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Moritz Grossmann Arabic Black & White Watch

Moritz Grossmann Arabic Black & White Watch Watch Releases

Continuing Moritz Grossmann‘s strong run of form in 2019 is the release of an extremely smart-looking watch, the Moritz Grossmann 37 Arabic Black & White watch (reference MG-002267). The name says it all. This is a black and white take on Moritz Grossmann’s established Arabic numbered dial, and it works very well, indeed. The high-contrast display is supremely legible, and the elegant hand-finished, hand-polished hands, stand out sharply against the dark background. Proudly printed along the minute track between 7 and 5 are the words, “Made in Germany” — a badge of honor, as well as a reassuring fact.

The 750 white gold case of the Moritz Grossmann 37 Arabic Black & White measures just 37mm across and 9.2mm in height. The dial itself is crafted from solid silver, hammering home Moritz Grossmann’s belief that every part should be created from the finest materials and treated with the utmost care and respect to result in a timepiece befitting the name of the brand.

Moritz Grossmann Arabic Black & White Watch Watch Releases

The movement used in the Moritz Grossmann 37 Arabic Black & White watch is the manually wound manufacture caliber 102.1, crafted from German silver. This 188-component movement has been adjusted in five positions. Present, as always, is the traditional German top plate, which covers three-fifths of the movement. The remaining space is dominated by a hand-engraved balance cock, with a fine regulation screw system that has to be seen up close to be admired. More impressive, still, is the painstakingly hand-finished regulating arm that sits on top of the balance cock. Next to the balance cock is a smaller escape wheel cock, which has also been treated to some exquisite scrollwork done by hand.

Moritz Grossmann Arabic Black & White Watch Watch Releases

The movement is fitted with Moritz Grossmann’s signature violet screws and transparent jewels, giving the whole affair a distinct and characterful appearance. With a slower-than-average operating speed of 21,600vph, caliber 102.1 can offer 48 hours of power reserve. The languid balance and the rest of this hand-finished delight is visible through a sapphire caseback window.

Affixing this piece to its wearer’s wrist is a hand-stitched alligator leather strap fastened by a signed ardillon buckle in 750 white gold. The Moritz Grossman 37 Arabic Black & White is an unlimited model and priced at €23,000. This is exactly the kind of watch I’m holding out for Moritz Grossmann to make in stainless steel so that it might be a more realistic addition to the ever-lengthening wish list. Learn more about the craftsmanship of Moritz Grossman at

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  • Mikita

    I have some weird (or not?) attraction to such little black dialed watches with Arabic indexes. Of course I like the movement architecture – simple, but attractive in Gothic style. I feel like they could have offered this watch in steel at 9-10k and it’d been perfect.

  • Spangles

    This is a lovely watch. MG is doing very well with their main offerings, hopefully buyers of haute horology will respond and buy their watches.

  • all74

    Clean, simple, and beautiful. I would agree that a steel model would be appreciated. I’d also be interested to see a model with the dial colouring reversed, so as to show off that solid silver underneath.

    • DanW94

      Nicht in der gleichen Liga wie Moritz, aber trotzdem nett.

  • James Honour

    Fabulous, I’ll take it gift wrapped. How many washing up’s equate to 23K Euros?

  • Escapementor

    Raymond, I am a longtime follower of this and other watch blogs, but I never make comments. However, I wanted to wish you condolences as you grieve. Death is so very hard to face. Wishing you and your family peace in this terrible time.

  • Jared

    sorry to hear that Raymond, def take a month off and focus on things that actually matter

  • ray h.

    You will be missed, life is some damn painful ! Count your blessing at this point.

  • ray h.

    Funny how this brand has been presented some much as of late and others such as Nomos have all but disappeared.

    • Sit tight, we’ve got a fair bit of German watchmaking news (from other brands as well) on the horizon 🙂

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Condolences Raymond, take it easy mate.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Same process, just different heat.

    I suspect MG use some sort of industrial oven set to the specific temperature. With a +/- 20° a blowtorch would be too aggressive.

  • Spangles

    I’m really sorry to hear that, my condolences.

  • Spangles

    I thought it was the Bolsonaro talking to himself edition, with two profiles of Bolsonaro, facing each other.

  • SuperStrapper

    Gutted for you, friend. Be well.

  • Sorry, Raymond. That is awful news. Take care. We look forward to your return.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Sorry for your loss Raymond. Sincere condolences.

  • Jon Heinz

    Someone knew what they were doing. I don’t see a thing I’d change here. I’m really digging the choice of hands. Unique and understated at the same time. That small seconds hand is perfection.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher


    That’s all

  • Berndt Norten

    Sorry to hear this Raymond. We will miss you but we look forward to your return

  • Bilal Khan

    Sorry to hear that Raymond. The only tattoo I have is the initials of one of my best friends who passed away a few years ago and it’s devastating. Condolences

  • Joe

    Very sad. Hope to see you again buddy.

  • Zed

    Gorgeous, but outside of my possibilities.
    However should be used as reference of how matching case and movement size brings perfect balance and looks.

  • SwissMatic

    Beautiful watch but ugh that logo looks like it belongs to a law firm…

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