Representing a contemporary and minimalist take on the classic round wristwatch, the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour is arguably the most refined and dressy collection within the brand’s current catalog. Although the entry point to the Endeavour series is a simple three-handed stainless steel model, there are also other versions of the Endeavour that feature precious metal cases and heavy-hitter complications such as perpetual calendars and minute repeaters. Announced at Geneva Watch Days 2023, H. Moser & Cie. has introduced a new duo of red gold Endeavour models fitted with Vantablack dials, and while one is based upon the standard three-handed version of the Endeavour, the other turns things up a notch with the addition of a flying tourbillon.

The first of the two new watches is the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack (ref. 1200-0411), which is the model based upon the standard three-handed version of the Endeavour. Featuring an 18k red gold case that measures 40mm in diameter by 11.2mm thick, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack includes a sapphire crystal above its dial, along with a display-style caseback that is secured by four small screws. Access to the movement is granted by a signed crown that sticks out from the side of the case at 3 o’clock, while water resistance comes in at 30 meters to protect against incidental contact. Additionally, just like other H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour watches, the new Centre Seconds Vantablack edition features concave sections running down the sides of its case, which provide it with a significantly more dynamic overall appearance.

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Finished with Vantablack, which consists of millions of carbon nanotubes that capture 99.965% of light and result in it being the darkest man-made material in the world, the dial of the new H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack receives thin red gold hour markers, while the time is displayed by a trio of leaf-shaped hands. Meanwhile, inside the watch is the brand’s Caliber HMC 200 automatic movement, which runs at a frequency of 21,600vph (3 Hz) while offering users a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. Lastly, completing the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack is a hand-stitched gray kudu leather strap that is fitted with a matching 18k red gold pin buckle.

The second new model is the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack (ref. 1804-0403), which offers a fairly similar exterior to its three-handed sibling, despite having a substantially more complex internal movement. Crafted from 18k red gold and offering the same 40mm case diameter as the Centre Seconds model, the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack actually measures half a millimeter thinner than its three-handed counterpart with an overall height of 10.7mm. Just like the Centre Seconds version, sapphire crystals are fitted to both the dial side of the watch and its screw-on display caseback, while water resistance remains at the same 30 meters as the rest of the Endeavour collection.

Just like its three-handed sibling, the new H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack has a dial that is devoid of any type of logos or text. However, rather than featuring three centrally-mounted hands and red gold hour markers, the tourbillon-equipped version drops the running seconds hand and indexes entirely in exchange for a circular cut-out on the lower half of the dial that showcases its one-minute flying tourbillon. Powering the watch is the Caliber HMC 804 automatic movement, which features the brand’s signature double hairspring and runs at a frequency of 21,600vph (3 Hz) with a power reserve of 72 hours. Lastly, to complement its more premium position within Moser’s catalog, the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack receives a hand-stitched black alligator leather strap that is completed by a signed 18k red gold deployant clasp.

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Despite being relatively similar in terms of their designs, materials, and dimensions, one of the two new Vantablack and rose gold Endeavour models features a more advanced internal movement with a flying tourbillon, and the perceived divergence between these two watches becomes even greater once you look at the price difference that exists between them. While the three-handed H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack has an official retail price of $27,600 USD, the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack is priced at $82,500 USD, which means that the tourbillon-equipped version costs nearly three times as much as its three-handed counterpart. Due to the minimalist design of the Endeavour, the dial of the watch is always going to be its primary visual focal point, and while Moser’s wonderful fumé dials most frequently take center stage, Vantablack is also quickly becoming another one of the brand’s signature aesthetics. For more information on the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack and Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack watches, please visit the brand’s website

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