Temption Cameo watch on eBayDue to the fact that Temption is such a small watch maker, you don’t see new offerings from them with any frequency. Instead, you are lucky that they even make enough watches at all so that you can hope to own one someday. Temption watches are an incredibly high value at their relatively low prices. Each Temption is simply stunning with various degrees of beauty of strength in their looks. I own a Temption CGK203 which I praised here. Until now, each of their watches has had an elegant round case of some sort. Now they have released their first square watch, the Temption Cameo.

Inside is an automatic ETA 2892-A2 powering the simple looking yet sophisticated face. Size is 39.4mm by 37mm. Small sounding, but it wears large due to it being a square The watch is also incredibly thin at 9mm. Take notice of the colors here. The watch face is actually a dark brown color and the cabochon in the crown is a deep amber color. The strap is also a dark brown hue. The case is steel and made from one for just a few single pieces polished really nicely. The face crystal and caseback are both covered with sapphire crystals.

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The Cameo is limited to 500 pieces which is honestly a shame. I hope a second and third run will make it due to popularity. Regardless, it will still take a few years for Temption to produce that many along with their other watches. Lets talk about the styling of the Cameo for a moment. Temption takes a commonly used approach of placing what is essentially a round dial, with a sun burst pattern into a square case, but is able to make it look fresh. The grill-like pattern on the sides of the watch are taken from previous Temption watch designs and add visual interest and size to the watch. It is a bit Roman-esque and art deco if you ask me; I love it.

The hands of the Cameo watch are also taken from previous Temption watches such as the CGK204 models. Again, you have a distinct modernization of the Bauhaus aesthetic that Temption is known for. Think minimalism with flair. The case itself is curved to flow nicely over the wrist and gives the watch an almost aerodynamic look. Again, another art deco influence that I see. The large screws in the lugs that hold the strap in place visually connect with the round dial on the face. Branching out the hour index markers creates a well balanced surface area that combines visual interest without clutter. This is always a very difficult task for any way, and one that Temption has well considered here. The essential issue is this; how do you make a watch simple and elegant, without being boring? Even the placement of the date window and two squares in the 12 o’clock position combine functionality with symmetry. Just beautiful if you can appreciate the effect.

Watches like the Temption Cameo aren’t the types that “wow” you right off the bat. They aren’t glitzy showpieces but well thought out “eventual classics.” These are my favorite types of watches as of was you can appreciate how well they perform their main function of telling time, along with looking wonderful on your wrist. At about $1,500 – $2,000 these watches are a good value as I previously mentioned. Especially when you consider that all quality is top notch, and that you are getting a true designer’s watch. I will definitely keep my eye out for a Temption Cameo to add to the collection.

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