Formex is one of those brands I love to notice, but doesn’t seem to get the public attention it deserves. Which is a shame given how nice some of their watches are. The mantra of Formex seems to be a melding of watch and race car technology. As such, the signature tech feature that is unique to Formex and found in each of their watches is a patented shock absorption system (they call it a suspension system). It is really simple actually, and nifty. The watch case itself is attached via a vertically gliding fastener to a plate.The plate contains the lugs to which the bracelet is attached. In the event of shock, the watch case is able to independently move a little bit up and down. It’s just a cool little system to have.

The design of the watch is a combination of tool shed tech and traditional diver watch. From a distance the appearance of the DS 2000 GMT is of a strong looking diving watch. Upon closer inspection you realize all the little features that make the Formex unique. The full titanium case and bracelet have steel accents, such as the screws and bolts that give it a more precision look; as though it experienced a deeper level of engineering. And of course, the titanium makes the watch very light, even for its relatively hefty side of 45mm wide size. Formex is really dedicated to the user. As you can see the watch packaging. You get a wealth of tools, and straps in a case that can be taken with you on adventures. The Allen bolt fastener on the lugs makes it easy to change straps quickly and without any frustration; of course a tool is included for this. Also, there is a unique multi-locking clasp on the bracelet that is very secure. Look at the rotating diver’s and its grippy looking surfaces. The contrasting colors make it easy to read, and the thickness makes it easy to operate even with gloves on. Overall, it is just a very ergonomic watch, which adds to it’s tool like demeanor.

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You’ll be spending most of your time looking at the dial of the Formex 4 Speed DS 2000 GMT if you are one of its proud owners. The dial and rear window are each covered with sapphire glass, which is to be expected, and I’d be pissed if it was anything less. In either the white, blue, or black faced models, the square patterned background on the dial is pleasant and surprisingly satisfying. I’ve always been fond of the hand design on Formex watches, and these model’s don’t disappoint. The GMT hand is tipped in bright red and very easy to read. There is a distinct difference between the minute and hour hand, which drastically aids in legibility. This is totally aided by the clear data layout of the dial. Lume covers the important areas of the face, allowing for a fair amount of night viewing. In the end, there is little to disagree with on the dial, or the watch overall. The Formex DS 2000 is simply a very satisfying and successful design.

Powering the watch is an automatic Swiss ETA 2893-2 viewable through the case back. The movement is not particularly decorated in this case, but it is not necessary in this application. The 2893-2 movement is the preferred movement when a GMT complication is needed. The GMT (24 hour) hand can be independently adjusted to act as a second timezone. In this watch, the crown is placed at the top of the watch to prevent damage to the watch crown, and from uncomfortably jabbing into the wearer’s wrist; a nice touch.

The price of the Formex DS 2000 GMT is often under $2,000 which makes it an excellent value for what you get; a great, functional design, solid high-quality case, and lots of extras make this watch a recipient of’s Good Value Award. You’ll find few watches that offer this much, for around the same price – in my opinion. It is not just the watch and movement inside, but the enhanced level of engineering and unique approach to watch making that you get with a Formex that makes this watch a choice pick.

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