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A symmetrical dial, and focus on legibility, make the Legacy Machine Perpetual great, whereas the movement and visual design make is really “cool.” This is no gimmicky luxury watch where a brand has a “me too” complication to offer customers something new. In true MB&F fashion, the Legacy Machine Perpetual offers people something they know and like but with a twist. This benefits the consumer for sure, but at its core, I believe it’s a function of Max Busser’s distinct desire to not only actually be different, but to also keep the brand’s products a bit separate from the “crowd.”

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While MB&F is firmly based in Geneva with its timepieces being made in Switzerland, I am seeing the Legacy Machine Perpetual watch, not in Europe, but rather in Dubai. It happens to be Dubai Watch Week, but the Middle East hub city is now home to MB&F founder Max Busser. Where there is passion and money, there is a fascination for watches, and this relatively central location offers Max the ability to be in Europe or Asia with a relatively short commute. I will continue to suggest that so much of MB&F’s success is due to the mobile nature of the brand. Not only do they travel around the world to show off products, but also to forge strong relationships with the most important voices in the watch industry around the world. This international perspective has no doubt helped the brand truly understand the market. In comparison, some other Swiss watch makers are frequently criticized for being too isolated in their environment to appreciate the market and their customers as only a more mobile and globally minded brand can – no matter their size.

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At launch, the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual will be offered as a limited edition in 18k red gold, as well as in platinum. Thanks to the high-domed sapphire crystal, the 44mm wide Legacy Machine case is a tall 17.5mm thick, but wears very comfortably. Fit and finishing is up there with the best-of-the-best and case itself is produced from 69 pieces. Attached to the case is a black or brown alligator strap.


This is easily the most ambitious Legacy Machine to date, and it just might cause even more high-end watch fans not already MB&F customers to consider the independent brands, when in the past, they would have only looked to more conservative watch makers for timepieces such as this. MB&F will begin the Legacy Machine Perpetual limited edition watch with 25 pieces in 18k red gold priced at $145,000 USD and 25 pieces in platinum priced at $176,000. mbandf.com

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