Girard-Perregaux 1966 Perpetual Calendar Watch

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Perpetual Calendar Watch

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Perpetual Calendar Watch Watch Releases

It is deceptively simple and pretty. I think I actually prefer Girard-Perregaux's use of minimalism over a brand like Vacheron Constantin. This is their 1966 Perpetual Calendar watch with an automatic in-house movement and also a moon phase indicator. A lovely thing in 18k white or rose gold. Don't be fooled by its demure looks, it still costs around $50,000.

Read my full article on the Girard-Perregaux 1966 Perpetual Calendar watch here at Haute Living.

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  • Kris C.

    I’ll need to look up some additional pix and details to make a final decision, but at a glance I really don;t know how much I like or dislike this.

    I love the pallette, and how the band has curved ends to meet the case so nicely. The 4 main applied hour markers are great, and work perfectly with the delicate markers inbetween them.

    I do find it a bit hard to read, the hands blend in a bit to well. Yes, this is a dress watch and god forbid it contain any lume or bold characteristics, but still. Also, I don’t quite know what to think about the borderless subdials. One glance, I like, the other, I don’t. I like the easy to read yet somewhat hidden power reserve indicator, but I don’t get why the day hand is of a different style to that of the month or weekday ones.

    I find it hard to get into a watch that does not display the seconds in some manner, There’s just something about being able to see it work – no seconds hand (central or otherwise) means that you are basically unable to view the watch in action unless you happen to catch the next day rolling over.

    I doi like ti overall, but were I in a position to speand $50k on a dress watch, I’d sooner look at something that would “love me Lange time”.

  • I would wish for blued hour and minute hands. Like Kris, I miss having some sort of running seconds indicator. A sweep seconds hand (perhaps that one in silver) would be nice. The crown looks a bit small, but I’m sure the thin case dictated its size more than a design decision. More pictures would be great.

  • Kris C.

    @ myself:

    Kris, you are a perfect idiot. To assume this piece had a power reserve indicated on the dial with “L” meaning “low” is quite absurd considering you were told in the title that this is a perpetual calendar, and that you are obviously looking at a 4-year cycle, with the leap year marked with an “L”.

    Do yourself a favour in the future, and think twice to type once.

    Or, maybe ask Ariel to add an “edit comment” function – espcially useful for you considering that you think faster than you could ever hope to type, and drop more typos than one might think humanly possible.

  • ClueDog12

    From what I’ve gathered, the main piece of criticism that many people have with this design is that the movement is too small for the case. From the pictures, I’d have to agree with the critics.

    Ariel – if the subdials were spread out a bit more (or the watch was about 3 – 4 mm smaller in dimater), don’t you think the overall design would be that much better? Or does all the extra white space make the difference between crowded and clean? Considering GP’s target audience, would it really have been a bad call to fit the watch case to the watch movement? Perhaps GP’s target audience are people who like Pateks, but hate the “small” cases. Having worn a 45 mm watch for about a year, I decided I prefer something a bit more modest.

  • Oh.. I just love Girard-Perregaux 1966 Perpetual. Hope I can also buy this one day. The watch belt is not so attractive.

  • This is indeed a very beautiful & elegant timepiece.

    Too bad it costs $50K, that’s more than all the cars in my family and all my watches 🙁

  • John Steppling

    I agree that Gp is a more interesting brand than VC…..though I wouldnt probably buy this watch (my dream watch is the limited blue dialed version of the Breguet XX/XXI Aeronavale chrongraph…..which i would for certain kill for), its still a very tasty piece. And Ive always found GP to somehow capture the perfect mid-place between elegance and function. Just my opinion, but I think this is a very nice watch.