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Germain Baillot Concept Watch

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Even though it’s the crazy-futuristic, high-concept design language that ultimately informs the future of everyday design, no one actually looks at the sleek lines and unattainable technology packed into a concept car wondering “when will this be the next Toyota Corolla?” That’s because there’s an almost expected, and tangible disconnect between practicality and pure design-porn. To a similar end, we have the Germain Baillot Concept Watch – a radical neo-futurist concept watch straight outta the jet age, equipped with two complications: a 24-hour GMT world timer and a vertical tourbillon. While still purely hypothetical, as a concept, we think it is worthy of attention and discussion.

Design is where science and art break even. —Robin Mathew

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

As a Digital Designer by trade, Baillot’s creation may exist purely in the Autodesk Alias and Keyshot design programs at the moment, but its conceptual origins are steeped in practicality. Inspired by the silhouette of a spacecraft or fighter jet, the watch is designed around a massive domed sapphire canopy, beneath which a trio of cylindrical rollers display the time in readily legible form. A quick twist of the crown at 3:00 sets the hour and minute rollers in the same manner as a traditional 3-handed automatic movement, but it’s here, inside the “fuselage” crown, where the vertical tourbillon is stowed – a particularly neat touch that cleanly integrates the complication without disrupting the rest of the watch’s sleek, nü-retro aesthetic.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

On the nose of the “ship,” the 9:00 crown rotates the center world time roller, which serves as a UTC reference to the corresponding city, in the same manner of many classic 24hr or GMT watches. It’s worth noting that calling this a “world timer” wouldn’t be entirely accurate, as cycling through the UTC roller doesn’t change the local time. But then again, in terms of practical usability for frequent travelers, the watch’s massive silhouette is probably the more immediately obvious drawback.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Despite the relatively simple time-telling complication in the realm of high-end watchmaking, it’s the rest of the case where Baillot starts to deploy much more creative liberty. Details like the riveted, cylindrical case sides and the contrasting black jet exhaust cones at both 3:00 and 9:00 are meant to evoke the danger and mystique prominent in vintage aeronautic and futurist aerospace design.

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

Germain Baillot Concept Watch Watch Releases

As mentioned, the thick, pod-shaped silhouette of the watch itself doesn’t lend itself well to daily wear, even with the best efforts of a pair of sharply downward-curved lugs and a matching integrated rubber strap. But then again, practicality was never the point here. Like HYT’s liquid time display, MB&F’s robot clock, or the orbiting satellites on an Urwerk, the high-concept design itself is the means to an end – an experiment in haute horology, where the goal is the pursuit of new and intriguing means of doing what every other 3-handed watch does: tell the time. But will Baillot ever bring this concept to life in this exact capacity? We’ll just have to wait and see. Germain Baillot on



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  • Stanimir Mateev

    Piece of art!!

  • IG

    City names should be smaller… LOL

  • DanW94

    Pretty slick looking case design. It’s shaped exactly like Stewie’s head and now I can’t look at it without seeing him.

    • Lincolnshire Poacher

      “What the deuce”!

    • Berndt Norten

      One of the most hilarious and brilliant tv characters ever?

      • IG

        Basil Fawlty was more hilarious and brilliant.

        • Raymond Wilkie

          ” Don’t mention the war ! “

          • Berndt Norten

            Go on Ray, finish the sentence:

            , Gentlemen

      • DanW94

        Funniest animated dog and baby duo I can think of…..

  • Ron-W

    Paris is now UTC- 0 ??? i was unaware the time median moved from London. Must be the Brexit…..

    • Lincolnshire Poacher


  • Martin Cerny

    Creative approach and product execution very well done.

  • Cassio Schwab

    True impressive piece !

    • Sheez Gagoo

      Are you the same Cassio from Watson?

  • cluedog12

    As a design concept, I like it. A lot. Small little things would get in the way of everyday wearability, but that’s not the point. Doubt it will ever see the prototype stage though, as…well look at this. It’s a very, very ambitious design. If Baillot could produce a prototype watch case, one that does not deviate too far from the renderings, he’d already have an impressive work of art on his hands.

    Who would have the talent to successfully create the movement for this case? Mathias Buttet of Hublot? Who else?

  • SuperStrapper

    Not sure if want? The riveted design is cool, the carbon fiber design is puke. I like the idea of rollers for indicating stuff, but it’s certainly not a new concept, and has been done with fair excellence at Christophe Claret, Maitres du Temps (C Claret again…), Hublot, Rebellion, and probably a few others if I thought about it longer. So achieving the movement for this shouldn’t be as big a challenge as it might appear.

  • Jeffrey Chang
  • Shawn Lavigne

    invented and still to be made.

  • Word Merchant

    Wake me up when they make it.

    • IG

      Don’t hold your breath …while you sleep.

    • DanW94

      Sure, no problem Rip Van Winkle….

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Sometimes these kind of watches can be to gimmicky for their own good, difficult to read and uncomfortable to wear, this looks ok. Need to ask the price and you can’t afford it. Their are a few niggles with it but in the main i like the overall design.

    • IG

      Those tiny city tags seem quite difficult to read.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Yup, kinda a gimmicky feature unless you’r constantly travelling the world and to be honest, if you were, you wouldn’t wear this.

        • SuperStrapper

          I always love when a mechanical watch complication is referred to as a gimmick.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            To be honest, appart from the main function of a watch, which is to tell you the time, every other complication, chrono, moon phase, date etc and ” thinking outside the box ” construction is gimmicky………….their, i said it.

          • SuperStrapper

            I would go even further. I find it funny because I think that mechanical watches are a gimmick, period.

            A wonderful, beautiful gimmick.

        • IG

          World timers are the less gimmicky complications not just for travel but at home for communication/doing business around the world.

  • G Street

    If the Theta Icarus guy from a few days ago had designed this we could have had a Greek Baillot…

    • Berndt Norten

      Post of the week!!

    • SuperStrapper

      It would have gone bankrupt on opening night though.


    hum yeah ok sure a turbine on your wrist for a quatrillion dollars. seems sensible

  • cg

    I want Mars time!

  • Ahad Avarideh

    end of the global time

  • JF Schnell

    Very interesting concept. Would like to see it live… Would I wear or buy this watch? Of course not nevertheless hope this timepiece will see light of the day

    • spiceballs

      Agree, but perhaps a bit large, altho’ that may well be the intent – – – ?

  • Tadeyev T

    A poor man’s Richard Mille imitation as far as I can see….!

  • OK, I admit I only skimmed the post, but are there only 12 city surfaces/facets? Sure looks that way and if so this is a major fail unless one only travels within a given hemisphere.

  • Ulysses31

    Incredibly cool looking, but a few too many compromises in practicality.

  • Johan

    Ummm….Don’t smartwatches/phones automatically adjust to the city/timezone you’re in or will be traveling in??? LOL!