Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ‘Big Blue’ GMT Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ‘Big Blue’ GMT Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

When talking about the use of ceramic in watchmaking, Omega has to be mentioned. In 2013, it launched the Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” which, in my mind, should be considered one of the most important watches in recent history. By then, ceramic had already been widely used and adopted by the watchmaking industry, but the Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” took ceramic and used it almost everywhere - save for the movement. The entire case, crown, pushers, buckle and even the dial are made out of ceramic. Since then, Omega has been experimenting with ceramic in more ways, and this new Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” watch is the latest ceramic creation.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

If you think about it, the use of ceramic in watchmaking makes sense. If you have a watch made out of more typical materials like stainless steel, gold, or platinum, chances are it is a little scratched up. For people who don’t like scratches, this is a problem. Enter watches with ceramic cases. Because ceramic is so strong and resistant to scratches, it is virtually scratch-proof. In other words, ceramic watches are more likely to stay scratch-free and maintain their pristine look.

The new Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” is the latest full ceramic watch from Omega. In essence, it is a blue version of last year’s Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black collection watches (reviewed here), but the highlight here is the blue ceramic case. Omega says this is the first time they have done a watch entirely in blue ceramic.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

Like the Planet Ocean Deep Black watches, the new Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” is made from a single block of blue ceramic. The bezel, crown and even the dial are all made out of the same blue ceramic material. This is a big watch, measuring 45.5mm wide and just under 18mm thick, but because it is made out of ceramic, which is substantially lighter than stainless steel, it should feel light on the wrist. Water-resistance is a formidable 600 meters, and there’s a helium release valve. In other words, this is a serious professional dive watch.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

The blue ceramic bezel features minute markings filled with Liquidmetal and the first 15 minutes of the bezel is filled bright orange rubber so it stands out against the blue ceramic bezel. There are orange accents elsewhere too. The blue ceramic crown, for instance, is signed with a bright orange Omega logo, and the blue ceramic dial is surrounded by a GMT track in the same bright shade of orange. The GMT hand is also bright orange. I’m really fond of the orange and blue color scheme. It looks fun and it is also practical since the two colors contrast brightly. Finally, the hour, minute, and seconds, as well as the hour indexes, are all made out of 18K white gold and filled with white SuperLuminova.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch beats Omega’s Master Chronometer Calibre 8906, which features a 60-hour-long power reserve and a silicon balance spring. It is tested and certified by both METAS and COSC. This means that it is an accurate and reliable timekeeper and that it is also highly resistant to magnetic fields - up to 15,000 gauss, in fact. The movement is handsomely finished and can be admired through the display case back.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

The display case back is screwed down, but it is special in that it features something Omega calls the Naiad locking system. Basically, it is a locking system that ensures that all the engravings on the rear of the watch stay in its right place and are oriented properly. This is a clear demonstration of the level of attention to detail that Omega gives to its watches.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 'Big Blue' GMT Watch Watch Releases

Blue continues to be a popular color for watch buyers, and I think the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” will find its way into the hands of many Omega fans and dive watch lovers. For readers who have been intrigued by last year’s Planet Ocean Deep Black watches but find none of the colorways enticing enough, this new watch in blue will give you something to think about. I do think that compared to last year’s Planet Ocean Deep Black watches, this watch has a more fun look and vibe, which is perhaps more fitting given that it is a large watch, after all, and large watches should be a bit more shouty and attention-seeking. The reference Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” watch is priced at CHF 10,400.

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  • I dig the colors. Since most buyers rarely dive with their watches (or rather rarely dive period), this may be more of a watch to wear with jeans. I do worry about the rubber insert on the bezel as a long term durability issue.

    Someday I’d like to see a hammer test to see what it takes to shatter a ceramic case compared to seeing how much abuse the same amount of force does to a similar steel case.

    • IG

      Ceramics are brittle but have much higher compressive strength than 316L steel (like ~2000MPa vs. ~250MPa).

    • Ian john horwood

      Actually it would shatter , dont put a hammer to it , tut tut .

  • SuperStrapper

    I won’t pretend to lie: I like it. I’m not oilers fan, but this types of blur and orange is a colourway I dig. This might be a little brash and flashy, but not horribly so. Would I buy it over a dark (grey) side of the moon? No. But I still like it.

    • ??????

      It is horribly brash and flashy. 46 x 18 hockey puck of clownish blue and orange.

      • SuperStrapper

        …in your opinion, which wasn’t asked for and means less than nothing to me. But you got to feel superior there, so I’m happy to have given your day some meaning for once.

        • ??????

          You always overreact.

          • SuperStrapper

            Coming from the guy that just went out of his way, unprovoked, to tell me that I said I liked a ‘clownish hockey puck’ I find that accusation hilarious.

          • I agree that is is a clownish hockey puck and is overly large. But I still like it, so I don’t take offense to that description – I like what I like. It could be smaller and I’d like it ever more though.

  • commentator bob

    For f_cks sake, a 38 mm line of chronographs but they can’t make a decent 40 – 42 mm GMT watch? Everyone I know that likes large obnoxious watches likes chronographs, not GMT watches. Omega is missing a big market by not offering a more refined GMT watch.

      • commentator bob

        Good point, but I mean with a GMT bezel.

        • Methinks they should take time off from designing 1100 iterations of the Speedmaster and cobble one together.

          • commentator bob

            I makes sense. I travel a lot and use a jump hour “traveller” GMT watch with a 24 hour bezel. Actually an Omega Seamaster from back when they made a proper size GMT watch.

            The bezel is really important because the best practice, at least for me, is to always leave the GMT hand at GMT, set the jump hour hand to the local time where I travelled and set the bezel to my home time.

  • Waiting for a decade for a Seamaster GMT with a dive bezel, and we end up with a cartoon from the Knicks’ souvenir shop.

  • ??????

    Clownish look for 11k. Great.

  • A_watches


  • Word Merchant

    Wow. Speechless. For the next iteration they should reverse the blue and orange. That’d be cool.

  • BrJean

    This reminds me of ‘blue orange movie posters’ phenomenon. A lot of movie posters especially for block-busters are designed using blue-orange color combo. They think it would look more attractive this way… It seems that it’s not working with watches so well.

  • Mark1884

    Omega took a chance on this one. It will not appeal to all, but it does to me!
    Sure, it is big, loud & in your face. I like the ceramic case idea. The colors go well together.
    I like it and want one.

  • Pete L

    Oh no, Omega stop it! Another one I want! Just love this. Should have seen it coming after the Blancpain ones I suppose and at least it will be cheaper than the fifty fathoms. Let’s hope I don’t like it so much in person.

    • Yeah, but larger and brighter than a Blancpain FF Bathyscaphe (which I love), so a good alternative as you pointed out but with a very different vibe (bold vs refined). Cheers.

      • Pete L

        Agree with you that the BP is the more refined but I think both are ‘jeans’ watches really (aside from actually diving in them, heaven forbid!). I too love the FF bathyscaphe but that is a lot of coin! Also agree with your other comment about the potential durability of the Orange insert. Time will tell. Cheers!

  • Adam Clements

    Very nice! Although far too big for a lot of wrists.

    Perhaps this will polarise opinions, which may make it less popular and then become quite sought after by collectors in years to come.

  • speedwing

    I like it and do like hockey as well. Please Leafs make the damn playoffs this year. Hope Oilers keep rolling. Cool looking watch. I own the POC 9300 but really like this iteration.

  • Ulysses31

    A few years back Citizen started colouring the metal parts of some of their sportier watches blue and green. They also started making brightly coloured rubber straps with contrasting colours. Of course Omega have approached the problem of making a coloured watch in a far more sophisticated way, and yet the overall look reminds me of these relatively down-market Citizen quartz watches. I actually like the shade of blue they chose, but I could do with a lot less of the orange, or even a completely ceramic blue watch.

  • funNactive

    Love the look!

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