Fashion designer JC/DC (Jean-Charles de Castelbajac) once again works with Hong Kong based watch maker O.D.M (ODM) in this interesting and whimsical watch called the “Gummy Me.” Done in silicone, the watch in its entirety looks like a sort of rabbit-like creature. The eyes are two small LCD screens that tell the time (hours for one eye, minutes in the other). Coming in four colors it is strange, it is fun, and it is probably not destined to find a home on most people’s wrists – but some will love it.

JC/DC refers to the design as an alien rabbit – something that should be experimented on. The package itself is shaped a bit like a specimen sample. They are playing on the whimsy of the character. To me the Gummy Me rabbit looks like a cross between Bugs Bunny and that Life in Hell rabbit that Matt Groening created.

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The last JC/DC watch I wrote about was a Lego model that I wrote about here. This man loves toys. So why doesn’t he design kids clothes? While the Gummy Me watch is totally strange I am oddly drawn to it. Not just because of the funny face that will stare at me each time I check the time, but more because of the attention I know it will get from other people. This odd colorful animal-like thing strapped to my wrist. Oh yea, it tells the time too, I remind them. The Gummy Me watch comes in black, white, blue, and red. In addition to telling the time, the little screens also show the date and have a blacklight which is activated by touching the side of the rabbit’s head. They aren’t too expensive at $85 each. You can get your own JC/DC online from ODM here.

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