Limes Endurance Rallye Chronograph on eBayI cannot say that I frequently look at my watch while driving. If I did, all that would ensue is a traffic hazard from my prolonged glare. However, drivers on a track often use their watches to measure speed. Why not use a speedometer? Well that would be just too easy. Using a tachymeter on a watch, you can measure your speed if you are able to accurately measure the distance of one mile. You start the chronograph function upon passing the mile start marker, and stop it at the mile end marker. The seconds counting hand will point to your speed as indicated by the numbers around the bezel.

You may be thinking, well so what? Ah, but this also has a function for race enthusiasts watching a race. To determine the speed of a car you are not driving, a watch with a tachymeter function suddenly becomes useful as the audience can clearly see the mile marker. Perhaps not the most accurate measure, but enough to obtain useful information. Such watches dedicated to the race viewing are common, and celebrated limited edition watches as they often coincide with special race sponsorship or dedication.

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In 2005, German watch maker Limes released a limited edition of just 99 watches celebrating the 15th Limes Watches Rallye (was previously under another name until it was renamed this for Limes). That watch features a high quality case (as Limes is known for making their own cases), an ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, and unique styling befitting a racing watch. Although this is a three register design chronograph, emphasis is made on the top and bottom subdial giving it a classic bicompax look. Large comfortable pushers make for smooth chronograph operation, with excellent legibility. I particularly like the small luminant covered arrow at the tip of the chronograph seconds hand. The dial itself is carbon fiber, adding a modern touch to an otherwise classic design.

Currently, there is a fine example of a Limes Endurance Rallye Chronograph available on eBay. Certainly worth an addition to a collection, as this watch is appealing, and easily works as an everyday watch. The one for auction comes with the steel bracelet, but this watch would also look great by placing a perforated leather strap, or one with contrast stitching.

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