We can’t possibly keep up with Casio‘s steady stream of G-Shock models, iterations, colorways, and limited editions, but it is fun to sometimes check in on what colorful and affordable things they are offering. These new Casio G-Shock GA110LN Layered Neon Color watches represent a good sample of today’s more basic G-Shocks compared with some of the recent upmarket models we have covered, such as this Master Of G Gulfmaster, or even this $3,000 MR-G. This more accessible collection distinguishes itself with vibrant colors apparently achieved through a “bi-color molding process.”


The “LN” in the name refers to Layered Neon, but the brand’s documents do not elaborate any more on this or the “bi-color molding process” – though it reads like a page from the luxury watch marketing playbook. We can guess that it means the colors are not simply painted on or created separately and then bonded together, but rather emerge from the mold in this form. This would seem to possibly apply to the “G-Shock” and “Protection” text on the case and maybe the strap where the neon color lines the inside. The other matching neon elements such as the hands and pushers would be created as separate components, of course.

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The underlying model that has here been dressed in matte-textured, darker colors and paired with bright neon accents is the Casio G-Shock GA110. This model has been the canvas for some of the wildest and most colorful G-Shocks I have seen in recent years. And I’m always noticing the G-Shocks on the wrists around me. With a 51.2mm but very light-wearing case, the Casio G-Shock GA110 (or other GA family G-Shocks) in its endless variations is a fashion statement a lot of young people are happy to make.

Casio-G-Shock-GA110LN-Layered-Neon-Color-3 Casio-G-Shock-GA110LN-Layered-Neon-Color-4

These Casio G-Shock GA110LN Layered Neon Color watches come with “standard G-SHOCK technology,” of course. There are just too many functions to list here, and most will go unused by the vast majority of people wearing them – like the chronograph that measures down to 1/1000 of a second. But we should at least give you an idea of what you’re looking at on the dial, right?


As with other G-Shock models, the digital screen at the top displays a number of functions that can be toggled with the pusher at 4 o’clock – such as day of the week, the city for the world time mode, chronograph hours, etc. The bottom screen can also be toggled to display a number of things including current time and the time in another time zone. Finally, the subdial (or “speed hand”) at 9 o’clock is used as part of the various time-measurement functions such as lap times and countdown times.

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The perforated analog hands have become something of a G-Shock signature, and here they are at least in bright, contrasting colors that will certainly aid legibility. While these Casio G-Shock GA110LN Layered Neon Color are probably destined to be mostly fashion items, they are still G-Shocks. That means they are built to be very durable with 200m water-resistance, resistance to magnetism, and of course, “SHOCK RESIST.”

There is a part of me that would be perfectly happy living a life exclusively clad in G-Shock and Addidas (the brand happens to note sneakers and athletic apparel as the inspiration in this case). But I have some rules for my G-Shocks. Aside from preferring all-digital displays, I generally avoid negative displays (i.e., white text on a dark background, like on these models) because they are just not as legible as “positive” displays. My other rule is that I basically want all my G-Shocks to have “Tough Solar” (battery recharged by light), which these models, unfortunately, do not – though Tough Solar does usually come with a price premium.


That said, G-Shock’s famous durability, functionality, fashionability, and friendly price should be convincing enough for anyone drawn to the looks of these GA110LN watches. There are four versions of the Casio G-Shock GA110LN Layered Neon Color watches, being matte black with neon blue (GA110LN-1A); matte navy with neon yellow (GA110LN-2A); matte green with neon orange (GA110LN-3A); and matte gray with neon green (GA110LN-8A). Each has a price of $120 USD, and they are available from this month, March 2017.

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