For 2024, Ikepod releases an interesting limited edition set of Megapod Hour Glass watches. Designed by Alexandre Peraldi, the Megapod Hour Glass series will be produced as a set of 100 pieces, spread out among seven dial styles. The faces have a few different types of hour markers and colors, but each shares the same large hourglass-shaped seconds hand, which spins around the dial offering a fun animation effect. Why an hourglass? This recalls the Ikepod Hourglass products — designed by Marc Newson — which originally debuted in 2011. These were actual hand-blown glass hourglasses, and prices for the small versions started at around $13,000 USD more than a decade ago. The Ikepod Hourglass had versions with gold balls in them (versus sand, which was never used in Ikepod Hourglasses) and cost over $40,000 USD.

Under new ownership, the Ikepod brand of today is decidedly not as high-end as the previous iteration of the brand. The wristwatches cost less, and luxury products like the Hourglass are no longer made. That doesn’t mean Ikepod can’t offer a fun nod to its own past by incorporating the image of an hourglass into a Megapod watch. The concept admittedly isn’t for everyone, but this is certainly a distinctive and artistic look that will call attention. It also tacitly reminds me of the spinning hourglass computer icon, and it is a timepiece whose sentimental message is a reminder of how often we spend time waiting around for things in life.

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The Ikepod Megapod Hour Glass watch itself has a brushed steel Megapod-style case that is 46mm wide and 17mm thick. That sounds large, but the pebble-like look of the Megapod means that it wearers smaller than it is. Not having traditional lugs also helps it wear more narrowly than the 46mm wide size might otherwise suggest. The case is water resistant to 50 meters, with a domed sapphire crystal over the dial. Attached to the case is a black silicone strap (I would have preferred rubber or a fluoroelastomer strap) on a simple steel buckle.

The dial is designed to be simple, instrumental, legible, and on-brand for Ikepod. Really, there is no one winning dial, but Ikepod must like this “Gae” Hour Glass dial version in black since it dedicated 25 of the 100 Megapod Hour Glass pieces to it. The orange hour and minute hands are easy to read (also in the dark with their generous volume of painted SuperLumiNova), but of course, the mega-sized hourglass hand steals the spotlight on the dial. There is a small arrow on one end of the hourglass that indicates where you can read the current seconds. The hourglass hand itself is also deceptively simple. To look correct, it is actually curved inwards and is slightly concave. This is also reflected in the shape of the dial, which must look good from various angles despite the sapphire crystal curvature distortion and overall dial depth. I hate to say it,  but I am not sure how wise it was to refer to this reference M002-HG-25 as the “Gae,” but that term/name must have some meaning to Ikepod. Other names for Megapod Hour Glass dials include terms such as “Matti,” “Quazar,” “Joe,” “Dieter,” and others.

Inside the Ikepod Megapod Hour Glass is a Japanese Miyota 9039 automatic movement. This is the no-date version of the 9000 series movement, and it is a solid performer, offering 4Hz of operating frequency and about two days of power reserve. You can see the movement through the case window, including the custom Ikepod automatic rotor. At this price point I can see some people wanting a Swiss Made movement, but practically speaking the caliber 9039 is going to be a reliable option.

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The polarizing nature of the Megapod Hour Glass watch will work to Ikepod’s advantage. This really is the type of timepiece you either love or feel ambivalent about. With that said, even those who don’t feel this is the Ikepod for them, will no doubt remember this watch and will keep an eye out for future Ikepod news. The brand is always trying to assert itself, mixing modern popular art with the heritage of the brand which was originally the brainchild of Marc Newson and Oliver Ike.

As mentioned above, this reference M002-HG-25 MegapodHour Glass will be produced as a limited edition of 25 pieces, out of a total of just 100 pieces for the Megapod Hour Glass overall. Price is $1,490 USD. Learn more at the Ikepod website.

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