HYT H0 Collection Watches

HYT H0 Collection Watches

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

With the new HYT H0 collection, the avant-garde brand immediately recognizable for their use of liquid-filled tubes to indicate the time is back with a new design. Featuring three different models, the HYT H0 Silver, H0 Orange, and H0 Black, the all-new minimalist look takes visual cues from a water droplet and a case design they call a "pebble" style. What does that mean? Well, HYT foregoes a bezel and case edge altogether, opting for a crystal that wraps around the side of the (very large) watch.

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

HYT has always fallen into the New-Age category of watchmakers for me (Ressence also comes to mind), as you almost have to be a chemist in addition to a horologist to truly understand exactly what's happening inside their watches. HYT's manual-wind movement here utilizes two flexible alloy reserves, or bellows, each filled with a liquid. One bellow houses a color, and the other houses a clear liquid, with both being separated by a repulsion force in the molecular makeup of each liquid. A mechanical piston in the watch movement compresses the "active-bellow," or the colored fluid, while also depressing the clear liquid bellow, and vice versa. This creates a very specific and meticulous "battle" inside the glass housing of the watch. As the hours pass, the colored liquid compresses ever so slowly, while the clear liquid depresses, and voila - you have your hours indicator and a very unconventional way of displaying them.

The HYT H0 (that's H + zero) collection utilizes the same technology with a much cleaner aesthetic. HYT released the H2 in 2013, followed by the H3, H4, and HYT Skull in 2015, and the newest H0 collection is a fitting addition to HYT's catalog.

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

The HYT H0 collection will come in 3 different flavors. First is a brushed titanium case with a black dial and orange indicators, a new color for HYT. The second model comes in a brushed titanium case with a silver dial and blue indicators (or "snowball," as it's apparently being called) with the third being a black DLC-coated titanium case with a black dial and green indicators. As far as the HYT's DNA is concerned, fans will immediately recognize the black and green model because it fits right in with initial releases of their previous collections. Gone, however, is the prominent 6 o'clock protrusion that is inevitably reminiscent of a G-Shock 6900's similarly positioned "G." Personally, I feel that all three remain quintessentially HYT.

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

The HYT H0 watches measure in at a 48.8mm case diameter and a 17.9mm thickness to accommodate the bellows-centered movement. Skeletonized windows at 6 o'clock show off the reservoirs, with an additional small window at 2 o'clock to display the generous 65-hour power reserve. While the retrograde hours are utilizing the HYT Micro-Liquid technology in a glass indicator around the edge of the dial, the minutes are displayed at 12 o'clock, and the seconds at 10 o'clock - the minutes being a welcome, and not always present feature for HYT (looking at you, HYT Skull).

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

Each piece will be fitted with an exclusive HYT Calibre beating at 28,800VpH with 35 jewels and Côtes de Genève-decorated bridges visible through the sapphire caseback (we'll get you an image once we have it). A domed sapphire crystal, rubber strap, and 30m water-resistance are consistent across all three models.

HYT H0 Collection Watches Watch Releases

HYT isn't known for making "safe" timepieces, and the HYT H0 collection does not disappoint among the brand's already atypical designs. While some enthusiasts may think the dial doesn't stand out enough (when you grade on an HYT curve), HYT's DNA is absolutely still there. It is really huge and strapping this on would make me feel a bit like Iron Man, and make me terrified of doorframes. Nevertheless, these watches embody a "coolness" factor that's hard to take your eye off.

Pricing for the HYT H0 Silver ref. 048-TT-91-BF-RU, the H0 Orange ref. 048-TT-92-NF-RU, and the H0 Black Ref. 048-DL-90-GF-RU is $39,000 USD. hytwatches.com

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  • Raymond Wilkie

    Waaaaay to geeky, even for me.

    • IG

      You consider yourself a geek?

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Oh defiantly, am here for a start.

        • IG

          Good to know.

  • A_watches

    From a non watch geek view, this thing is really fugly

  • Raymond Wilkie
  • ??????

    Got spare $40k? My answer is: Lang & Heyne Georg in platinum + some high quality booze to celebrate

  • IG

    I’m still waiting for a HYT model filled with Chivas Regal 18 Year Old and designed to provide a way to suck it out in an emergency situation.

  • IanE

    Oh dear, they just get worse – and increasingly over-priced.

  • MEddie90

    Probably the most visually interesting and appealing HYT though still far from any semblance of practicality given it’s insane dimensions and lack of readability. They seem to be maturing somewhat as a brand.

    Sad to see they are treading water with their main gimmic though. In the 5 or so years they’ve been in business they have’nt really come up with any new novelties (aside from the H3… sort of). I’d love to see them take things further, maybe with a fluid minutes indicator or power reserve, possibly even as part of a calendar or chrono complication.

  • Marius
    • Raymond Wilkie

      The relevance of this pic has gone right over me but am sure it’s frightfully funny. 🙂

  • JimBob

    Look, a miniature positive displacement pump is not that hard to engineer. The big problem with this brand is they don’t move enough units to amortize the NRE charges in a sane way. If they dump the mechanical movement, which nobody is buying these for anyway, they can use off-the-shelf parts.
    e.g. http://www.dolomite-microfluidics.com/images/stories/PDFs/datasheets/stainless_steel_piezoelectric_pumps_product_datasheet.pdf

    • SuperStrapper

      I thin hyt watches are cool, but would change my opinion dramatically if they weren’t mechanical.

      • JimBob

        How do you feel about the Devon watches?

        • SuperStrapper

          I think they are cool, but each new one they put out is worse than the last. I’ve tried on the tread1 and it is the silliest looking wrist adornment, it’s just so comically huge. But it s a lot of fun to play with and observe in action.

          They would be much more interesting if mechanical.

          • JimBob

            They would also be even more hooge and need frequent winding.

          • SuperStrapper

            Are you sure? I don’t see why the same result couldn’t be done with a mechanical movement in a smaller case. We’ve seen much more intense complication in actually wearable watch cases for a very long time.

          • JimBob

            I’m working off the assumption that the energy density in the lithium battery is much higher than what can be achieved with a reasonably sized mainspring. I haven’t done the math though. For sure a mechanical drivetrain would require more juice than the micro-steppers.

          • SuperStrapper

            I just don’t know how much ‘dead space’ lives inside a Devon watch. Maybe they’re that big purely as an aesthetic choice, so that much of the belts could be visible. Devon did release a much smaller (and much less interesting) watch that did not indicate seconds, leading on t believe the once-a-second stepping motor takes up a lot of space and/or uses up a lot of juice.

            But check out the latest vagabondage watch, it has a digital readout for the seconds. On discs, not belts, but it will still consumes a lot of power in its indication and despite how ugly it is, the remontoir should theoretically work the same way to drive belts.


    Ok i get it it is cool but how far does that actually take you? For 40k it’d better get me very very far and with a 49mm anchor on my wrist I might just go one way….under.
    And let’s not forget the crown what is dat? On the black dlc thingy it goes ok but that is it. Like a protruding tumor that was added after the fact. I recommend a complete resection and go deep w wide margins please .

  • SuperStrapper

    I guess I’m alone on this one, but I think they’re pretty damn cool.

    • Might very well be……

      • SuperStrapper

        Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last. I’ve never been much of one for groupthink.

    • JimBob

      Not alone. I’m just horrified by the pricing.

      • SuperStrapper

        That’s why I try and disregard the sticker for the most part. If I considered every watch here only in the context of buying it, watches would be a lot less fun. It’s like going to the museum. Fun to see and learn about, but I don’t lament not being able to have my own complete tyrannosaurus skeleton.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I was impressed when these watches were released almost a decade ago. First, because I thought Vincent Perriard isn`t able to rule an innovative watchbrand anymore after his journey from Concord (where he copied Hublot with moderate succes) to Technomarine, where he didn`t finish a year. Then he disappeared for a while. Second, because it was a truly innovative watch. Some of them are real beauties. But now, they become a kind of one-trick-pony with plenty of iterations of always the same. There are worser one-trick-ponys, but the back watch looks like a tire.

  • Yanko

    Where’s the Guillotine?

  • Word Merchant

    I have two questions:
    1. What sort of person buys a watch like this?
    2. Is the hour indicator still accurate on a very hot or very cold day?

    Question 1 might well be unanswerable.

  • JF Schnell

    wouldn’t mind this kind of thing on a Wall Clock but as for wristwatch sorry I will skip it

  • Mark1884

    I have to say the concept and presentation is cool. However, I could not invest that kind of money into what I consider a novelty or gimmick watch.
    It would start many conversations though.

  • I like the technology. If it cost a few hundred dollars, it would make sense. Buy it and throw it away when it breaks, or you have to guess what time it is when the fluid turns to droplets. So maybe there are people who look at 40K like I look at a few hundred. But they have to be pretty rare.

  • dennis

    Excuse me, could i have the correct time please.

  • Pete L

    I think these are very cool but massive in both price and size. A great gimmick but not sure I wouldn’t get pretty bored of it over time.

  • Simonh

    Truly great value for money. Anyone want to buy this innovative drinking aid for a few thousand? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a53bd5fc6783209544f05ce8f512002a9203624da47cb50ddb87d4d6fce69f7.jpg

  • Shinytoys

    Got pistons…

  • Richard Baptist

    I like these, I think the dial is cleaner and better than previous versions of the watch. These are my favorite HYT models.

  • Nova Setyo

    Awesome…i like these..so masculin

  • Ulysses31

    It looks like a watch Issey Miyaki might have designed, with that sideways indicator. I like it a lot; it’s futuristic and downplays the bellows system which I find rather ugly, to be honest. It’s the first HYT i’d consider buying, assuming it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. If Artya got his hands on this design, it would be filled with human blood, I bet.