F.P. Journe is really pushing aluminum as its sport watch material of course. I’ve written in the past about not understanding why they would choose aluminum, which is a soft and easily dented metal for a super high-end luxury watch. It is very light, and I guess they like the quirk. Titanium has really usurped most aluminum use, but I think aluminum is still technically a bit lighter (just not stronger). The watch is just 53 grams in weight. According to F.P. Journe they used “high technology aluminum” (which is apparently the same used in Aeronautics).

So like fragile race cars F.P. Journe’s sport watches are nice to look at with good performance but you don’t want to hit things with it. The watch even has bumpers on the sides. This concept started with the first F.P. Journe sport watch which was last year’s Centigraphe Sport (seen below, and priced super high). Oh, and they call their sport collection the “lineSport” collection. It does wreak of a certain disdain for English, whereby “Sport line” would actually grammatically make sense.

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This good looking new watch is called the Octa Sport… lineSport. Unlike the wild chronograph mechanism of the Centigraphe, the Octa Sport is a more traditional F.P. Journe watch, but in a more sporty outfit. On the gray aluminum alloy dial you have the time, big date indicator, power reserve indicator, subsidiary seconds dial, and day/night indicator. The dial has applied Arabic hour numerals and nice lume-filled hands. It is pretty nice and the red elements do make it feel more sporty. Only problem is that this is still a fancy watch at heart and the core F.P. Journe look (that I love), just doesn’t really lend itself to a sport watch style. Even if they attach a rubber strap to it and place a prominent red “S” on the dial.

A very interesting thing to note is that the Octa Sport watch has an aluminum movement. Most FP Journe watch movements are in gold. The movement is the in-house made Calibre FPJ 1300-3 automatic. It even has an aluminum rotor – but one one that also has a tungsten strip for extra weight. Power reserve for the movement is impressive at 120 hours. The movement is visible through a sapphire exhibition caseback window.

The Octa Sport watch case is a healthy (for F.P. Journe) 42mm wide. You’ll notice that there are rubber bumpers on the side to protect the aluminum case. In addition to the rubber strap, there is an aluminum bracelet option – which also has rubber bumpers. Maybe FP Journe should just have a version in all black coated with vulcanized rubber? That would seem to solve the aluminum problem, and probably make the Octa Sport look more “sportive.” Does anyone in the US even use that word? Look out for this delicate super-light F.P. Journe watch soon. Price for the Octa Sport is $25,790 on a rubber strap and $31,050 on the aluminum bracelet.

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Octa Sport – Technical Specifications from F.P. Journe:


Automatic Calibre FPJ 1300-3

Unidirectional automatic winding

Movement in aluminum alloy

Dimensions of the movement                      

Overall diameter:                      30.80 mm

Casing-up diameter:                  30.40 mm

Overall height:                            5.70 mm

Height of winding stem:         3.00 mm

Diameter of stem thread:      S0.90 mm


Four adjustable inertia weights

Anachron free-sprung flat balance spring

Mobile stud holder

Free Sprung

Nivatronic laser soldered balance spring

Pinned GE stud

Frequency :       21’600 Alt/h, 3 Hz

Inertia : 10.10 mg/cm2

Angle of lift :     52°

Amplitude :       0 h dial up : > 300°

24 h dial up : > 280°

Main characteristics                                     

Three position crown:

Winding of the watch in position 0, clock wise

Correction of date in position 1, anti clockwise

Correction of time in position 2

Instant jump calendar

Off centre winding rotor in Titanium with

Tungsten segment

Barrel with slipping spring

Escapement 15 tooth


Centered hours and minutes

Small second at 6h00

Day/Night indication at 9h00

Power reserve at 10h30

Large date at 1h00


120+/- 12 hours

Winding Speed on watch winder: 274 rotations / 24 hours


  Circular Côtes de Genève on bridges

Partly circular graining on baseplate

Polished screw heads with chamfered slots

Chamfered and circular grained wheels

Steel components hand polished and chamfered


Aluminum alloy with rubber inserts

Diameter:          42.00mm

Total height:     11.60mm


Aluminum alloy and sapphire

Superluminova hands

Superluminova appliqué indexes

12 luminescent points

Number of parts                                           

Movement without dial                         286

Cased up with Aluminum bracelet         510

Cased up with rubber strap                    354

Jewels                                                     40

Rubber                                                    72


Total weight                             53 g

Movement alone                        11 g

Sapphire glass sub dial                2 g

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