For 2021, Casio introduces a handsome black and gold version of the G-Shock GSTB100 that exists within the larger G-Steel sub-collection. G-Steel is where you’ll find many truly mid-range G-Shock models that combine the causal appeal of their entry-level models with the technology and materials of their higher-end fare. The price range for these mid-range G-Shocks tends to go from about $350 – $600.

The GSTB100GC-1A is among the most fashionable of the GSTB100 models with its all-black IP-coated steel case and yellow gold-toned accents, including screws and pushers on the dial, as well as elements on the case such as hands and markers. Much of the 53.8mm-wide case is in steel with the bottom portion in resin and with an IP-plated gold-tone steel caseback. The case is also 14.1mm-thick and has articulated lugs that help wrap around the case for wearing comfort. Like most all G-Shock watches, the GSTB100 is water-resistant to 200 meters, and over the dial is a flat mineral crystal. On the wrist it is very comfortable, and it also has the look and feel of a higher-end Casio G-Shock product, given that most of what your eyes see is finished metal.

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Inside the watch is Casio’s 5513 module movement, which has a lot of welcome modern features. This is one of Casio’s “Tough Solar” movements, which not only means the battery is charged from light that enters the dial, but also that the movement is highly shock-resistant and can even automatically realign hands if they get jarred out of position. The movement also connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. This isn’t a smartwatch, but rather a modern Casio that allows you to update the time and set the various features of the watch using the Casio G-Shock app. For me, this functionality revolutionized my ability to enjoy G-Shock watches because I can finally use features like the alarm and world time, given the ease of accessing them via the app versus trying to remember what buttons to push on the case. That said, the watch doesn’t need to be connected via Bluetooth, and you can enjoy this watch without hassle if you never once pair it with a phone. I do, however, encourage people who get modern G-Shock watches to use the G-Shock mobile app and see what it does for them. At the least, it makes sure the watch time is always updated and accurate.

The G-Steel GSTB100 dial is an interesting one that seems to be inspired by the layout of a traditional three-register mechanical chronograph watch, with one of the subdials being like a spinning turbine. In fact, there is a button on the case that appears to mainly be used to simply rotate this little gold turbine for fun. Hold the pusher down and the turbine rotates. In fact, I am not even sure if the turbine hand has a utilitarian function other than being something fun to play or fidget with. This is one of the rare situations in which a Casio watch has a mechanical feature that is, arguably, merely for fun.

In addition to the main time on the dial, the GSTB100 also has a dual time zone subdial (in 12-hour format), a small AM/PM indicator dial for the second time zone, the date, and another dial that displays the day of the week as the default mode. It is also used as the function selection indicator when moving to stopwatch, timer, and alarm modes. Even though the hour and minute hands are painted with luminous material, this all analog-dial Casio G-Shock also has a bright white LED light (Casio Super Illuminator) that illuminates the dial on command.

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In my opinion, the GSTB100GC-1A is the most attractive G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100 watch to date. The color combo is mature, refined, and technical looking, all while still having a bit of fun in the process. Price is $420 USD. Learn more at the G-Shock website here.

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