Linde Werdelin Watches At Baselworld 2009 Video


Linde Werdelin is mighty proud of their first year at Baselworld. It marks a big occasion, a true entrance into the world not only making watches, but being part of the watch industry. So proud that they have enlisted bloggers like me and RJ at to share with you the novelties and personalities you would have seen if you were at Basel this year. The people at Linde Werdelin are people. More importantly they understand good watches and they understanding modern ways of selling good watches. They are of the few luxury watch brands selling online. This is because they understand the modern market, as many older watch makers still poke at the Internet with a queazy face just as a youngster would to a plate of liver and onions.

Aside from their Internet presence, watch for Linde Werdelin watches to appear in select watch retailers and boutiques soon. See the video below for some nice watches, and views of Basel.

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