HYT has released one of its most challenging and striking models yet. The HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch is the latest addition to the growing core range produced by the hydro-mechanical horologists from Neuchâtel. Astoundingly, it has been the better part of two years since HYT launched the H0 range. A bold departure from their already bold line, the HYT H0 family did away with the lugs and more “traditional” appearance of the H1, H2, and H4 families. The result was jarring for many, but perhaps a natural progression for a brand intent on pushing boundaries.

A New Direction

I was a late convert to the H0 collection. In fact, it was not until the release of the HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch that I desired a single one. My love for the brand has been constant since its founding in 2012, but my tastes are still discriminating. What I loved about the initial launches was their ability to fit mind-blowing technology into a very digestible package. The HYT H0 range, and especially the HYT H0 Time Is Precious, transforms the offering into a wrist sculpture.

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The HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch is, therefore, perhaps better compared to the off-the-wall creations of MB&F than even its own forerunners. Yes, the iconic fluid display remains, but the housing is so novel the two share very little associable presence.


A Perfect Match

The fusion of the avant-garde sapphire case (that stands up an incredible 18.7mm from the wrist) and a laser-cut dial featuring sixty-three tilted facets, results in a congruous, entirely unique product. As a result, I was finally converted.

The futuristic craftsmanship that went into the creation of the dial demanded an overblown display. The almost entirely sapphire housing that allows light to hit the polished facets from every angle is a perfect complement.

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The messages HYT intended to deliver through these two components were simple. The sapphire case is a metaphor for transparency: no one can hide from time. The dial, in all its glorious randomness, represents the beautiful chaos of life. Finally, the message ‘Time Is Precious” engraved around the edge of the movement is a blunt reminder to cherish every second.


The Vital Statistics

The lugless case, featuring a blasted stainless-steel back and a DLC-coated crown, is surprisingly wearable, despite the 48.8mm diameter. Unsurprisingly, the watch is only water resistant to 30m.

There are four windows on the dial. Through these windows, we can see the 65-hour power reserve indicator, seconds disc, and the two bellows that house and distribute the red and clear fluids that tell the time.

For anyone unfamiliar with HYT’s core concept, it is that time is fluid. A fluid-filled capillary replaces the hour hand. A very thin meniscus separates two fluids, one clear, one colored. It is this changeover point that marks the time. When the left bellow is fully depressed, it is empty of colored fluid, while the right bellow is full of clear. At that point, a retrograde function sees the colored fluid track back through the glass capillary and start its 12-hour journey again.



I am itching to get a hands-on review of this piece. I need to see how beautiful that dial is in real life. Am I suddenly a convert to the whole H0 concept? No, definitely not. The jury’s still out for me. This piece, however, is a winner in my book. The HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch is limited to 50 pieces and costs  $49,000. Learn more at hytwatches.com.



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