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Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch Inspired By Stephen King’s ‘It’ Movie

Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch Inspired By Stephen King's 'It' Movie Watch Releases

Russian independent watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin was noted earlier this year for infusing some whimsy into his watch design with the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch, that seemed loosely inspired by the Joker character of the fictional Batman universe. It is a watch executed with commendable seriousness despite its prominent smiley face, and we even included it in our Top 10 Watches of Baselworld 2017. It turns out that the watchmaker is an ardent fan of author Stephen King, so while the Joker watch was not necessarily intended as a direct reference, the recent release and positive reception to the horror movie It about a demonic clown, inspired by the author’s novel, presented a happy opportunity for the watchmaker. Decidedly creepier than the Joker watch is the new Konstantin Chaykin Clown watch.

Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch Inspired By Stephen King's 'It' Movie Watch Releases

The Konstantin Chaykin Clown watch (right) is decidedly creepier than the Joker watch.

The Konstantin Chaykin Clown is a limited edition timepiece that is functionally identical to its Joker sibling but with a new dial design – this time inspired by the “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” character. The calibre K07-0 is a base ETA 2824 subjected to heavy modifications. The minute and hour indicators occupy their own sub-dials and Konstantin has added a moonphase indicator – there is no running seconds indication on the watch. Given the additional mechanics and complication, the movement’s power reserve drops from 42 to 38 hours, but it still beats at 4Hz. Since it is an automatic, the drop in power reserve should make no material difference in practice if worn regularly – not sure if it’s intended as an everyday wear. Read more about it in our initial article on the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch here.

The stainless steel case remains identical in size to the Joker at 42mm by 13.7mm – a size that I think is the sweet spot given the design and all the dial elements. While the bezel of the Joker had the various playing card suits engraved onto it, the Clown replaces these with the word “CLOWN” with each letter at equally spaced intervals. It retains the dual-crown setup or the “ears” of the clown. The crown on the left is actually a pusher that can be used to adjust the moonphase indicator.

Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch Inspired By Stephen King's 'It' Movie Watch Releases

The color scheme for the dial is red and white, of course, and the Clown’s “lips” have a more elaborate design than with the Joker. The rings for the hour and minute sub-dials remain the same but the “eyes” now have a yellow iris surrounding the black pupils. Finally there are small, sharp red peaks at the top of the eyes mimicking the fictional clown-creature’s face paint. These small changes give the watch an edgier look, if you will, and with the various permutations of expressions possible between the two “eyes” and the “tongue,” even the more silly-looking expressions might take on a menacing character if you have seen the film or read the book.

As Ariel mentioned in his article on the Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch, an idea such as this is easy to take too far and make it ugly or cheesy. Konstantin Chaykin, I’m happy to say, has remained on the right side of that line with the Clown watch. It is neither ugly nor cheesy – but is unique with a healthy dose of whimsy. The use of traditional watchmaking techniques like applied elements and engraving also lends the watch a more “serious” look.


Konstantin Chaykin Clown Watch Inspired By Stephen King's 'It' Movie Watch Releases

The Konstantin Chaykin Clown will be produced in a limited run of 27 pieces. This number was selected because, in the book/movie It, the Pennywise monster terrorizes the town every 27 years – taking the connection between the watch and the book a step further. Finally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of a Konstantin Chaykin Clown watch will be donated to a charitable organization dedicated to helping sick children. The Konstantin Chaykin Clown isn’t a watch for everybody and is one of those timepieces that you either get or you don’t – but it’ll definitely make for a conversation piece at a social event or watch GTG. The Konstantin Chaykin Clown is priced at $9,990 and ships on a black alligator strap with red stitching.



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  • This is like putting a sardine on the dial and saying it was inspired by “Jaws”

  • Aditya

    Da f*q is this shit?

  • Mikita

    I usually prefer more “normal” watches, but this one is just lovely IMO. Very imaginative and well put together. The price isn’t bad either.

    • Berndt Norten

      Your time away has….clouded your judgement!?

      • Mikita

        Fan of the “It” movie here 🙂

      • egznyc

        Ah, he’s just clowning around.

  • Word Merchant

    The nose should rotate to indicate running seconds and a tear drop should appear under one of the ‘eyes’ to indicate PM. Otherwise, perfect.

  • Ranchracer

    I suppose if I was a wealthy six-year-old with 7 1/2″ wrists I’d be all over this bad boy.

  • I love KC’s watches: High Horology meets ‘High’ Horology.
    Breath of fresh air…

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I love the idea, execution and appearance bututhis is creepy as hell. I don’t want to stare at something that screams “child molester” when I read the time.

    • Hands90


      Solid point.

    • Yan Fin

      IT Clown Pennywise is no molester! Killer-yes but no molester

  • James Miller

    I would never wear either of these watches, however I can certainly appreciate the imagination and creativity in the design. Well done!

  • Norbs K

    I’m in a pickle now.
    Don’t know which one is better, this or the Graham from previous post?

    • I think you should use one to destroy the other.

  • Yan Fin

    I admire the Chaykin’s piece, from afar as usual. Would love to see 27 individuals who are after Pennywise model. Should be a charming group

  • Berndt Norten


    • SuperStrapper

      YHBT is more like it

  • IG

    It can be useul to scare people with coulrophobia.

  • IanCognito

    Has a bit of psycho bunny to it as well… nicely done, pulling in two classic references… lol

    • Berndt Norten

      Hi BILL

      • Mapston


  • Raymond Wilkie

    Is this a joke ?

    • Berndt Norten

      No its no joke. As the editor has said repeatedly he only reviews watches that interest him and turns down more review offers than he can count.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        And he chooses this piece of nonsense ? , all 27 of them. You’r going to look a proper twat walking around with this on.

        • Omegaboy

          “Sir, might you have the time?”
          “Sure, it’s an eyeball past an eyeball.”
          “Sorry, I was just clowning around.”
          “Hey, that’s a cool watch. Get that at the flea market?”

    • DanW94

      No joke, not clowning around here.

  • Ulysses31

    I’ve never found clowns scary… until now. Well-made garbage. Chaykin is capable of far better work; this is just embarrassing and juvenile. It’s not even especially original.

  • Pete Pete

    I love it. but I wouldn’t buy one. because I have absolutely no idea on what occasion to wear it. funerals maybe? to lighten up the atmosphere? don’t visit enough of those to justify the price.

    • cluedog12


  • Ian john horwood

    A brain dead clown they must be if any one is willing to pay for this nonsense.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I hope it sinks.

  • Besides being a silly looking thing, the whole movie-tie in just smacks of laziness. Not an official association, but rather like “Hey I already have this clown thing. I should change it up some, play off this movie that I have nothing to do with, and get some added mileage out of it.” Inspired here, means to take advantage of the clown movie serendipity.


    I must going to go w hell NO

  • Greg Dutton

    Like the clown from It, this belongs in the sewer.

  • Andre Braz

    A lot of creativity !! But I would pay for this maximum $200…. Must be an interesting Swatch design.

    • Framlucasse

      200$… you’re ridiculous.

      • Andre Braz

        This is my opinion. You don’t know me, please respect

        • Framlucasse

          And you don’t know what you’re talking about, so please get some infos before reacting and making us read it. The movement alone cost 150$, before modifications.

          • Pit Tom

            Spot on. The Joker being sold out even before being produced this “Clown” will fly away in no time.
            Well done to Chaykin, ideas are worth more than materials from “understated” brands that copy themselves over and over again.

  • Framlucasse

    Inusual and quite funny. But why a 2824? Why not a Soprod TT718, a SH21, or at least an Eterna Cal 39? When asking 10 grands…

  • Pcks333

    I like the watch, its humorous and good looking, but when you are spending 10k for a watch, I think there are more factors to consider other than just looking for a cute luxurious watch.

  • neobrick

    The creepiness is just what he wanted to present. Some may love it, some may feel uncomfortable about it, while most people, with their insufficient knowledge and understanding, just think the clown is funny and begin whining about the price not being under $200.

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