Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases

Watch lovers each have "holy grail" watches. These are prized pieces that are rare and desirable to the watch lover. They are sometimes new watches, old watches, expensive watches, or just plain rare watches. Here is an interesting one from Eterna, in the best condition I have ever seen. This is the Eterna Super KonTiki, which is a diver's watch at heart. Eterna is a laudable brand that just made a reappearance in the US after not being officially sold in the US for some time. I am glad to see them back. Back to the Super KonTiki at issue.

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases In the 1970s, Eterna started to supply the elite forces of the Israeli military with Eterna watches, most of them being this style of Super KonTiki. Most of those special forces were part of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) commando unit. This is the same group that was known for going on covert missions all over the world seeking out WWII war criminals, and performing missions on terrorist enemies (recall the movie Munich). Most of these highly trained certified bad asses wore Eterna watches. As you can imagine, this high impact duty was hell on the watches, even though they were ruggedly built. A few of these watch are available, but so few are in such good condition as this one is. I've seen these watches go for thousands, even in poor condition.

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases

You know this watch is part of the original government issued watches because it is complete with the engraved serial number and Hebrew lettering on the caseback. Not surprisingly, this watch is being offered from Israel, where the watch probably resided since coming there from Switzerland. The watch itself has some signs on wear, most of which should be able to be cleaned off. I've never seen anything like this Super KonTiki, and it is a real part of not only watch history, but Israeli military history. The movement is an Eterna-matic automatic, and the bracelet is original. Often times these watches have also been placed on rubber diver straps. The price is close to $4,000, but an offer can be made, which I suggest you do. Eterna

See Eterna watches on eBay here.

See Eterna watches on Amazon here.Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases

Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases
Rare Vintage SSteel Eterna Matic Super Kontiki IDF Military Divers Watch
Time Remaining: 5d 1h 12m
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Holy Grail Eterna Super KonTiki IDF Watch Available Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 21d 9h 50m
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  • Cool piece of history.

  • Ben
  • Yea it really is. I sure hope that with Eterna’s new focus and higher levels of production that come out with some modern interpretations of these classic watches.

  • Thanks for the plug Ben, really nice of you. I’ll always be on the lookout for interesting watches like this Eterna filled with history, and tough guy heritage! Oh, and having family who spent time in the Israeli Army, I can say that those soldiers have been watch fans for generations!

  • alex fleischer

    a great report on the super kontiki idf version, and great photos, but let me add somthing to your wanderfull information:
    the very first shipment of those watches(early 70s)to the israeli naval commando, nown as well as flotila 13, the back of the watch was engraved only with the letter M AND FOUR DIGIT NOMBER LIKE
    M-1840the m stand for MILITERY.only later they engrave the hebrew letter ? and the catalogic number, so the the early ones are rarer and very few of them left
    thank alex fleischer

    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for the additional information. Interesting stuff. Take care.

  • Elad

    Great write up on a very cool watch. I may be mistaken but the unit involved in the Munich reprisals was not the one that was issued this watch. As Alex above mentioned, it was Israel’s naval commandos, one of a number of special forces in the IDF. I can only imagine these watches are very hard to come by because they would serve as nostalgic souvenirs for the members of the unit. On an editorial note, the movie Munich was extraordinarily inaccurate in portraying the operatives as a bunch of bumbling, neurotic amateurs. Anybody in Israel will corroborate what I say. The guys were total professionals, and nobody questioned the ethical quandaries of taking out terrorists… except Mr. Speilberg.

    • Hi Elad,
      Many thanks for joining the discussion. You make an excellent point. I am actually now reviewing a watch made by an Israeli (but not sure if the company would consider itself an Israeli company though). The reason I mention it is because I feel like the style of the watch is the thematic descendant of a timepieces like thid Eterna for the IDF. The brand is DWATCH. Very cool diver watches.

  • Ronald Spilker

    Want to Buy: Eterna Matic KonTiki Super, IDF issue watch, (circa 1960s). Contact Ron, ph: +972(52)457-4643, or email cubeistan@gmail.com

  • Dean Grant Baker

    not just Mr. Spielberg.
    Many, if not most others.
    Including myself.

  • Michael Wilhite

    I own one of the ‘holy grail’ Eterna Kon Tiki Super IDF watches. It is new old stock, never having been worn, in the box with hangtag and plastic on the crystal as well as the caseback. I am interested in offers for it. I have owned it for about 7-10 years. Forgot about it, stashed in the back of my safe.

    • Michael Gliatis

      hi, i stumbled across this old post, i dont suppose you still have the eterna KonTiki still do you?

  • jsadan

    I believe the watches were given to some IDF Pilots as well as to Israeli Navy. I had an older one as well during the course. when we graduated we recieved a new Seiko diving watch, because they stopped making them and the Seiko were much more accurate and relieable. These Eterna watches were always breaking down and needed resetting. nostalgic souvenirs for someone that was in the unit, but not much more.

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