Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch Watch Releases

The long anticipated new Omega Planet Ocean GMT is here for 2013. Before settling into being a major part of the Seamaster Planet Ocean collection, Omega has debuted the Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT, as part of their collaborated efforts with the Good Planet Foundation environmentalist initiative. The new GMT watch is being launched in tandem with the release of the "Planet Ocean" movie.

We were there back in 2011 when Omega announced its partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand to produce the movie, which is being rolled out now. You'll probably be able to see the Planet Ocean movie soon. Allow me to point out that the name of the ocean-preservation themed movie is quite fitting!

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch Watch Releases

While unconfirmed at this point, we anticipate that this lovely blue and orange version of the Planet Ocean GMT is just one of a few Planet Ocean GMT models that will be released soon. This colorful version is probably the most eye-catching and helps keep focus on the novel nature of the watch. Though experience has told us that Omega sells most of its Seamaster Planet Ocean models with black dials on full steel bracelets.

A very interesting aspect of the Planet Ocean GMT is the size. Rather than produce the watch with one of the existing case sizes, Omega offers a new middle-size for the Seamaster Planet Ocean with the GMT. The standard Planet Ocean three-hand is available in a 42mm or a 45.5mm wide case. The Chronograph is available in the larger 45.5mm wide case. For 2013 the Plant Ocean GMT comes in a 43.5mm wide case, only in steel. It is more than likely that titanium and gold versions will soon follow. The mid-size is a good addition to the family.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch Watch Releases

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch Watch Releases

The steel case has a helium release valve and it's water resistant to 600 meters. Instead of a uni-directional diver's style rotating bezel, the GMT has a bi-direction 24 hour scale bezel that is not only a scale for the 24 hour hand, but can also serve as a third time zone indicator. Unfortunately, the bezel is not in ceramic or with Omega's famous Liquidmetal. Rather it is a lacquered bezel in blue and orange, and hopefully Omega will eventually offer a ceramic or Liquidmetal version of the GMT bezel. Update: We met with Omega and the bezel of the Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT is in fact in blue ceramic, with orange lacquer printed numerals on it.

Inside the watch is the Omega in-house made caliber 8605 automatic Co-Axial movement that uses a silicon balance spring. This is essentially the Omega 8500 movement with a GMT complication. You can see the movement (always a stunner) through the sapphire crystal exhibition case back window. The movement has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT Watch Watch Releases

The Omega caliber 8605 is most well-known for being in the Omega Aqua Terra GMT, a more formal Seamaster model. The Planet Ocean is larger and also features a full-sized GMT hand, which many fans have been asking for. The dial of course is slathered in SuperLumiNova. Darkness legibility for Planet Ocean models is always outstanding. Omega will further offer the Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT on a steel bracelet (ref., or on a blue rubber strap with deployant clasp (ref.

Omega's many Planet Ocean fans are going to be happy with the addition of a GMT version of their favorite watch to the collection. Omega will will also release a few non GoodPlanet versions of the Planet Ocean GMT watch that we will cover soon. No pricing yet, but expect the GMT to be priced somewhere between the three-hand and chronograph versions of the Planet Ocean.

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  • MarkCarson

    I guess it would not look good with both a dive scale and the 24 scale
    on a single bezel. Too bad as this would make a nice dive watch but for
    the bezel. And I agree ceramic, sapphire, or LiquidMetal on the bezel
    would be something to wait for. Overall, a nicely executed and attractive Seamaster.

  • hoyaeldridge

    I’ve been saving for one of the titanium LiquidMetal SeaMaster versions in blue and the big size…but this post might make me wait until I can see both side-by-side.

  • r_s_g

    Wow, this is the first PO I’ve actually wanted to own…

  • Oelholm

    43.5 mm is mid-size now? I’d better get down to the gym soon again. Or become obese.

  • nateb123

    Gorgeous.  And I hate the PO.  Too bad that as soon as you strap it on you realize it looks 80 feet tall.

  • MiCr0

    A black date window on a blue dial??

    • Panagiotis

      MiCr0 Amen to that. I think Omega makes enough blue watches to justify investing in a few buckets of blue paint for their date wheels…I mean seriously, they friggin’ coordinate textures on the unseen parts of the movement but can’t be bothered to notice the discrepancy on the dial…? Even black on white wheel would be better. Most boutique brands use a blue date wheel (i.e. Helson), how much cost can Omega possibly cut by going with their stock black wheels? $1? 2$?
      Heck i am willing to pay FIVE $ so they can fix the wheel on mine when i order it! That’s right, 5 times what it probably costs them.

  • Panagiotis

    Muy bueno! If was going to get only one omega diver, this could easily be it. Shame about the bezel material, it feels they skimped on a feature that would round off the watch nicely, and with a bow on top.
    That said, i absolutely hate 3 time zone GMT’s on principle. Either use the bezel and read the second time zone off of it and drop the GMT hand, OR use the GMT hand (always difficult to read for me) and use a diver bezel that is more useful to measure elapsed time on your flight. 
    I don’t know anyone who measures 3 time zones and thinks that such a GMT watch is the most convenient way to do it.
    Either get a worldtimer, a feature rich quartz (like i do), or use your phone/computer. 
    NOTE: i just noticed that there are no internal markings for the 3rd time zone! So you turn the bezel and change two time zones, thereby rendering the GMT hand counterintuitive (the 6 o clock is not noon, so you have to check the bezel to see the 2nd and 3rd time).
    I guess it makes it easier to read but you have to read the bezel more often to know where you stand. Hmmmm… not sure about that…

    • MarkCarson

      Panagiotis Have to agree with you. But on the other hand, you can look at the hour hand and then double what the hour ‘normally’ is. Sort of a ‘train your brain’ exercise. Then using the bezel you can get a third time zone if need be. Cheers

      • Panagiotis

        MarkCarson Yeah i see your point, as i use my diver bezels to double as a GMT bezel by “doubling” the minutes on the bezel. Oh well, i guess this P.O. GMT method might work, unconventional though it may be…I’d have to use it in practise.

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  • Kris C

    I have to admit, the blue/orange combo is very handsome and striking: love it. That said, once you’ve seen one PO, you’ve seen ’em all, and I still have no interest in owning one.

  • Ulysses31

    It’s a PO, which is not particularly exciting.  I like the colours though.  I don’t get people who say this movement is a stunner.  Engineering-wise, yes.  Visually?  Are you kidding me?  It’s less decorated than a ton of other watches out there.  More understated than even conservative Japanese movements.  I actually appreciate the understated but placed amongst its Swiss brethren, a stunner it ain’t.  Let’s keep things in perspective.  Any other name on the rotor and it would’ve been dismissed.

  • Ryan B

    nice color combo ….. aaaaand that’s all I got

  • MrBond007

    Love the Co-axial 8500 movement on the Omega PO, mechanically and artistically stunning in every way. Not sure what people are saying about it not being decorated enough. Well it is an Omega, not a Breguet. Geneva wave on the rotor and contrasting red writing is more than enough for a tool watch. Compare this movement to any comparable manufacturer and this would win hands down. Assuming other manufacturers used exhibition cases with sapphire crystal rather than the standard solid steel caseback. (Rolex & Breitling cough cough).

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  • JonathanEpp

    Just and FYI to all you watch lovers.  I’m in Basel, and looked at the Good Planet WITH Omega today.  The BLUE version and the BLACK version have CERAMIC bezel’s.  It is only the ORANGE version that still has the aluminum version.  I am actually quite surprised that a column like this would not have picked up on a mistake like this.

    • JonathanEpp We updated the article. We met with Omega as well and confirmed that the bezel is in fact in ceramic. The original press release notes were unclear on the topic. The bezel is ceramic with lacquer numerals.

      • JonathanEpp

        aBlogtoWatch JonathanEpp Thanks Ariel.  On a different note, I absolutely love the size at 43mm and the look of the watch itself!

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