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Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

Swiss boutique watchmaker Brellum has been noted for their direct-to-consumer marketing approach and affordable yet refined collection, and they have recently released an update to their Duobox Chronometer series. The new watch, dubbed the Brellum Duobox Havana Classic, differentiates itself from its predecessor, the Duobox Chronometer which we reviewed here, with a new “Havana” brown sunburst dial and matching leather strap. The Brellum Duobox Classic has a lot going for it to begin with, so it’s worth introducing this new dial option that is a less common dial color.

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

The Duobox Havana Classic’s dial is tastefully executed with its applied steel, three dimensional hour markers, deep brown sunburst dial, and pulsometer track at the perimeter. We also have a nicely done stainless steel case with alternating brushed and polished surfaces in a very reasonable 41.8mm width. A large engraved and deeply knurled crown sits between polished chronograph pushers. Thick box section sapphire crystals cover the dial up front and allow easy viewing of the movement and its Brellum-decorated rotor around back. These two thick box section crystals (with anti-reflective coating) provide for the Duobox model name and also give the watch some serious thickness at a not insignificant 16.2mm.

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

A real star in the Duobox show is the inclusion of ETA’s longstanding workhorse automatic chronograph caliber, the 7750 that Brellum has COSC chronometer-certified. Produced since the 1970s, the ETA 7750 is known for its high degree of robustness and dependability – with 25 jewels, 28,800 bph rate, and a 46-hour power reserve. Brellum’s election to take the extra step of having the watches chronometer-certified demonstrates their intended position in the watch world as a competitive producer of reasonably priced watches which aim to please the new crop of watchmaking-interested buyers. It also, of course, means the Duobox keeps great time.

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

The Brellum Duobox Chronometer was the very first release from the brand back in December of 2016. When we first reviewed the Duobox Chronometer, we were impressed with the vintage-inspired aesthetic, chronometer certified 7750 movement, sapphire front and rear box section crystals (hence the Duobox name), and middleman-free business plan. If anything, our only complaint about the watch was the relative lack of actual novelty in the overall design, which reminded us of quite a few other watches.

Brellum Duobox Classic Havana Watch Watch Releases

Comparing the original to the new Brellum Duobox Classic Havana, Brellum have again produced a nice-looking chronograph with some design features from some of the great chronographs of years past and with a higher-end movement complete with chronometer certification. Considering the fairly reasonable cost of entry, especially given the COSC movement and attention to detail on the Duobox, the new Brellum Duobox Classic Havana could be a no-brainer for those who like the concept and the cigar-smoking, bourbon-sipping color scheme. However, those looking for a major update or any real change and the next thing from the brand other than the color and strap option will be left wanting. The new Brellum Duobox Classic Havana will retail for 2,390 CHF on a leather strap or 2,450 CHF on a Milanese mesh bracelet with removable links and a dual expansion clasp.

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  • Chaz


    This is THE poster child for “parts bin watch”.

    Shall we run a list of which part goes to what brand’s watch???

    • Mikita

      “Swiss Watchmaking”

  • Mikita


  • palettj

    “A real star in the Duobox show is the inclusion of ETA’s longstanding workhorse automatic chronograph caliber, the 7750.” Is this the most cliche sentence in all of watch journalism?

    • Marius


    • Berndt Norten

      It’s typical fare ’round here

    • Kuroji

      I prefer “beyond hackneyed. “

  • Brian

    Havana? Get Sigmond!!

  • Beefalope

    I’d like to see the real pics, but this looks like a pretty strong offering at a reasonable price.

  • SuperStrapper

    A watch to fool your friends into thinking you’ve backed a Kickstarter! Jokes on them it’s a $2500 boutique watch!

  • Ross Diljohn

    Ok but that unfortunate logo should be removed from the dial. Also in my opinion for an unestablished brand to be asking that sort of price, I can think of many other watches I would rather spend the money on or save a bit more and get something I really want.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    What would you call that colour ? ………………….Hint of shit ?

    • Brian

      I don’t get why everyone says that you’re a negative guy. Much love.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Due to the logo this must be the official Mortal kombat watch. Beside that, nice watch.

    • Mr. Snrub

      Flawless Victory

  • Framlucasse

    The watch is quite classical, but nice. Some defects imo, a bit overpriced for a direct sale, a bit to thick (14mm woud be better). I don’t like the fonts and different sized letters of “Brellum”, and most of all why “Swiss watchmaking” when there is already Swiss Made on the dial?
    Most of the watch is probably China Made anyway, so that’s two lies instead of one.

    • Brian

      The guy’s last name is Muller, so he has to have that big M.

      • Framlucasse

        Has to have? All in capital letters was forbidden?

  • Nice colorway, but that about all that stands out. Except for the too thick thickness and too pricey price. Decent looking for a 7750, but then again, it’s just a 7750.

    Oh yeah, since they aren’t Rolex, they are not entitled to having that much text on the dial.

    • Berndt Norten

      Come on Mark, don’t you want a watch that says ‘graduated for 15 pulsations’?!

      • If I was a health care professional, yes I might well find that very useful. But since I’m not, I guessing timing how long a can bleach the alphabet is about it (no scale needed).

        • IG

          Actually without being a health care professional you can check your pulse with it when you see the next 7750 with 6–9–12 layout.

          • I think a defibrillator might work better.

        • Kuroji

          Clip-on pulse oximeter. $30 at Amazon.

          • As in “Nice tie. Is it a clip-on?”

            Also Amazon has clip-on watches for $11.

          • Kuroji

            No, as in medical professionals don’t use wrist watches to calculate anyone’s pulse. To imagine that this a a genuine use case is ludicrous.

  • Ranchracer

    Axe the hideous logo and this one’s a winner in my book. First glance definitely says “I’m a 7750”, but then you notice that there’s no day/date window at 3:00, just a date window at 6 inside the chronograph sub-dial. Nice custom touch. Along with the COSC cert, I think it’s priced very competitively., and while I’m not always a fan of brown dials, it works here.

  • IG

    Fidel died because of the 7750’s 6–9–12 layout you Swiss bastards!

  • Ian john horwood

    My first port of call for this type and similar style of watch would be, firstly, the breitling transocean, and secondly, iwc portugeiser classic chronograph. Both being nice watches.

    • Gokart Mozart

      The IWC is a much nicer watch, but both of your choices are what 2 or 3 times the coat of this. They are not competitors realistically.

  • Mark1884

    Not a horrible looking watch. I like the brown dial. As others have noted, replace the logo ASAP!
    At least it is COSC and a proven movement. Drop the price, and it will be fine.
    There, off you go.

  • Shinytoys

    Nice package and price, and I have zero problems using a 7750 in todays pieces, ya can’t kill it with a sledgehammer. And, Oh yea, it keeps good time and is reliable…


    They offer good design for good value.
    My only gripe is that stupid looking dragon on the rotor. On the front it looks like the lion king which is no biggie on the back it looks idiotic on an otherwise nicely executed rotor and well finished movement.

  • Nathan Likes Watches

    Officially certified, can’t snuff your nose at that! I don’t mind the colour scheme, dial could’ve been a bit darker. Prefer my Arabic numerals over the marker hour indices, still a nice watch.

  • Allain Messou

    I love the finely curved leather strap … it really fits the dial color and remembers me a tabac leave.
    Comparing such a watch to the TAG Quartz chronograph the price of this automatic version seem very fair to me. A fine movement and the parts have a high quality finish. The intention of the slogan: “Swiss Watchmaking’ I also would like to understand…?
    Die date dial would be nice in brown as well.


    Hey what kind of watch is that? Its a BRELLUM. A what??

    Where do they get these names from? Yes names do effect sales. Nice looking watch otherwise.

    • egznyc

      Good thought. I was thinking it’s too bad they blew it here with the brown edition. No possible partnering with UPS now ;-).

  • Kuroji

    Moar liek Frenulum, amirite?

  • Ulysses31

    I think it’s really beautiful but would prefer blue over brown, although it still looks good in that colour. There is a similar blue model but it has that awful red text on the dial.