Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to announce our latest limited edition, the Timeless Lambda, a unique eight-piece collaboration with Nomos to celebrate our eighth anniversary. We at Timeless were early adopters of Nomos, both in our own collections and in our store, and Nomos produced our very first limited edition. Naturally, therefore, they were our first choice for our anniversary limited edition, and for this special project, we wanted to use Nomos’ flagship, the Lambda.

German watchmakers are no strangers to the highest levels of watchmaking, and Nomos – already deeply familiar with every area of manufacturing and design – decided to produce their own high-end piece. Just as Nomos chose the Lambda to celebrate their achievements, Timeless chose it to celebrate our own, albeit with a few important changes.

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The first, and most important, design change for our Lambda was the inclusion of a blue dial. To create a pleasant contrast, we also decided to use gold-colored writing on the dial.

By far the most distinctive feature of every Lambda is its enormous power reserve subdial. This, of course, is to bring attention to the incredible 84-hour power reserve of its DUW 1001 manual wind movement. While divisive, we’ve always found this power reserve to be a wonderful example of German design, as well as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stodgy world of high- end dress watches. The Lambda doesn’t aspire to be yet another Calatrava alternative, but rather, to be distinctively Nomos, and it succeeds thanks to touches like this one.

A smaller change is found in the writing on the dial. While we kept the overall layout the same as the original, we translated the German “Gangreserve 84 Stunden” to the slightly more comprehensible, at least to us, ‘Power Reserve 84 Hours.’

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One thing that hasn’t changed at all, thankfully, is the gorgeous 39mm rose gold case. A 39mm size is slightly larger than most watches we design, but it remains fairly restrained by modern standards. The dimension we’re most pleased with, however, is the thickness, which is just 9.1mm.

Its thinness is thanks to the beautiful DUW 1001 manually wound movement, which is only 3.6mm thick itself. Before we get to the movement, however, we should take note of the last minor change we made to the Lambda, namely the discreet Timeless limited edition writing on the case.

But back to what you really care about, the DUW 1001 movement. This work of art is uncompromisingly German, with its sunbeam-polished 3⁄4 plate across most of the movement, centering your attention on its balance wheel. Take note of the chatons and the hand-beveled edges, each characteristic of high-end movement design. Underneath you’ll find the Lambda’s twin mainsprings, the source of its impressive 84-hour power reserve.

nomos lambda timeless edition movement

The balance cock alone receives a great deal of attention at Nomos, each being hand-engraved. One interesting feature that makes the DUW 1001 stand out against Nomos’ mass-produced movements is the use of the swan neck fine adjustment mechanism, as opposed to their much more frequently employed Triovis system. Also note the screws in the balance wheel, whereas nearly all other Nomos movements use a smooth balance wheel.

Each of these designs, among others, demonstrate that the Lambda is not merely an ordinary Nomos in a gold case, but rather, a watch designed, bottom to top, to compete at a higher level. The Timeless Lambda is a limited edition of just eight pieces total. The price is $17,000, exactly the same as the regular production version. Click here to learn more or to pre-order your own Timeless Lambda.

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