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Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

Mustaches and Baseball? It’s not a new combination, but it rarely looks this good. On the diamond, famous names like Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers, and poor Bill Buckner were known for rocking a hairy upper lip, while 1980s TV screens were dominated by Tom Selleck’s irrepressible Thomas Magnum, who wore a bushy ‘stache and a Detroit Tigers ballcap. Joining the ranks of these fuzzy legends is the Oris ChronOris Movember Edition Watch. This is, I think, the first watch I’ve seen with not one, but TWO mustaches printed on its strap. And you know what? As far as charity special editions go, this is about as good as it gets. The watch head itself (just branded Oris with no mention of Movember) is a welcome re-issue of a vintage delight. With a 70s color scheme and case silhouette, the twin-crown setup looks a joy to wear and use. The subtle co-branded strap can easily be changed if the customer becomes suddenly shy about their do-goodery.

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

The Charity

Movember is a charity movement that encourages men to take better care of themselves, have regular check-ups (especially for testicular cancer), and to feel more comfortable discussing issues they might previously have kept to themselves. As a show of solidarity, Movember participants start the month clean-shaven and attempt to grow a mustache by the end of November. It is common practice for the friends, families, and co-workers of these hirsute heroes to donate money in appreciation of this naturally occurring phenomenon that has, quite recently, been put to better use than keeping the Gillette family in business.

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

This particular project is the result of a collaboration between Oris and New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone. While this partnership may seem a tad obscure, it was conceived to shine a light on the mental rather than physical struggles many young men face as they attempt to chase success (or just survival) in this crazy world. Something Boone, as head coach of one of the world’s most iconic and visible franchises, knows a great deal about. As one might expect, Oris will donate part of the proceeds from sales to the Movember charity.

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

The Watch

The dial layout is incredibly satisfying with a retro font selected for the “ChronOris” type between the center and 6 o’clock, the bright red/orange of the wedge-shaped seconds hand tying in with the 12 o’clock marker on the internal rotating bezel, and acting as the glue that binds this otherwise black, white, and gold affair together.

The warm gold hour and minute hands look perfectly at home in the 39mm stainless steel case and the white luminant within them is mirrored by white hour markers from 4 to 2 o’clock. The 3 o’clock hour marker makes way for a black-on-white date window, which sits comfortably in this colorway thanks to the white of the hour markers, hand lume, and split-seconds track that sits between the hour indices and the rotating bezel. These design decisions, to me, make this overall package a big success.

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

On the subject of that date window and its integration to the design, I really must applaud its thoughtfulness. Great care has been taken to balance the colors. The outline of the date (in gold) replaces the gold cap on the other white hour markers, and hugs the split-second track so tightly its as if they were old friends.

Oris Movember Edition Watch: Tom Selleck Finally Meets His Match Watch Releases

The radially brushed case features a polished chamfer that runs into stout lugs that ensure the watch  will wear close and low on the wrist. It is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a closed caseback, engraved with a mustache graphic (that’s three mustaches for those keeping count) and the classic Oris shield. Inside this watch is an Oris 733 caliber, which is effectively a modified Sellita SW200, which operates at 28,800vph, and offers a power reserve of 38 hours.


The Oris Movember Edition watch comes in a very fetching canvas and leather fold-out travel wallet with a spare NATO strap with maroon, ecru, and olive stripes. The watch will retail for $2,000 on the leather strap or $2,200 on the metal bracelet. This model is available as of today. Learn more at

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  • Ugo

    disappointed it’s not a gmt

  • Independent_George

    Looks great in these pictures. In person, I find the Chronoris line-up to have an underwhelming wrist presence.

    Also looks better on leather. I don’t like that bracelet. There are perhaps three or four watches that I like on NATOs. This is not one of them.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Movember! seriously, they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I’m upset I can’t shell out 2,200 quid on a watch. I’m starting Watchember ( I can make up words if they can ) to address this pressing problem.

    • Independent_George

      Movember has been around for a bit. Started in 1999 in an Austrailan pub with the idea of growing mustaches for charity (the RSPCA) during the month of November, then morphed into a global awareness campaign for men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. So Movember is not unlike the pink ribbons during breast cancer awareness month in October.

      • SuperStrapper

        I support 5 different Movember efforts every year, including a past colleague That has been a top participant for almost 10 years straight. I think he collected $15k (Canuck bucks) in 2018.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Thanks George I’m aware of the origins of it .What gets me is the need for it. A grown adult with a modicum of sense will be well aware of what can strike people down. Who hasn’t been affected by been affected by cancer in their life? Both my mother and sister fell victim to it. So I don’t need any stupid month to highlight it and be berated if I’m not wearing the correct colour of ribbon for that particular weeks ” awareness ” campaign. So this will be passed I’ll just end by saying I love watches.

        PS I check my balls daily.

        • Low~Rotor

          We get it, you don’t like collaboration watches. How about you just keep that to yourself from now on? I can’t remember reading even one positive comment from you.

          Well done for checking your balls every day. Not everyone does however and this can be a sensible reminder and fund raiser to those of us who have more to do on a daily basis than spread negativity and touch ourselves.

          • ray h.

            t mean to anyone here, you don’t ” just keep that to yourself from now on” in a comments section.

        • It’s not just for balls now, Raymond. The charity is aiming to raise awareness for all kinds of men’s health issues and to destigmatise talking about them. In regards to the watch, I’m just glad it’s not comedically branded with a moustachioed counterpoise of something…

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Ok Rob. I’ll back down. It is good to talk. I’ve recently had a bereavement and my local mental health team have been wonderful.

        • Simonh

          I am with Raymond here, the cause is a good one, but the Oris association is nonsense, they could just donate if they care that much, rather than rehash an existing watch (which I really like).

          Also to Low-Rotor, the purpose of a comment section on a blog is to express your opinion so, No don’t keep it to yourself.

        • DanW94

          I’ve been checking out some Balls lately. I especially like the Traimaster series and the Engineer watches. Work them around in your hands a bit, they got some weight to them….

          • Raymond Wilkie

            We love our double entendres in Scotland : )

  • Very nice watch with his leather strap.
    Ugly steel bracelet, with Nato strap looks a cheap watch.
    Maybe a bit overpriced.

  • Handsomely executed dial and sexy Tom Selleck’s moustache-piece on the leather strap is a winner in my book.Well done Oris!

  • SuperStrapper

    While I certainly support Movember, it won’t be through purchasing this watch. I like oris but this watch looks fat and ungainly. Like, it needs a serious 6-week hiit regime. As does the name: The Oris ChronOris? Ugh. Almost as bad as the Alpina Alpiner.

  • NaJo

    After seeing so much craze for oris i finally visited ad selling oris and tried diver 65, pointer date and aquis, it didnt sparked interest at all! Ofcourse i am used to rolex, omega lvl and that might be the reason but still i love and have hamilton, longines, jdm seiko…i walked out eventhough i had flat 30% offered!


    Big fan of tonneau cases but while the price isn’t outrageous I am just getting tired of a 38hour pr movement . It is time they are relegated to the history drawer. Oris you can do better . I actually dig the bracelet very old school seiko . Overall a good effort

  • SuperStrapper

    Honestly, some of those look quite plausible. Panersible? That actually passable.
    Id like to offer the following suggestion for a possible upcoming 3000M rated diver from Omega:
    The megaOmega

  • Jon Heinz

    I came here expecting something outrageous, like a humongous stash plastered across the dial. Was pleasantly surprised to see something very subtle. Not bad, not bad at all.

  • It’s actually not bad. Not bad at all. Of all the ‘70s colour schemes this is a great one.

  • Brent P.

    Great seventies vibe. I could see this one turning into a weekend favorite.

  • ray h.

    Yep, seen you do it more then once. Keep being you Raymond, don’t listen to negative people in the guise of trying to be helpful.

  • Joe

    I’m not a NATO fan but love it on the bracelet and it looks good on leather too.
    I think it might also look good on a BOR.

    Instead of


    they should have had

    Oris 26 crown jewels


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