According to the video, the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch will come with either a white or black anaconda snake strap. While reptile straps such as alligator or crocodile are common on watches, snake straps are comparatively very rare. Since the Chaos watch had snakes on the case is the My Guardian Angel trying to tell you something by having the skin of a snake as its strap? I suppose the whole mythos of a guardian angel is that it protects you from evil (which is often symbolized by snakes).

I have to admit that I like the design of the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch case – especially the swirly cloud patterns. There is something friendly and inviting about them, while not being feminine. The wings flank the case sides and aren’t too distracting. If you didn’t know the theme of the watch, I could see it being rather confusing, actually.

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As a hint of color, the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch has a turquoise stone cabochon in the crown, which is nice. The detailing on the case is impressive, and for the money, you get a lot with the sterling silver version, if items such as this are to your taste. If you are an alternatively dressed individual, such as a musician or artist, you’ll likely be able to pull a watch like this off with more ease. Ironically enough, in the “comic” video Montegrappa produced about the My Guardian Angel watch and pen set it appears that a man in a suit is proudly donning a gold version of the timepiece.

Inside the Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement. It is a simple workhorse that offers the time and date. It is the same movement that was used in the Chaos watch. The timepiece also has a sapphire crystal over the dial and is water resistant to 100 meters (which no doubt helps your active lifestyle remain unimpeded while enjoying the protection of an Italian luxury angel). Prices for the  Montegrappa My Guardian Angel writing instruments range from $3,200 to $85,500 and the cufflinks are either $2,555 in sterling silver, or $23,945 in gold. The Montegrappa My Guardian Angel watch is priced at $6,785 in sterling silver and limited to 333 pieces. In 18k gold it is limited to 33 pieces and priced at $53,945.

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