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Grand Seiko STGK011 And STGK013 Watches For Women

Grand Seiko STGK011 And STGK013 Watches For Women Watch Releases

Regarded in the watch the industry as having one of the highest standards of finishing going, it is never a surprise when Grand Seiko turns its considerable talents toward the creation of a jewelry piece for women. The only surprising thing is that it doesn’t happen all that often. The last women’s GS release we covered was as part of a Baselworld round-up in 2018. Since then, however, the Elegance collection has significantly upped its game, with men’s releases like the Grand Seiko Elegance Spring Drive 20th Anniversary watches. And somewhere along the way, somebody must have decided that the women’s range deserves the same kind of attention. And thus I’m pleased to say that the women’s lineup has just welcomed two new members, the Grand Seiko STGK011 and the Grand Seiko STGK013.

Grand Seiko STGK011 And STGK013 Watches For Women Watch Releases

These slimline mechanical offerings are made possible thanks to the new caliber 9S27, which has an operating frequency of 28,800vph and a power reserve of 50 hours, while only being 4.49mm-thick. Its utilization in watches designed for the Grand Seiko elegance collection opens up myriad possibilities. In a true celebration of form, designers at Grand Seiko have allowed their artistic flair to come to the fore with the case design that houses the slender movement. This novel, swooping, and diamond-set form is certainly something new for the brand and strongly diversifies the women’s collection.

If you were thinking it looked a bit odd, but couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly what was odd about it, allow me to help: this 30.6mm × 12.7mm case has no bezel. While there is no rule in watchmaking that a case requires a bezel, we are rather used to seeing them on Grand Seikos. This is a nice touch that adds a more sculptural edge to proceedings. This watchcase design has its roots in 1967, when the Grand Seiko 62GS made waves with its bold-but-feminine bezel-free case, and so the brand decided to bring it back to life with the release of the Grand Seiko STGK011 and the Grand Seiko STGK013.

Grand Seiko STGK011 And STGK013 Watches For Women Watch Releases

Lines of diamonds running along either side of the sapphire crystal seem to suspend the dials in mid-air. The diamonds are set into a Zaratsu-polished surface, which, thanks to painstaking hand-finishing, is distortion-free and an excellent foundation for diamonds to shimmer. 0.38 carats shared by 38 stones (19 on each side of the crystal) and a further 0.03 split between the two, slightly larger, diagonally set stones on the dial at 12 o’clock make for an eye-catching timepiece.

And the artfulness continues with the execution of the dials. With a choice between a deep, brooding mother of pearl or delicate silver-colored pattern, both dials have their hours marked by applied leaf-shaped indices, polished to the brand’s world-famous standards.


Grand Seiko STGK011 And STGK013 Watches For Women Watch Releases

The stormy purple color of this mother of pearl variant is known as “Koki-Murasaki,” regarded as a status symbol in Japan. Its nuanced character means it throws out different looks from all angles, constantly shifting and changing in the light.

The Grand Seiko STGK011 and the Grand Seiko STGK013 slot straight into the elegance collection, offering an exceedingly feminine watch for true lovers of horology. The credibility of the movement and the superlative case and dial finishing make these watches some of the most impressive women’s releases of 2019, in my opinion. The watches go on sale in October and will be available at Grand Seiko boutiques and a handful of selected Seiko boutiques and existing authorized dealers. The price right now for both models is listed at €11,300. Learn more at

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  • ProJ

    Looks are subjective I guess, but I think 12.7mm is a bit too thick for a case with a diameter of just 30mm.

  • NaJo

    ? seiko for an absolutely new case design and obviously the dial is hands down gorgeous. Where it fails again is its bracelet that doesnt match the grandeur of the watch face with ?. Don’t understand the need for “automatic” in the centre of the dial at this price range! At $15-16k usd it’s going above the likes of well established two tone datejust, constellation and Cartier. It even lands close to classic 36mm AP RO good for any business women ready to spend anything above $10k! Not sure how this GS is going to find that audience unless someone getting a present from a die hard GS fan hubby!

    • Joe

      As the dial gets smaller, I think they need to consider removing “Grand Seiko” and also “Japan, blah” from the bottom of the dial, which really doesn’t work when it’s above the indexes.

      I like the case shape and I really like the dark pearl dial…would look great on a men’s GS watch!

  • I’m glad aBlogtoWatch is highlighting more women’s luxury watches. Remember a Girl’s Best Friends
    Colour, Cut, Clarity, Carat, Condominium Cash, Credit Card, Car, Country Club and I’ll add my own : Chronos ?

  • Swiss_Cheese

    I’m not sure I can see these being popular – at $12k I’m guessing these are aimed at the socialite crowd to try and sway them from their Chanel J12 or Bulgari Serpenti, and I’d take a guess that the word ‘Seiko’, regardless, of quality would be a big faux pas at the annual yacht club meeting. To them, Seiko make the $200 Swarovski blazoned watches their maids wear.

    Almost all watch nerds, be them male or female, can appreciate Grand Seiko for all the attention to detail etc. would probably would prefer a bit more expensive/complicated plain model rather than a more basic, but diamond studded one. Perhaps I’ve got it wrong, but it was hard enough for Seiko to convince the WIS community to fork out $6k at first – $12k from the hyper brand conscious average Joe(anne) will be a lot harder.

  • Tony NW

    I care about women’s watches. But these aren’t it. There’s more to it than shrinking it and adding a ton of bling around the edge.

  • SuperStrapper

    There seem to be getting roasted! I don’t think they’re so bad, the black MOP Dial one is an interesting style for a woman’s watch, and morning a bad way. I do think that this is the wrong crown for this watch.
    I try not to have to hard an opinion on dedicated women’s watches because I’ve never (yet) identified as a woman so i can only give the Male perspective.

  • Ulysses31

    I think it looks fairly elegant and is something slightly different. The “ears” look too big though. No one likes big ears…

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