Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases

Accuracy and durability are the reasons behind so many of the exotic techniques, material use, and "innovation" that enchant fans of horology and mechanical watches. But everyone knows that mechanical watches cannot even compete in those areas with Casio G-Shock's nearly indestructible quartz-and-plastic wonder watch that costs a fraction of the price to make. That is an achievement worth taking note of, and just like many high-end watchmakers, Casio can't resist the allure of an anniversary that is in some multiple of five. So, with 2018 marking the 35th anniversary of the first G-Shock born in 1983 naturally comes a collection of special edition watches with the Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary collection.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases

No fewer than five of them, each from different product lines, all in a matte black theme. Casio says that the special black coating used is particularly light-absorbing. In addition to the color and texture treatment, each is relatively subtly marked with "since 1983" in red text - the only pop of color on the otherwise monochromatic dials. A gold-plated keeper for the strap will also be engraved with "since 1983," and the caseback is gold-colored with the G-Shock 35th Anniversary logo (the 30th anniversary edition watches also had a gold theme, I seem to recall).

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases
Casio G-Shock GA-835A-1A

Four of the Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection watches (definitely not called "Big Bang Black" as Casio had originally intended) are based on existing models, with the GA800 series model GA-835A-1A being an all new design. Unless you are an expert on G-Shocks and up to date with all their multitudinous offerings, you would be forgiven for not realizing it is new. With all the variations of ana-digi (a very Japanese portmanteau of analog + digital) watch dials with large buttons and bulbous plastic cases, it could very much get lost in a sea of G-Shocks. The Casio G-Shock case measures a large but light 54.1mm by 48.6mm, and 15.5mm thick.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases

The new GA-835A-1A shares features similar to the other Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary watches, and in fact many other G-Shocks, such as its famous shock-resistance, 200m water-resistance, stopwatch functions, alarms, etc. All feature mineral crystals and the "resin" case that helps its shock-resistance. (See the full list of specs for each of the watches on Casio's website.) G-Shock watches often have small variations between models in regards to some of their technical functions that, let's be honest, most people don't use very often if at all. It is cool knowing all that your watch can do and that it is virtually indestructible - even if you never use those functions or get close to destroying it.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases
Casio G-Shock GA-735A-1A

I will say that the white hands against the matte black treatment of the Casio G-Shock GA-835A-1A in particular look to be very legible for reading the analog time. Negative LCD screens, on the other hand, which all of the Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary use (meaning light numbers on a dark background) are not very legible. A positive display is kind of a cardinal G-Shock rule of mine, but if the analog time is easy to read it gets a pass.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases
Casio G-Shock GW-5035A-1

Tough Solar (light-powered rechargeable batteries) is another G-Shock must-have, in my opinion, and of the five Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary models, only the GW-5035A-1 has it. That is the squarish-shaped model (above), and it is a descendent of the first G-Shock from 1983 - now known more or less as the G5600 and what will always be my favorite G-Shock. Compared to the 5600, however, this is from a slightly upsized and generally beefier line, measuring 48.9mm wide and 13.5mm thick. It also has Casio's Multiband 6 technology, meaning it syncs with radio signals (in many parts of the world) and regularly updates the time to atomic time.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases
Casio G-Shock GG-1035A-1A

The GG-1035A-1A (above) is the most premium of the group of 35th Anniversary editions with features like "Twin Sensors" for a compass and thermometer, and it is based on the Casio G-Shock Master of G Mudmaster. It is a serious 56.2mm by 55.3mm, and 17.3mm thick. This model also appears to have pretty good analog legibility thanks to good contrast of the white hands. You can read more about the Mudmaster in our Casio G-Shock GWG 1000-1A3 Mudmaster review here.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases

The GA135A-1A (55mm wide, 16.9mm thick) and GA735A-1A (57.5mm wide, 18.4mm thick) are based on the GA100 and GA700 watches, respectively, that have been the subjects of many collaborations, limited editions, and other (often colorful) versions. The GA100 with its skeletonized hands has particularly been a canvas for mixing and matching colors and you can see some iterations here with the Casio G-Shock GA110LN Layered Neon Color watches (also here and here). These are newer G-Shock lines that have become popular fashion accessories as the more the young and modern face of G-Shock.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Collection Watches Watch Releases
From left to right: GA135A-1A, GG1035A-1A, GW5035A-1, GA-735A-1A, & GA-835A-1A.

G-Shock deserves to be celebrated, in my opinion, with or without an anniversary. There is no shortage of options and a nearly continuous flow of new releases, and the Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary collection represents just one flavor. Personally, I'm on the lookout for more all-digital models with positive displays and Tough Solar - especially in the 5600 family. Prices for the new Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary models will be (in the order of the image shown above) $160 for the GA135A-1A; $370 for the GG1035A-1A Mudmaster, being the most expensive; $350 for the GW5035A-1, as Tough Solar and Multiband usually boost the price; $140 for the GA-735A-1A; and finally $160 for the new GA-835A-1A. They will be available from October 2017, with the GA135A-1A and GA835A-1A models sold exclusively at the G-Shock Soho Store in New York City.

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  • Still they can’t match the Casio G Steel Design.

    • But they’re not trying to. Actually, one of these is the G-Shock by definition.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I worship the holy G, but the inverse LCD’s are almost illegible.

    • Tony NW

      Oddly, I find them much easier to read than “positive” LCDs. Always have.

      • Sheez Gagoo


  • DeepEye

    I own the GW-5000, which has a steel PVD case, with a screw back.
    This 5035 looks like the same watch with inverted LCD.

    • Pete Pete

      so you’re trying to say that this 5035 looks like the gw-5000-b.

  • Anthony Dimaano

    I also have a GW5000. GREAT timepiece.
    The 5035 looks really cool, but yeah, that inverse display is not great for legibility.

  • SuperStrapper

    5035 will be purchased. And its notbthe solar capability driving the price up, it’s the multiband function. A nice, but not need to have. I’d be happy to have the watch as solar only.

  • Greg Dutton

    Love the 5035 – I wonder if it will have a screw back?

    I’ve had several negative display Gs, and although they look rad, they are hard to read. The marketing photos are misleading – the negative display really isn’t that bright.

    • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

      Ditto. The negative displays are very hard to read in anything except bright daylight. The clarity shown in Casio’s promotional photos is impossible to get irl.

  • DaddyFlip

    I agree the 5600 series is the only G worth considering, and I don’t like the negative display either, but my next will be what I call the Woodside (they call it the surfboard or something). Analog hands don’t belong on a G-shock, sorry.


      • WINKS

        It’s the only way to tell the time on these. Inverted LCDs are impossible to read at a glance,

      • Piotr WYSOCKI

        When you become 40 years old, you will understand why we need analog hands. The reason is simple: your eyesight worsen and you need glasses for close-up.

        • Sorry mate, I’m a month shy of 40 and I have better than 20/15 (last I checked) vision.

          G-Shocks have very large digital numerals, because they’re big watches, not as wide as a regular hand though…

          Also, with the new 50mm width standard that’s less of an issue! 😉

          • Chip Cervantes

            I thought you were blind? Didn’t you take guitar lessons with my cousin in Madrid?

        • DaddyFlip

          At 47, I already have glasses; expected and necessary. I do believe that my glasses make me look more mature and sophisticated at times. My wife disagrees.

          At 35, Casio already has analog hands; unexpected and unnecessary. They probably believe that analog hands make their watches look more mature and sophisticated at times. I disagree.

    • TheOneInYellow

      Ah, that’s the GWX-5600WA-5 (Module: 3222).
      However, not a fan of the brown colourway or the negative display.

      That’s why I got its sibling, the GWX-5600WA-7 white with positive display (Module: 3215)!

      Both are limited summer 2017 editions ^^

    • Word Merchant
  • Larry Holmack

    I purchased a G Shock when they first hit the market back in the day! It last me quite a long while and then got lost somehow during one of my many moves across the southwestern portion of the US. Own a couple now and may look into adding one of the 35th Anniversary watches to my collection. Plus…my wife will never know that it’s new…since I have the other ones!!!

    • Berndt Norten

      That’s the way to do it

  • I get that these are affordable, But the macro photos look terrible. The hands have chipped metal edges and the plastic on plastic on plastic just looks fuzzy and cheap at this scale of magnification.

    • Ulysses31

      I don’t think they are chipped; rather I suspect that they are crudely dipped so the paint at the edges is uneven and breaks up the highlight . Either way, it’s inferior quality.

  • Golan Klinger

    What frustrates me is that most of Casio’s current modules offer only a 12 hour, or worse yet, a 60 minute, countdown timer and you often can’t see the countdown timer and the actual time on the display simultaneously. My first G-Shock bought in 1984 was capable of those two simple feats. I had to give up on ‘square’ face G-Shocks and buy a GD350-1C to get a decent countdown timer and while I love the watch. I sure wish it had Tough Solar and Multiband 6.

    • TheOneInYellow

      Most new G-Shock are coming out with Multiband-6 and Tough Solar as standard, but I do wish that this was a full standard with every new G-Shock release.

      As for the countdown timer (alongside alarm and stopwatch functions), take a look at G-Shock’s with the Module: 3215 (positive) or Module: 3222 (negative). These are part of the G-Lide ‘square’ watches and offer that feature of displaying current time ^^

      • Golan Klinger

        The 3215/3222 modules do display the time at countdown timer simultaneously but I think they’re limited to approximately a 15 hour countdown (10 sequential timers of 99 or so minutes each). I need more. My GD350-1C can do a straight 24 hour countdown and some of my older G-Shocks were capable of counting down from 99 hours (if memory serves). C’mon, Casio! Bring that functionality back.

        While I wait for the perfect G-Shock, I’ll probably end up buying a GW5035A-1 because I miss the square face and Tough Solar and Multiband 6 are so nifty. Plus I’ve never had a murdered out G-Shock. They look fantastic.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    These watches do nothing for me. I wouldn’t be seen dead in one. Plain ugly.

    • IG

      Pray that nobody will put a G-Shock on the wrist of your corpse.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        If they do i’ll haunt them.

        • IG

          Haunted Scottish castles must be full of G-Shock wearing ghosts.

      • Word Merchant

        It won’t be on he wrist…

    • 200 Fathoms

      The ultimate beater.

  • Word Merchant

    What Casio needs to do:
    1. Ditch the -ve display. They’re unreadable.
    2. Bring back the AX-210.

  • Barzuma

    Pity about the lack of Tough Solar capabilities.

    • TheOneInYellow

      Which model?

      One of those does have Tough Solar…

      • Barzuma

        Should’ve been more clear. 🙂 Pity about the lack of Tough Solar capabilities on all but one of those models.

        • TheOneInYellow

          Ha Ha!

          Nice recovery ???

  • TheOneInYellow

    Love this article and the Casio G-Shock shout-out!

    In my opinion G-Shock’s should be counted alongside high and haute horological timepieces due to what they can do, their accuracy, multitude of functions, and tool use. Nobody makes watches like them.

    Having said that, negative displays are a no-go for me; takes the readability out of the question.
    Multiband-6 and Tough Solar are also a must for me.

    Secondly, there are three major ‘square’ retro G-Shock product lines on the market: GW-M5600 series (GW-M5610), G-Lide series (specifically GWX-5600WA), and King G-Shock (a monster of the square series).
    The GW-M5600 is based of the 1983 DW-5600 model but has both Multiband-6 and Tough Solar. This model series is the current baseline version of the ‘squares’ and readily available. The engine in this series is Module: 3063, also a ‘square’ baseline.
    Next is the G-Lide ‘squares’ series, originally having the GL- suffix until this summer. This year two new G-Lide’s were made, a white GWX-5600WA-7, and brown GWX-5600WA-5, were released. Both are limited to this year and how many were made, but that only extends to the above models colourways, not the modules. The G-Lide series has always had the updated module over the GW-M5600 series, having an extra Tide Graph and Moonphase complications. Better, if you switch modes on alarm, stopwatch, and timer, current time is displayed in a small are middle-right! The modules are Module: 3215 (positive), and identical Module: 3222 (negative).

    Here’s my watch:

    In any case, as part of my resurgence in acquiring a watch collection starting this year, I first purchased a Casio G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7ER for myself as a stylish, tough, functional work watch (those alarms have been remarkable for work!).
    My second was a Stowa Flieger Klassik B-dial 90th Anniversary, but I decided to acquire a Tudor North Flag leather strap (Ref: M91210N-0002) instead.

    The G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7. and Tudor North Flag will compliment each other wonderfully, and in my lifestyle, with my personality ^^

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    DW-5600E…Go “Old School” or go home. (although Solar would be nice)

  • Bozzor

    The only watches for when the North Koreans, Chinese, Iranians, Russians and Cubans send in the paratroops and you have to take up the fight in wilderness!

  • Haruna Babaji Umar

    Casio rules!

  • 200 Fathoms

    Can’t imagine being happy with a bright red “Since 1983” on the dial.

    • Being born in ’83, guess I’m in the minority over being pleased about that detail 😉

  • Wrist watches are the best accessories for mens as they already have less as compared to women and that’s why they don’t want to compromise for that.!!!!!!!

  • Dan S.

    I don’t live in NY so how do I get my hands on the 835A?