I mentioned the date window for a reason. Many watches have date windows, but I like the execution here. First, the window itself has beveled edges that gracefully lower to the opening where you see the date disc. The font of course is custom for Porsche Design. I also like how the date has been put into the 4 o’clock hour indicator in such as way so as to minimally disrupt the balance of the dial. Most every sport watch can benefit from a little red. Here you have the seconds hand and the 60 minute indicator in a red hue to add a bit of color and character to the design.

Outside of the inner dial is a minute ring rehaut which is sits on a higher level. It adds a welcome sense of depth to the dial, and smoother transition to the bezel. The bezel feature a unique metal finishing that you’ll only find again used on the inside of the horizontal grooves on the side of the case, as well as on the edge of the crown. It is a sort of sandblasted finish, but not like most that you see on other watches as it has a slight tendency to glisten in the light. The rest of the case is is a mixture of brushed and polished surfaces.

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Porsche-Design-Flax-Six-P-6310-8 Porsche-Design-Flax-Six-P-6310-9

The grooves on the side of the case are a unique property that some people don’t like. Personally I enjoy them as they are used to visually elongate as well as flatten the case. It is called the “Flat Six” after all. By the way, the name refers to the famous six cylinder Porsche engine. Looking down at the watch from the top you’ll notice how the lugs form gracefully from the case and meld seamlessly into the bracelet. Porsche Design offered a rubber strap option that most of the P’6310 Flat Six Automatic models came with, but it feels like a shame to use those when the bracelet was designed so specifically to go with the case.

At 44mm wide in steel, the Flat Six P’6310 actually wears a bit smaller than it is, but this isn’t a small watch. One thing I happen to like a lot is that the case is quite thin – relatively speaking. Most sport watches cannot fit under your sleeve, especially if you are wearing a dress shirt, the Flat Six should, and it is a benefit to the name that it is actually not too thick of a timepiece. The case is also water resistant to 120 meters, and uses an AR coated sapphire crystal over the dial, and on the case back over the movement.


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