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For the past two decades, Meistersinger has been producing watches that relay the time in the most fundamental and approachable way possible — a single hand that tells the time without the need for even the most basic complications of minutes or seconds hands. Though purposefully simple in concept, Meistersinger’s execution of the concept ensures unexpectedly easy and precise time-telling (so long as you’re not too worried about telling time down to the second). To celebrate 20 years of crafting some of Germany’s unique and instantly recognizable timepieces, Meistersinger has revisited its classically styled Perigraph line but added ample color to the dial, resulting in a watch perfect for celebrating 20 years of watchmaking. If you’re going to celebrate a milestone, you may as well go all out—as the brand’s founder, Manfred Brassler says, “And when we do something, we do it properly!”

It seems that many agree with Mr. Brassler’s sentiment. Over the years, Meistersinger has racked up the commendations, winning design awards from Red Dot, iF, GOOD DESIGN, and others. Clearly, the relaxed approach to reading the time emphasized in Meistersinger’s one-hand watches resonates with many. Perhaps when we moved away from one-hand clocks in the mid-17th century and began adding extra hands, we lost something inherently appealing to our senses in monitoring the time with a single sweeping hand.

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Nicknamed the Mellow Yellow, this newest, limited release from Meistersinger is one-of-a-kind in the brand’s lineup. The Mellow Yellow Perigraph features a steel-blue dial accented with a deep yellow minute track and date disc. Set against this vibrant backdrop are white Arabic hour markers and a single, large hour hand tipped with red. A sprinkling of red accents can be found across the dial, giving the watch some extra pop. It’s hard not to smile when looking at these vibrant, summery hues.

The Perigraph is housed in a 43mm polished stainless steel case with a slim 11.5mm height. The large case and wide dial allow you to easily tell the time, despite the single hand. Instead of the typical minute track running around the periphery of the dial, each marker demarcates a five-minute interval. Spend a day wearing the watch and your brain quickly adjusts to the change— time-telling with a single hand will begin to feel like a much more organic experience, with a single hand tracking the linear march of time. If you’re looking to simplify your life, a focus on the moment itself rather than the seconds becomes a welcome change.

Juxtaposed against the minimalism of the single hand design is a fully exposed date ring, with the day’s date indicated by the red marker below 12 o’clock. Keeping the clutter to a minimum, the date ring only features odd numerals, with red hashes substituting for the even dates. The yellow date ring sets against deep blue hues results in a captivating and engaging dial unlike anything else.

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Powering the Perigraph is the tried-and-true Swiss-made Sellita SW 200-1 automatic movement. Featuring 25 jewels, a 38-hour power reserve, and beating at 28.8kbph, Meistersinger adds a custom rotor visible through the sapphire caseback. While some brands add complications, Meistersinger takes them away, removing both the minutes and seconds hand to provide the base for the the brand’s signature one-hand design.

The Mellow Yellow Perigraph comes mounted on a minimal stitch leather strap that complements the yellow of the dial. That said this is a watch you’ll certainly want to try on a range of straps — throw it on a perlon or textile strap for a casual look or add some sportiness with a Milanese mesh.

Meistersinger is releasing the Perigraph Mellow Yellow as a celebratory watch—if you’re looking to celebrate events big or small, the colorful dial and laid-back approach of a single-hand watch is hard to beat. The Meisersinger Perigraph Mellow Yellow is limited to just 200 pieces and is priced at €1,790. For more information on Meistersinger’s watches and the Perigraph line, be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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