Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying

Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying

Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying Watch Releases

Have you been to the Gstaad Palace? No? Well, then I am sorry to say that you probably don't know about GreenGo - the popular club that is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. I don't think it has changed since it was created. According to their site (and images), the club remains in its 1970s era fittings. Looks like what would happen if you built a lounge in an underground pool that just happened to double as a dungeon. Though for this Californian, the name of the 'hot spot' is just "gringo." What is more funny is that the watch almost has the colors of the Mexican flag on it.

According to GreenGo's website. It is open only during the winter (what, no one visits Gstaad during the summer?), and is "THE place to be. It is a special place with a special environment." Doesn't get more specific than that right? The copy on their site is totally cheesy, which amuses the hell out of me. "[The DJ] plays the most popular and up-to-date songs for our illustrious clientele. Come and feel the rhythm of every song." Just say that out loud to yourself with a euro-trash accent.

Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying Watch Releases

Though, in reality, the club has an interesting history, being a night spot for the world's entertainment and wealthy elite who now and in the past have visited the Gstaad Palace. According to Hublot, people who have visited the club include: Roger Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson (never missed boy's night), Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, David Niven, Peter Sellers, King Juan Carlos, George Soros, Jeanne Moreau, Julie Andrews (a spoon full of coke helps the alcohol go down), Margaret Thatcher (aka "super party freak"), Johnny Hallyday, Bernie Ecclestone (he didn't get beat up here), and more.

Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying Watch Releases

Hublot GreenGo Bang Watch: To Celebrate Partying Watch Releases

For the 40th anniversary of the night club, Hublot has produced a limited edition of 40 watches called the GreenGo Bang (Gringo Bang!). Using the colors of the club, Hublot uses a base Big Bang Black Magic watch with green colors on it. The watch is in steel, titanium and ceramic and 44.5mm wide. I just can't wait to "feel the rhythm of the watch's beats on my wrist" when I wear it.

-Reference 301.CI.1170.GR.GGG10
-Series Limited to 40 pieces numbered from 01/40 to 40/40
-Case: “Big Bang” 44.5 mm diameter in microblasted black ceramic
-Bezel: Microblasted black ceramic, 6 titanium H-shaped countersunk, polished & locked screws
-Crystal: Sapphire with interior/exterior multilayer anti-reflective treatment
-Bezel Lug: Black composite resin
-Lateral Inserts: Black composite resin
-Case-back: Open microblasted black ceramic
-Crown: Steel with black rubber insert
-Push-pieces: Satin-finished steel, rectangular with green rubber insert
-Screws: Titanium
-Water resistance: Approximately 100 m or 10 ATM
-Dial: Black with satin-finished ruthenium colour and green SuperLuminovaâ„¢ appliques, 30-minute chrono counter at 3 o'clock, 12-hour chrono counter at 6 o'clock, seconds counter at 9 o'clock and orange Greengo logo transfer at 8 o'clock
-Hands: Satin-finished ruthenium colour with green SuperLuminovaâ„¢, chronograph hand with H-shaped counterweight
-Movement: Mechanical chronograph with automatic winding, Calibre Hublot HUB4100. Numb.Components 252.
Bridges Satin-finished, bevelled & polished. Screws Black PVD
-Date: Trapezoid window at 4.30
-Oscillating Weight: Tungsten with black PVD treated dimpled surface
-Main plate: Sandblasted & rhodium-plated
Barrel With reinforced spring
Escapement Glucydur hairspring
Power Reserve Approximately 42 hours
-Straps: Supplied with two adjustable straps: Black gummy alligator with green stitching and rubber. Big Bang deployant buckle in black PVD steel, decorated cover and plate in black PVD steel, black PVD steel deployant buckle and buttons, titanium screws.

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  • Anthony

    Will Hublot make a limited edition to honor me? They seem to be happy to pump out watches about anyone and everyone.

  • pat I.

    Let’s hope Hublot runs out of colors real soon so they can get back to actually machining
    and designing limited edition watches.

  • Kris C

    Meh. Maybe if I was part of the illustrious crowd that attends this place it might have some cache, but I’m not, and it doesn’t. Yesterday we looked a black watch splashed with green, and it was a refreshing and exciting piece, but this one is pretty dull; like they took a black big bang and tossed some green things at it, and then slapped on a logo which to me looks like the sign for a grocery store.

    Lot of better iterations of the big bang as far as I’m concerned.

  • Omid

    I have to agree with Kris, this is a very lazy effort from one of my least-liked marques. I think I’ll stop short of calling it a travesty…oh wait, too late.

  • Witch Watch

    I agree totally with Anthony, Hublot seem to just ‘bang’ out limited editions on a seemingly monthly basis and it’s now becoming very tiring. Black/green becoming the new black/red??

  • pat i.

    If they don’t run out of colors, they’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel, sturggling to find people and events to honor.

    I can’t wait until for the Amish Rake Fighting and Competitive Eating editions to come out.

    Maybe a watch honoring Bavarian Slap dancing?

    • Kris C

      Ok, I’d be in for that one!I already have my tickets for the B.S.D.F’s this year. (Bavarian Slap Dancing Finals). It’s gonna be crazy!

  • Jens

    Gauche from start to finish, Hublot is and has always been. At best, an Audemars homage; at worst, a novelty act posing as luxury.

    And this? Hideous, but not even in Hublot’s bottom five.

  • Pete

    Any chance of an article on the top ten weakest L.E ideas ever? that would be entertaining!

    • That would be really hard to narrow down.

  • Waz

    I go to this city and this club every winter and yes it’s an amazing place and club. But the watch, is horrible. Hublot are really losing what they once had