotion, especially when this emotion confronts time.” — Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari.

Filled with insightful quotes, drawings, and unique imagery, the only way such a truthful self-reflection could be truly Bulgari is if filled with emotion. A brand forever proud of its Italian heritage — Bulgari has its global headquarters in Rome, Italy, while its watchmaking operations are directed from Neuchâtel, Switzerland — the reader will discover Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship, Jewelry watches, Serpenti, Bulgari Bulgari, Octo, and Grand Complications across the various chapters of the Bulgari Beyond Time book. It ends with a section called “The Future” and a handy guide to the evolution of Bulgari Horlogerie from 1884 when Sotirio Voulgaris founded Bulgari, all the way to the Octo Finissimo World-Record Saga and the Octo Finissimo Ultra of 2022.

Bulgari’s past nigh-on 140 years have been largely defined by the brand’s unbreakable ties to world-class stars of cinema, fashion, and arts, an unforgettable journey that was made all the richer through especially beautiful imagery, illustrations, and photography. With over 1,700 titles curated to date, Assouline Publishing delivered once again and brought these captivating images to life. But there’s so much more to discover than iconic pictures.

Bulgari Beyond Time relies heavily on insightful conversations with the company’s specialists to bring the reader to a newfound understanding and appreciation of all that happens in this vertically integrated manufacture. Watch collector John Goldberger (whose real name is Auro Montanari) not only penned the introduction but also moderated a number of conversations along with co-author Fabienne Reybaud. Rahul Kadakia (jewelry auctioneer, Christie’s) discusses gems; Marina Abramović (performance-art superstar) approaches serpents; Alessandro Gassmann (Italian actor and director) invites the reader to Rome; Carl Lewis (nine-time Olympic gold-medalist track-and-field athlete) explains the art of breaking records; and Lorenzo Viotti (award-winning conductor) draws up the mental soundtrack to musical moments.

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An elaborate dust cover stands in harmony with the hardcover of the book itself — the former depicting an ultra-high-end jewelry watch creation, the latter a flying tourbillon-equipped Octo Roma. Weighing in at 5 kilograms (11 pounds), the 280-page Bulgari Beyond Time book is every bit as grand as it has to be to do justice to one of the most emotional and passionate stories in watchmaking history. A sweeping perspective to celebrate more than a century of Roman-inspired savoir faire, exhaustively chronicling the manufacture’s Swiss-Italian watchmaking achievements through hundreds of original, captivating images and fascinating conversations with the company’s greatest specialists — the Bulgari Beyond Time book is available now and is priced at $250. You can learn more at the brand’s website.

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