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BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

In the past several years, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo line has become the brand’s flagship line for delivering technical breakthroughs and design innovations, setting several records for thinness along the way. While the Octo Finissimo lineup displayed at LVMH Watch Week – Dubai 2020 may not deliver on technical innovation like past collections, the four new models unveiled at the event showcase a wide range of stylistic variety in the now iconic Octo Finissimo design.

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

The most impressive of the new models is assuredly the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater in sandblasted rose gold. The original Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater appeared on the scene back in 2016 and earned the line one of its first records for thinness at 6.9 millimeters, a title which this new model maintains four years later. While mechanically the same, the overall treatment here is far more luxe, eschewing the monochrome titanium of the original for a matte 18 karat rose gold finish. The dial continues this material, but on closer inspection offers a semi-skeletonized glimpse into the heart of the watch through the indices. In addition to showing the record setting BVL362 manual wound minute repeater movement at work, these cutouts serve as a resonating chamber for the minute repeater chime for a louder, clearer tone. This more luxurious take on the Octo Finissimo formula continues in the strap, which opts for wide matte alligator leather over the integrated bracelet the watch is usually associated with. Inside, the BVL362 movement is identical to previous versions, with hand-finished Côtes de Genève, circular graining and chamfering alongside a 42 hour power reserve, minute repeater complication and a small seconds. Bulgari has priced the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater in sandblasted rose gold at $170,000.

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

Measuring in even thinner at 5.25 millimeters thick and 40 millimeters in diameter, the Octo Finissimo Automatic is in some ways the purest expression of the ultra-thin futuristic Bulgari design. The marque revealed three new iterations of this centerpiece style for the show, two of which feature a new lacquer black dial that breaks the usual monochrome Octo Finissimo paradigm.

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

These two, in satin polished steel and satin polished 18 karat rose gold, create a more traditional look for the style while keeping the Octo Finissimo’s aggressive geometric lines. Both also include faceted matching hands and indices in the case metal. Where the two diverge, however, is in strap options. The Octo Finissimo Automatic in satin polished steel offers a stainless steel expression of Bulgari’s integrated bracelet, while the satin polished gold model softens the overall design somewhat with a black alligator leather strap. The stainless steel variant is priced at $12,000, while the gold model will retail for $15,600.

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

The final new Octo Finissimo Automatic model is rendered from stealthy black sandblasted ceramic. While the other two automatic models stray away from the monochrome concept of the Octo Finissimo, this one doubles down for an all-black look that remains legible and dynamic thanks to a mix of matte and polished surfaces. Bulgari’s MSRP for this piece stands at $15,600.


BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

All four new Octo Finissimo Automatic models share the same highly decorated BVL138 Finissimo automatic movement. This stalwart of the Octo Finissimo line features Côtes de Genève, chamfered bridges and a circular grained baseplate, along with a 60 hour power reserve and a platinum micro-rotor.

BVLGARI Expands Octo Finissimo Lineup With Four New Models Watch Releases

While the four new Octo Finissimo models debuted at LVMH Watch Week – Dubai 2020 may lack some of the technical spectacle of previous unveilings, all four represent exciting new additions to Bulgari’s core lineup. For more information on these pieces, please visit Bulgari’s website.

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  • Independent_George

    Good to see the Finissimo in steel.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Wow. This is super popular.

  • Chaz

    Absolutely love the OF line. Rock on Bvlgari!!

  • Tariq

    What, too big or too small? I have 6.75” wrist, though very flat so I found it sat perfectly on my wrists.
    Always thought it needed brushed and polished surfaces to show off the Genta-esque shapes, and was the only thing that stopped me getting one. Never thought they would do it as I guessed they were thinking there sandblasted finishing made it unique. Glad they did it though, now it’s a perfect watch and a true alternative to the dates Nautilus, this being a contemporary version, and in my probably unpopular opinion a better one having tried both on.

    • NaJo

      Its not the fitting mate but the looks. The multifaceted case looks awesome in pictures and while holding but as soon as you put it on the wrist, it feels like too much! Specs is 40mm but it covers wrist or make it feel like 45! Cant explain in words. Maybe on a leather strap cuts that feeling since i tried the titanium one in bracelet which again mskes it look wider (lugs following case width is an issue to me). Nautilus to me is a classic fit compared to this no questions asked. For $12k in steel octo is a grt offering with more than half of nau or apro.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    Looks great.

  • Raymond Wilkie
  • Raymond Wilkie

    I thought some folks would like to see this again on account it’s wonderful…..

    • Agnar Sidhu

      I’d be dinging quite a lot I I hade one of those?

  • Agnar Sidhu

    Reading the article and looking at the photos I kept on think how nice this is, and how it would be perfect with e proper seconds hand!

    Let’s live in hope:)

  • Swiss_Cheese

    It’s nice to see the gold model only $3.6k ahead of the steel one. Seems these days any mention of a PM case warrants a 50% price increase, so kudos to Bvgari.

    Side note, I can’t say I’m accustomed to seeing the words ‘sandblasting’ and ‘$170k minute repeater’ appearing in the same article but in this case the matte texture and the strap work quite well IMO.

  • Ugo

    actually if we’re not talking chronographs, i’ve always preferred sub seconds.
    in these watches seconds hand is more a “i’m working” indication, and keeping the watch thinner is well welcome.
    with sub seconds and microrotor this nails it…

    • SuperStrapper

      To each their own of course, but for me seeing a long and proud centre seconds hand is a sign of horologocal might, especially when coupled with a unique/signature counterbalance a la Ball, Hublot, GO, CW, etc. It’s just a far more ‘complete’ watch appearance to my eye.
      But again, that’s my eye. I’d love to see this same watch with just centre seconds and then a boxed or domed crystal to accomodate it. Agree the micro rotor movement is divine.

  • Ugo

    i love how masculine it looks even without being larger than a aircraft carrier…

  • Ulysses31

    This design really grows on you. I realise that in the past, i’ve been hard on this design. I’m actually not that interested in thin watches, but the architectural forms are attractive.

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