J. Crew Timex Military watch review on Askmen.com

This was honestly not the easiest watch to review. You think it would be simple, but you basically have a limited edition Timex that you are talking about – made for J. Crew of all places (watch style incarnate right?). Regardless of these surface level facts, is a lot more to this watch than meets the eye. You first need to understand a bit about it, and what went in to it. Timex was called upon by J. Crew to design a classic looking military watch that could fall smack-dab in the center of an Americana photo-mosaic. Like stylish jeans, the watch was meant to look pre-vintaged. Like your Vietnam veteran relative worn it during the last two months of their tour of duty, brought it home, put it in a tin box, and then handed it to you after all this time – in good condition by aged. The J. Crew Timex Military vintage style watch does have a value in today’s America, especially because it is a product of today’s America.

Read my limited edition J. Crew Military watch by Timex review on AskMen.com here.

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