Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Among the many great historic dive watch "families" is the Eterna KonTiki. The famed range of sport watches has had a legion of variants over the years and has dabbled in entry-level to exotic depending on the model and the direction the company was going. What is clear, however, is that the personality and heritage of the KonTiki is too strong for the brand to ignore, so let's take a look at the more recent generation of 1273.41 Eterna Super KonTiki dive watches, and see what this rather affordably priced "Super KonTiki Date" watch is all about.

aBlogtoWatch debuted this new Eterna Super KonTiki Date watch here back in 2015 when it was first introduced. Swiss Eterna decided to return to the roots of the KonTiki a bit by producing a relatively simple but easy-to-understand-and-wear Super KonTiki dive watch with a large tonneau-shaped case and powered by a sourced Swiss Sellita caliber SW200-1 automatic mechanical movement.

As you perhaps know, Eterna also produces its own movements which currently consist of the rather capable Caliber 39 and its various executions. Eterna designed the Caliber 39 as a "base movement" which means it is designed to incorporate a variety of complication modules such as a chronograph. Since the Eterna Super KonTiki Date is more simple, having a basic three-hand movement with the date, it probably wasn't necessary to use a simple version of the Caliber 39 versus a Sellita SW200-1. That might have added a bit of "collector appeal," but I don't think the added cost of the watch would have been necessary. As of right now, even the "top" version of the Eterna Super KonTiki Date (as seen here) on the mesh metal bracelet has a retail price of $2,000.

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Now, I don't mean to imply that the Super KonTiki is in a league of its own without competitors - as there are many - but rather that there is a lot of value here for the money and more high-end Swiss dive watches can easily range from $5,000-$15,000 (and up). What you also probably know is that the dive-style sports watch segment is perhaps one of the most competitive (if not the most competitive) spaces in the enthusiast watch market. Options in the under-$3,000 range are vast, including models form major and minor brands, as well as models from brands coming from a range of countries (even though the Swiss and Japanese ones are the most desirable).

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

What Eterna has done with the Eterna Super KonTiki Date is seemingly pack a slick design into a high-end-feeling package with an affordable movement that makes for a solidly made all-purpose Swiss sports lifestyle watch. Moreover, while Eterna tweaked the design here and there, this modern Eterna Super KonTiki is directly inspired by the 1970s models which sported a similar color palette and case design. For this modern iteration, Eterna decided to up the case size to a burly 45mm wide and 12.6mm thick in steel.

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As a dive watch, the Eterna Super KonTiki has 200 meters of water resistance with a screw-down crown. That is enough for recreational diving, and over the dial is an AR-coated flat sapphire crystal. Eterna opts for a slightly glossy black dial with applied and polished hour markers and matching hands. The thick areas of painted SuperLumiNova allow the dial to have very good legibility and the polished sections make for some reflections when the dial plays with the light. Normally, I am against reflections, but Eterna has a purpose for them here.

Eterna Super KonTiki Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

First of all, Eterna cleverly doesn't use any rounded polished surfaces on the dial, as they are all flat, for the most part. This helps reduce glare and still allows these elements to reflect with the light. Why? For shininess, of course. It seems silly, but yes, a slight light reflection on the dial brings visual attention and, when done right, gives watches a more "high-end feel" versus a strict tool watch personality.

Dial design proportions are well done, and I appreciate the overall symmetry on the dial. Little details are welcome, such as the lumed arrow tipping the seconds hand and the proper length of the hour and minute hands. The design of the hour markers with some round and some "pizza slice" in shape is going to be a matter of taste, but the overall composition is done well.

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  • No the subject of this review (and I may be jumping the gun on a future review, but) we also saw a lovely blue Kon Tiki Chronograph at BaselWorld. Same basic attributes though. These watches are not petite but they have a nice retro vibe along with a modern big watch size.

    • ??????

      Great piece! I wonder how would it look on thick racing leather strap? Like this:

      • I like the racing strap but it looks like they could have made the lugs wider as the size of the case overpowers the strap.

  • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

    Sometimes I wonder what percentage of watches sold in the world are divers, dress watches, pilots and the other categories. Should be an interesting statistic.

    • And then there’s the “dress diver” category, and “Watches that people insist are dive watches, but really aren’t” and of course let’s not forget, motorsport inspired “racing watches”.

      • With driving gloves, ha ha.

        • Boogur T. Wang

          diving gloves?

          • But of course, how could I have missed that…

          • egznyc

            You know, I’m surprised Omega cannot work with NASA’s supplier to offer Moonwatches paired with space gloves. Because oh so many of us ride rockets to space …

          • You are so right. On 3 day weekends, I frequency visit the Moon and without space gloves my hands get very chapped from wind burn while ascending through the atmosphere while I hold onto the outside of the rocket (that way I can let go whenever I see foam or tiles departing the boosters or capsule). But seriously, what do desk diving gloves look like?

          • egznyc

            I find that for myself, I need a solid four days out of my office to pilot off to the Moon and back. And then I’m always bummed that I didn’t get to really enjoy my time away, as the journey itself takes too long. Yeah, even with seven million pounds of thrust behind me, there is no denying it’s a significant distance. For your issue, I’d advise that you just stay inside the capsule if you can.

            As for desk diving gloves, I was hoping you could design some. Maybe throw in a pair for your Ka La Sport model or if your margins are tight, add them as a new accessory item.

          • Only a prototype of Desk Diving Gloves of course…

          • egznyc

            Interesting design choices. I’d been expecting white gloves (maybe to test the cleanliness of various office surfaces).

            By the way, if the fountain pen is a Montblanc, then could the pencil be a Tissot? 😉

          • My design choices were strictly based on the results of a Google image search for items with the proper orientation (so I would have less photo hacking to do). Cheers.

      • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

        Let’s not forget about those dive watches that must have helium escape valve to compensate for pressure differences when you wash your hands.

        • JimBob

          If you’re going to wear a desk diver, you should go all in.

  • Michael Kinney

    I guess without a lume pip on the bezel it can’t be a diver’s watch, so I guess it is indeed a nice-looking “all-purpose Swiss sports lifestyle watch.” Now there’s a phrase that damns with faint praise I ever heard one.

  • I love me some Eterna, but the design of the Kon Tiki Super Heritage 1973 was more cohesive. I’m not feeling the mixed hour markers on the new version.

    • Nice, but I think I may prefer the hands on the new one by just a bit. The batons on the older one are nice if a bit generic looking. Cheers.

    • SuperStrapper

      For the most part I agree. I prefer the round, framed date window at 6 on this new iteration. I’m torn on the full Polish vs polished/brushed. The full Polish looks great in marketing images, but won’t wear as well as a brushed case. And this is a sport watch.

  • Bill W

    Too much cushion for the pushin’


    nice design but 2K for SW200 and Alu bezel, maybe throw in their own in house mvt to spice things up then 2K would be more manageable. Don’t know about the date…looks kinda odd to me.

  • iamcalledryan

    Hits the spot. For me, I would happily pay a bit more for them to put the Cal.39 in it. I like the date window – if you must use one I like the idea of concealing it within a marker.

    • Timestandsstill

      Agree, $2500 with Cal. 39 would have been sweet.

  • Mimiju

    Looks A LOT like the Hamilton Pan Europ (which I find far more attractive).

  • TrevorXM

    I find it amusing and ironic that an Eterna watch is using a clone of a movement created by Eterna originally, because Eterna can’t use the ETA version — which is an Eterna derived calibre! The Eterna calibre 12824 > ETA 2824 > Sellita SW200

    As for the watch, I do like it but aluminium bezels suck. And it’s nowhere near the level of the Oris Aquis which I’ve just bought in my opinion. Certainly not design-wise.

    • iamcalledryan

      I await the full circle, whereby Eterna movements become the new go-to in a post-ETA world.

      • I agree, but so far all of the in-house movements (that I know about) that Eterna produces are based on the Caliber 39 which has a larger diameter than an 2824 or 2892 and is much thicker. So they are far from being a drop in replacement like other alternatives (STS 1-11, Soprod A10, Ronda R150, etc.). Cheers.

        • iamcalledryan

          Quite right – will have to come from their “in development” box..

        • Benjamin Ramos

          Quite the WIS you are 🙂

          • Not so much, but I asked Eterna about movements to 3rd parties at BaselWorld 2013 and at that time, they were going to produce a staggering number of variations but all based on the Caliber 39 which is the thickness of an ETA 7750 and the diameter of an ETA 6497. So it’s a big boy designed for modern large watches – which brings the date out from the center, etc. But that means the minimum case size and thickness are also hefty. While some people moan about the date wheel placement on the ETA 2824 and 2892 families of movements (and their clones), other people complain about ever increasing case sizes. So I think the 26 mm movement still has a place. I’d like to see Eterna enter the fray. Cheers.

        • JimBob

          And 60 hours.

        • Dan Finch

          Sadly, I think Sellita beat them to the punch…
          Eterna didn’t have much luck with the 3030, their attempt at an updated 2894. Eterna seems to be focused on the future now with the cal 39. Be nice to see more brands using them..

    • Dan Finch

      Ha that is so true! There is something fundamentally wrong with an Eterna retro reissue contained a non-ETA clone. If swatch had any sense of honor at all, they would at least supply Eterna with some ETAs for their reissues. Afterall, without Eterna’s development of the ETA 2824 and 2892, where would Swatch be?

  • Han Cnx

    Seems the bezel lacks a lume pip.. I thought that’s required for a true diver that adheres to the ISO standard.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Chunkier than it needs to be but still very nice,

  • cg

    Nice… 45 borders on too big but still wearable for most. Always been partial to mesh and clean clear faces.

  • Nelson

    The mesh bracelet really matches well.

  • JimBob

    I like how the date hole matches the 3 and 9 markers.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Great watch. Great review.
    Excellent photos accompanying the article.

  • Larry Holmack

    Sorry…I am not into dive watches. Just too many of them out there, and I only use them as beaters. I know some guys who have 15 watches and they all look the same…a dive watch with a black dial and bezel and white numerals..only the names have been changed. Eterna, Tudor, CW, Oris….all the same to me…and I wouldn’t give you a nickle for any of them.

  • Vukasin

    I like the symmetry of the dial.

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