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You have got to see the advertising that Tendence No Limits watches produce. One of the video’s below is an advertisement, while the other video shows a type of marketing that Italian Tendence engages in. That being a location in the virtual world Second Life. They aren’t the first company to have virtual real estate in Second Life as Hublot did it first a while back. The idea is that you have a branded area in a the virtual world that people can explore and get interested in the brand. Avatars can buy virtual watches to wear, but more importantly, it is branding for real world sales. I can’t say how successful it is, but I like the idea.

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Well on to the watches. For now I am talking about a single line of models, the Round Gulliver watches from Tendence. I take it Gulliver refers to the term meaning “head.” So the round head watch it is. There are actually many versions (over 20), and I am just displaying a few. Their online catalog is pretty comprehensive (and you can buy many of the models right there). In time, and if you like Tendence watches, I will cover some of their other watch models. The Tendence Round Gulliver watch obviously has a healthy amount of design inspiration from N.O.A watches, notably the Scyllis model. It is a fine watch to emulate, and at least it is an affordable emulation. You see this in the case design, hour indicator (with an angled rise from the dial substrate). I would have preferred the hands to be larger though. This is mostly a limitation with the quartz movements and what they can handle. At up to 50mm wide, these are big watches. Looking at the face, you can literally see where the movement ends, and the decoration begins. I like my large watches to actually be large watches, not just extra frontage around the watch face. The test is this, is the minute hand is more than a few millimeters from the edge of the dial, it is just a bnch of padding on a smaller watch.

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Then again, we are talking about watches that are simple good fun, and relatively inexpensive at between about $200  and $700 bucks. With bold colors, entertaining designs, and Italian flair, you can’t complain that much. The straps are either leather or silicon, and the crystals are mineral. Titanium case are available, but most are steel and plastic combinations. There are also decorated models with little crystals and gold toned colors. So if you want a fun, ‘stand-out’ look on your wrist, it is hard to go wrong with Tendence watches if you are a fan of their designs. Like I said, some watches are available from their relatively hard to navigate (stupidly all in Flash) website (go to the catalog and click on the watch you like to see if it is available online).

See Tendence and N.O.A watches on eBay here.

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