November 17 is National Take A Hike Day, a reminder to all Americans to get out into nature and explore the beauty of the world around them. For the dedicated watch enthusiast, however, exploring the great outdoors presents a unique problem: what to wear? Is it worth risking a delicate and valuable part of the collection for the thrill of exploring the unknown with a mechanical watch on the wrist? Should one take an absolute beater (or worse, no watch at all) for the sake of preserving more valuable timepieces? Thankfully, Alpina, the official watch partner of the National Park Foundation, has found a happy medium between functionality, durability, value, and the joy of fine watchmaking on the wrist for the true watch enthusiast looking to take their timepiece on a serious hike. The Alpina AlpinerX is the brand’s entry into the horological smartwatch space, combining the durability, functionality and value of a smartwatch with the quality and feel of a traditional timepiece.

A 45 millimeter lightweight fiberglass case topped with a stainless steel compass bezel keep the watch light and damage-resistant on the wrist, shrugging off shocks, scratches, temperature differentials, and up to 100 meters of water. The design and finish is still to the same exacting standards used by Alpina for its traditional watches, ensuring that the case is both durable and beautiful. All functions of the AlpinerX are controlled via the crown and pushers, preserving the experience of using a mechanical watch while delivering unmatched functionality.

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The AlpinerX delivers almost any information a serious hiker or outdoorsman might want thanks to its MMT-283-1 Horological Smartwatch movement. The full list of functions includes the time, date, a full suite of activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, dynamic exercise coaching, a world timer, a Smart Alarm system, call and message notifications, a UV indicator, altimeter, thermometer, compass, stopwatch, countdown timer, workout recorder, and barometer. All of this vast array of information is displayed via the ana-digi dial, combining the classic “Arabic numerals and indices” field watch layout with bold skeletonized sword hands and the versatility of a digital dial. Not only is the digital readout itself bright enough to be legible in low-light conditions, the hands and indices also feature a generous fill of lume for nighttime visibility. Even better for the serious outdoorsman, the battery life of the AlpinerX is not measured in hours or days like most smartwatches. With a fresh battery, operational life is estimated at two years.

Alpina fits the AlpinerX with a rugged distressed tan leather strap. This combination further keeps the classic field watch style of the watch alive, helping the AlpinerX to feel far more quality than the average smartwatch on the wrist.

Thanks to Alpina, watch enthusiasts who love the thrill of exploring the wilderness no longer have to choose between the style and quality of a traditional watch or the durability and functionality of a smartwatch. Whether you’re celebrating National Take A Hike Day for the first time or looking for a serious overland companion, the AlpinerX is the perfect choice for the watch lover who wants the best of both worlds. The Alpina AlpinerX is available now online at a price of $995. You can learn more at

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