Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

This is the newest watch from favorite New Zealand watch maker Magrette. I love the retro styling of the dial, and the value price makes this watch a bit too desirable to pass up. Also, you'll love the little details that Magrette puts into this watch that make it so unique. Start with the dial of the new Moana Pacific to see the smooth retro looks. The name of the watch is applied in a cursive text right over the base model name which is the Regattare. The hour markers have all been thinned out a bit for the look on this dial. The hands have been reworked a bit more solid looking and thinner with a needle style seconds hand. The case is smooth and functional with a high quality polish on high-grade steel. This is one of the most handsome styled watch cases out there today.

The Moana Pacific watch will be available as a limited edition of just 500, with the first 100 pieces being more special. Flip the watch over and notice a special wood inlay on the caseback of the watch. The inlay also has a piece of Paua shell behind the Magrette logo. The wood is made from New Zealand Kauri wood. The wood is played under a crystal on the caseback  so as to protect it. Here is some cool information about the Kauri wood used that I just learned. Living Kauri trees are protected on New Zealand - so they aren't used. The wood used is actually prehistoric wood that has been preserved underground in the Kauri Swamps of New Zealand. The wood is harvested and then used for special purposes such as this - how cool is that? A real unique piece of New Zealand character if you ask me. Again, these special wooden inlays are available in the first 100 Moana Pacific watches only (read the caseback carefully and you can see the label "Ancient NZ Kauri Wood" spelled right on there).

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The steel watch case is 44mm wide and inside is a Citizen Miyota Japanese automatic mechanical movement. A decent workhorse movement used in a ton of watches. For $315, this movement is totally workable. The watch crystal is of course sapphire, and overall fit and finish has an artisan feel that is virtually unavailable at this price level. You can see how nice the Moana Pacific looks matched with the thick and wide honey colored brown leather strap. A great look for this retro styled watch, but it also looks nice with a black strap, or dark brown leather strap.

At $315 this watch is a bargain. To keep prices low, Magrette makes some of the accessories and presentation materials optional. For example if you want the beautiful Kauri wood presentation box or New Zealand leather roll pouch, those are all available for a little bit extra. To get your own Magrette Moana Pacific watch or to learn more click here.

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  • Shannon

    What a cool watch from a cool watchmaker. I have one of his other watches on order at the moment, but I think I will be adding this to the list also.

    • Hi Shannon,
      It is a cool watch. I ought to be getting one for review soon – there will be a video review as well. So I can show everyone the watches in that manner.

  • Shannon

    I said I was going to add this to my list, well I couldn’t wait any longer and have just received it today. Let me just say that it is even better in the flesh than on the website. Do yourself a favour and buy one. Enjoy

    • My father just got a Moana Pacific watch. He couldn’t hold out. I am sure he is going to love it. Thanks for letting us know about your reaction to the new Magrette watch.

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  • Ken

    This is a nice blog. After seeing your review, I ordered a Moana Pacific, with black band. It just arrived today and it’s like a work of art! Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Ken,
      My pleasure. Enjoy the Moana Pacific watch and enjoy Take care.

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  • Jean-Claude Branch

    it reminds me of the panerai, I really like the ancient timber at the back, definitely a talking point

  • phillipchouzenoux

    Again the homage non-sense-the copy-cats,this watch does look like a Panerai except for the inner dial and so many dive watches that emulate a Rolex Submariner, wearing a Panerai siting next to a Magrette I ponder how I would react irregardless that the entire watch-line from Magrette is magnificent.