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Delma Shell Star Bronze Watch

Delma Shell Star Bronze Watch Watch Releases

A new addition to the Delma Shell Star range debuts today, becoming the brand’s first foray into bronze. The Delma Shell Star Bronze watch stands out in a surprisingly extensive catalog of mostly uncoated steel watches. That it would instantly become a very noticeable character in the collection due to the uncommonness of the material in Delma’s other wares was a forgone conclusion. What was less forgone, however, was how good the watch would be in its own right. Having had the chance to look over the press shots, I am pleased to report the brand has excelled itself this time around. It will be important to get this watch on the wrist to see how it wears, but aesthetically it is very pleasing to my eye.

Delma Shell Star Bronze Watch Watch Releases

The dial texture is unusually rough but will no doubt act as an excellent base in bright light conditions (textured matte surfaces like this tend to soak up glare like a sponge to water). Legibility figures to be good thanks to lumed, applied indices (with bright orange edges) and no-nonsense hands. The three color options available (blue, green, and brown) give the design a decidedly vintage flavor and work well with the bronze housing.

Delma Shell Star Bronze Watch Watch Releases

One of my favorite aspects of Delma watches is the crown. The finish and signing are always excellent and this generously-sized winder looks to follow suit with previous models. The exterior finishing too, is often very good, and here we see a brushed cushion-shaped case with highly-polished bevels running into stubby lugs that will keep this 44mm from wearing too massively on the wrist. Caseback shots show that the screw-down back in steel and fitted with a sapphire display window giving us a clear and unobstructed view of the movement.

Delma Shell Star Bronze Watch Watch Releases

A modified ETA 2824 powers this watch, beating at 28,800vph and running for 38 hours on a full wind. While the movement choice is solid but unremarkable, the water-resistance goes beyond expectations. This watch, which is based on Delma’s very first diver from 1975, can withstand the pressure of being 500 meters below the surface. The addition of a helium valve ensures this piece can be used for a variety of underwater activities. Each model (perhaps in reference to their water resistance) will be limited to just 500 pieces. The price for the Delma Shell Star Bronze watch is €1,490. Learn more at


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  • SuperStrapper

    I assume they rolled a pair of dice featuring marine-inspired words and “star” and “shell” were the words that were pointing up after?
    Regardless, I’m a fan of bronze as a watch material, but it only looks best when you’re somewhere in the middle of the patina spectrum. Brilliant bronze can end up looking a bit cheap, and with no bezel insert here this watch is a brilliant bronze slap in the face. But those massive forced patinas look really bad as well.
    Green looks great with bronze, after a few months of wear and a nice light patina i assume the green one will actually look much better.

    • Independent_George

      Can you halt a patina? Say you get to the middle of the patina spectrum, and you think your watch looks great as is. Can you slow down or even halt further patina?

      • Phil

        For having worn a benarus moray 44 for a couple of years as my daily, the patina will stabilize into nothing more than a dull dark brown even in humid weather and swimming with it in seawater. Most of the pics online are the result of forced patina. The only area where I ended up getting green oxidation was inside the buckle and a tiny bit around the bezel, only noticeable because I would rotate it from time to time to prevent it from sticking to the case.

  • These watches remind me that there is still no bronze watch in my collection…

  • ray h.

    It looks cheap, big, silly. Good luck.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Not bad looking watches. The brown and green are fine but bronze and blue will never do.

  • dr3

    Aren’t we bored with this whole bronze thing by now?

  • Jared

    did they really have to spell out “stainless steel caseback”?

    • They need Mr.Jared.To spell it out VERY clearly to Non watch Geeks that their skin won’t turn green…unless some people really want the bronze skin tone which means that the SS caseback is a NO NO

  • Thank Poseidon the Delma Shell Star Bronze is on the distressed leather because if it’s on a SS or PVD Bronze bracelet, the watch would weigh close to 250g

  • Cool to have a voyeur caseback on a 500m watch, movement may be unremarkable to look at but still a nice feature. The brown dial version is my choice.

    Shell Star is a bit of a funny name though, wonder if it has any significance? Don’t know much about Delma….

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