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With 17 international design awards under its belt, CIGA Design continues its commitment to unexpected modern creations with the new Series X Eye of Horus watch collection, inspired by the ancient Egyptian God and his mythical eye that’s come to symbolize power, luck, and healing. As the legend goes, Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, lost his right eye during battle; yet, it was magically restored and became his source of strength. Fast-forward a handful of millennia and the saga carries on in the form of the enchanting CIGA Design Series X Eye of Horus watch.

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Offering plenty of wrist presence, the generously sized Eye of Horus watch features a black cushion-shaped case that measures 47.3mm x 48.0mm and 12.1mm thick. The bioceramic material used to make the case is both durable and eco-friendly, combining ceramic and a bio-sourced material from castor-plant oil. The finished product is not only scratch-resistant but also adapts to body temperature for added comfort on the wrist.

The winding crown set on the right side of the case measures 7mm in diameter and is set with obsidian — a material beloved by ancient Egyptians said to offer both protective and healing properties. Like all CIGA Series X watches, the Eye of Horus is skeletonized, complete with an open-worked dial and a transparent caseback. Both the back and front of the watch are fitted with heat-hardened mineral glass. The mechanics of the movement are in full view, accompanied by the signature “X” design formed by the four triangles that divide the dial.

Speaking of triangles, at the center of the dial is a rotating pyramid home to the Eye of Horus, which replaces a traditional seconds hand. Beneath that are the skeletonized hour and minute hands, and the trio of indicators are coated with luminescence. Also lumed are the 12 hour markers for easy legibility in the dark. While all versions are rendered in rich black, CIGA Design offers three variations of the Eye of Horus — with black, rose gold, or silver-colored metal components.

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Powering the new Series X Eye of Horus watch is the CIGA Design-developed Caliber CD-01 automatic movement, operating at a frequency of 21,600vph, supplying around 40 hours of power reserve, and accurate to -15/+30 seconds per day. The watches are water resistant to 30 meters and come fitted with black silicone straps; however, the quick-release spring bars make it easy to switch them out for another 22mm watch band.

Mystical, mechanical, and statement-making, the new CIGA Design Series X Eye of Horus watch is priced at a very accessible $199 USD. The watches are currently available for pre-order on CIGA Design’s Indiegogo page and are scheduled to ship in February 2024. For more information about CIGA Design, please visit the brand’s website.

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