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The Casio G-Shock GA-2100 product family has been among Casio’s best-selling watches since the original Casio G-Shock GA-2100 (GA2100) was first introduced in 2019. Today, the GA2100 family of products includes a wide variety of colors and styles, as well as a sophisticated-looking metal-cased version known as the G-Shock GM2100 timepiece family. Now in 2022, with popularity for the GA2100 remaining strong, it is worth explaining what the GA-2100 watch case means to Casio and what the Japanese brand feels the GA-2100 adds to the larger G-Shock universe.

Metropolitan Style Born From G-Shock History

According to Casio, the GA-2100 watch case is an aesthetic combination of the very first G-Shock watch collection (known as the DW-5000) from 1983, and the later AW-500 collection of analog-digital Casio G-Shock watches that originally debuted in 1989. The result is a thoroughly metropolitan G-Shock personality that combines G-Shock’s reputation for durability with consumer demand for style.

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Notable for many seasoned watch enthusiasts is Casio’s decision to design the GA-2100 case with a trendy octagonal bezel. Renowned in the wristwatch collector community for its good looks and familiarity, eight-sided bezels are often associated with the seminal work of the late watch designer Gerald Genta, who crafted such masterpieces as the Royal Oak for Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet in the early 1970s. Since then, the masculine, functional style of eight-sided bezels has been a staple of collectible watches. For Casio, the octagonal bezel makes sense because it is actually a perfect visual merger of the rounded-edge rectangular bezel of the DW-5000 with the more traditionally round bezel of the AW-500. With the GA-2100, this appealing octagonal bezel look has become a core aspect of G-Shock’s fashionability.


Fans of G-Shock watch history will appreciate the talented blending of new style and call-outs to Casio’s storied past in the GA2100 collection. The case design is all-new but includes familiar brand DNA elements such as the vertically cut grooves on the sides of the case near the lugs, as well as the style of the strap. Novel elements abound, including the dial and hands, which offer a futuristic design while also presenting a classic level of legibility and utilitarian poise.

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Casio designed the G-Shock GA-2100 to have an analog-digital dial that combines traditional hands with additional information being presented on one or more subsidiary LCD screens. The GA-2100’s in-house Quartz movement module features three physical hands, as well as a two-line LCD screen that allows for a variety of displayed information. The new movement design features all the expected G-Shock watch functionality, including the local time, travel time, full calendar, alarm, timer, and stopwatch features. A manually activated powerful double-LED backlight system allows for perfect readability even in complete darkness. The battery has an average operational life of about three years.

Thin, Comfortable Watch For All Occasions

When creating the GA-2100 watch case concept, it was of paramount importance to Casio engineers that they produce a thinner G-Shock. Casio fans love durability and reliability but also often report wanting to enjoy smaller, albeit still masculine, wristwatches in a G-Shock package. The GA-2100 is an ideal response to that request. Casio has produced one of the thinnest G-Shock watch profiles to date in a case that is just 11.8mm-thick but that still includes all the rugged robustness and extreme shock resistance that G-Shock products are known for.

This thin case profile would not have been possible without applying Casio’s still-fresh Carbon Core Guard structure to the GA-2100. Carbon Core Guard involves a case construction that uses new lightweight, highly rigid materials developed in-house. This allows Casio to use less material for the same level of protection and 200 meters of water resistance. Even the new movement inside the watch was specially engineered to provide a thin operating profile.

The visual mass of this already modestly sized G-Shock is further reduced by the use of a slightly tapering strap — a common practice in high-end watchmaking. Casio also worked hard to create a minimalist look for the GA-2100’s case and dial that lends itself well to a product that is easier on the eyes and more classic in its visual appearance, allowing for maximum customer appeal.

Endless Aesthetic Variety In An Accessible Package

Speaking of the watch strap, the G-Shock GA2100 watches all feature quick-release spring bars that allow for a tool-less removal of the bands.

Casio is typically prolific with its visual offerings, creating a multi-dimensional universe of color and personality for its important watch case families. It’s no different with the GA-2100 that is already available in a wide assortment, including this clear-cased G-Shock GA-2100, featured on aBlogtoWatch here. The GA2100 case is produced from a combination of mostly resin, carbon, and steel materials (for elements such as the pushers, screws, and caseback). Fans forced Casio to “sell out” of many of the original GA-2100 watches when they first came out, given the sheer popularity of the style. It is clear that Casio takes its time when developing new cases, but the results are worth the wait and immediately recognized by enthusiast communities. Price for Casio G-Shock GA-2100 watches starts at just $99 USD. Learn more or view the current collection at the G-Shock watches website here.

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