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Founded in 2015, Jack Mason has tread its own path to becoming a true enthusiast brand. Having started with taking on fashion watch giants like the Fossil Group and the Movado Group with its historical pillars of tool watches — Dive, Aviation, Racing, and Field — Jack Mason’s transition into an enthusiast-focused company culminated with the 2022 Strat-O-Timer GMT, an affordable, vintage-inspired GMT that quickly became a fan favorite. The brand doubles down on this successful recipe with the Jack Mason Hydrotimer, a vintage-inspired dive watch assembled and regulated in the U.S. to impressive timekeeping accuracy.

Following up on the Strat-O-Timer, the Hydrotimer is based on that successful platform — as Jack Mason evolves the brand toward an enthusiast customer, the goal with the Hydrotimer is “to establish a watch that can be an instant classic and an icon to the brand,” says Peter Cho, Co-founder and Designer. He adds, “We wanted to create a watch for which value was offered beyond a spec sheet. How do we create another dive watch that was beautiful in design but provided a better quality of watch life? How do we exploit our strength in design and experience in the industry to create a compelling package altogether?”

The solutions come in three different forms: Scratch-resistant coating, in-house movement regulation, and American assembly, all in an effort to focus on a higher level of watch production and service and, in the long run, to become a legacy brand in its home state of Texas. Achieving all this requires high-quality products, consistency, and investing in the necessary operations, people, and know-how. A very tangible and, indeed, enjoyable result of Jack Mason’s efforts is the fact that the Hydrotimer boasts an impressive +/- 5 seconds daily accuracy tolerance from its Miyota 9039 caliber thanks to the regulation that happens once the movement has been assembled into the watch in the United States.

The Jack Mason Hydrotimer watch features a vintage-inspired C-shape case and a comfortable, three-piece link bracelet with a curved link design, both crafted from 316L stainless steel. The clasp incorporates a tool-free micro-adjust system for easy adjustability and enhanced wearing comfort. Speaking of comfort, the Hydrotimer measures 40mm-wide, 47mm lug-to-lug, and 13mm-thick including its boxed sapphire crystal front, striking the ideal balance between presence and wearability. An essential component of any dive watch, the 120-click bezel, is crafted from ceramic, smooth and flat, with beige numerals and white minute markers.

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The dial follows the theme with split hour markers at 3, 6, and 9, and a triangle at 12, for easier orientation. The hands were designed to be wide and long and of different shapes for quick and error-proof identification at a glance and in poorly lit conditions. The Swiss Super-LumiNova coating is also in beige color to go with the overall theme, surrounded by metallic frames in chrome or golden color on the silver and black dial versions, respectively.

Crafted from steel and ceramic, assembled and regulated in the U.S. the Jack Mason Hydrotimer is priced at $889. Learn more at the brand’s website.

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