One of the great joys of the modern watch industry is that spectacle-driven watchmaking is no longer reserved for the wealthy. It wasn’t particularly long ago that enthusiasts seeking well-made skeletonization, exotic complications, or unique, complex designs would either be driven to deep five- and six-figure price points or be forced to accept a low-quality compromise. Things are different in 2023, however, and quality-made statement horology is more accessible now than it’s ever been. Amid this boom in intricate, dynamic, and eye-catching watches, few brands can match the intersection of spectacle, uniqueness, and build quality that defines the electrostatic Accutron Spaceview DNA line. For its latest release, the brand ratchets up the visual drama of this series even further, combining the line’s streamlined, modernized Accutron silhouette and one-of-a-kind electrostatic movement with rich, jewel-tone colorways inspired by the glamour and excess of Las Vegas. The new limited edition Accutron DNA Casino packs some of the most potent horological punch in its price bracket, with a dramatic, intriguing electrostatic rotor system and a presentation that demands attention.

Like the more vintage-styled Accutron Spaceview Evolution we reviewed several months ago, the Accutron DNA Casino’s case is far from diminutive on the wrist. Measuring in at 45.1mm wide, the deep gray-coated stainless steel case takes up a sizeable amount of real estate on the wrist, but its smooth, modernist design works to temper this scale with respectably balanced proportions. The overall silhouette is sleek and simple, with short, sharply downturned hooded lugs and a ribbed, faceted mid-case that includes linear brushed surfaces, raised polished ridges, and brightly polished chamfers. These elements, along with the exaggerated high-rise domed sapphire crystal, work to downplay the overall case thickness, minimize lug overhang, and effectively wrap the case around even relatively small wrists. In short, it’s a large, but handsome watch case designed from the outset to work with its size, rather than trying to adapt the case design cues of the original ‘60s Accutron Spaceviews to oversized dimensions. Accutron also works effectively with finishing here, adding matte black outer elements to the lug structures that contrast attractively with the predominantly polished main case body. Accutron adds further detail to the DNA Casino’s layout with a smooth, futuristic crown at 3 o’clock. Turbine-style twisted teeth provide the grip here, while the crown is topped with a glossy, eye-catching, dial-matching signed cabochon. Around back, modern Accutron’s deep-dish solid caseback finishes out the case design with a decidedly simple dial-matching printed limited edition medallion. Like the rest of the current Accutron Spaceview line, the Accutron DNA Casino is markedly light on water resistance, offering a rating of only 50 meters.

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Of course, the Accutron DNA Casino’s skeleton dial is the real centerpiece of this design. The series is available with transparent dial bases in rich jewel-tone emerald green, topaz orange, and sapphire blue, but our hands-on sample came in arguably the most striking colorway of the group — bright, attention-grabbing ruby red. It’s not exactly a color for everyday wear, but the combination of the bright red hue with the bridges and coils exposed beneath this layer makes for an excellent conversation starter. Like all electrostatic Accutron models, though, it’s the trio of exotic, skeletonized electrostatic rotors that dominate the dial layout. We’ve covered these elements at length in previous reviews of the line, but for the uninitiated, these three turbine-shaped rotors are a vital element in generating power for the DNA Casino’s movement. Using a series of accelerator gears and a connection to a more conventional weighted rotor on the movement’s backside, these rotors spin in extremely close proximity to the metal plates beneath them, generating static electricity to power the handset. In practice, these whirring elements flutter to life with even the slightest wrist movement, giving the DNA Casino a uniquely reactive, kinetic, almost organic feel during wear.

The finishing on these elements is also a highlight of the DNA Casino’s dial, with upper rotor bridges in sharp vertically brushed steel featuring broad polished chamfers and oversized, brightly highlighted ruby bearings. The skeletonized lower bridge assembly connecting each of the rotors to the applied Accutron emblem at 3 o’clock also makes a striking visual statement on the wrist, with a dark, moody charcoal gray coating, exposed screws, polished chamfers, and crisp directional brushing. By contrast, the Accutron DNA Casino’s actual dial elements are dressy and elementally simple. The black outer chapter ring becomes a sculptural element here, sloping upward dramatically to echo the domed crystal above. Beyond being a dramatic design component, this also makes the watch impressively legible at oblique angles as well. Like the rest of its electrostatic models, Accutron fits the DNA Casino with a set of dauphine hands. Here, these are classic, faceted, high-polish affairs, with minimal lumed segments and a complementary stick seconds hand in gloss white. This seconds hand is a double-edged sword for the DNA Casino, however. In motion, it’s perfectly, flawlessly smooth, with an attention-grabbing gliding motion. With that said, it’s also a power-hungry component (with its own dedicated motor, and an electrostatic rotor at 10 o’clock to reclaim some power while it’s in motion), and the movement automatically stops the seconds hand after five minutes without motion on the wrist. Getting the seconds hand moving again requires the wearer to either pull out and push in the crown or move one’s arm fairly vigorously for several seconds.

The in-house electrostatic movement inside the Accutron DNA Casino is shared with the rest of the series. This is a truly proprietary movement concept (one that we’ve covered extensively in previous reviews), and one that offers a far more technically complex and intriguing solution to timekeeping than a standard quartz power plant. The performance of this movement is equally impressive, with an accuracy rating of +5/-5 seconds per month and a power reserve that can reach over 10 years if well-maintained.

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To complete the DNA Casino, Accutron fits the watch with a semi-integrated deployant strap in vivid dial-matching red rubber. With a sculpted central ridge and a flared profile that flows directly into the hooded lug assembly, this strap maintains the case’s sleek, modernist bent and ups the “look-at-me” factor significantly with a splash of aggressive color. As with the dial, bright red might not be the easiest color to wear every day, but on the right occasion, it’s a compelling, funky statement on the wrist. This strap is also impressively comfortable, with a structured, supple feel in daily wear.

In a modern watchmaking landscape that no longer reserves exotic designs and unique movements for the most well-heeled, it’s easier than ever for enthusiasts to find a piece of true horological spectacle for a (comparatively) reasonable price. In this new wave of four-figure shock-and-awe watchmaking, perhaps no other brand can match Accutron’s combination of build quality, styling, and sheer out-of-the-box engineering, and no watch in its lineup demonstrates this as boldly or vibrantly as the new limited edition Accutron DNA Casino. Only 100 examples of the Accutron DNA Casino will be produced in each available colorway, for a complete production run of 400 units. The Accutron DNA Casino is available now through authorized dealers. MSRP for this watch stands at $3,500 USD as of press time. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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