The bracelet of the P’6310 is an interesting thing. Many Porsche Design bracelets are unique and designed specifically for one watch collection. You’ve probably never seen or worn one like this. Ironically, the design of the bracelet for the P’6300 plays on this bracelet by being the opposite of this one in terms of finishing. Here you have a single link design that hides a third, middle link on the inside of the bracelet. The exterior of the bracelet has polished edges with a wide center section done in a satinized finishing. It isn’t for everyone, but personally I appreciate its unique design and feel that it has an earned sense of beauty to it. Though some people clearly won’t like it. I simply find it “interesting” along with the rest of the Flax Six case, and find that they all work together nicely.

Another unique element of the bracelet is that each end has the “6310” model number engraved into it on the inside. I’ve never seen that before, but clearly no one at the factory got confused. I also want to mention that the bracelet has a butterfly-style deployant and closes seamless under your wrist. Speaking of factory, Porsche Design does not produce their own watches. Right now that privilege goes to Eterna, a fact that we like to repeat each time we review a Porsche Design watch. Eterna was recently purchased by a Chinese company but will remain Swiss. It will be interesting to see how the brand evolves over the next few years. As far as I know they are still going to be making Porsche Design’s timepieces.

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Inside the Flax Six Automatic models are decorated Swiss ETA 2892-2 automatic movements with custom Porsche Design automatic rotors that look like wheels. Porsche Design pretties up ETA movements really nicely, making them look their best. Note that a chronograph version of this (and the current) generation Flat Six model was/is available. Between the older P’6310 and newer P’6300 (or whatever they are calling them now) Porsche Design Flat Six models, there is no clear winner. It really depends on your taste. I happen to like this generation a bit more given the dial and case design. It is no doubt a unique watch with some easily appreciated elements such as the dial, and other facets which are clearly an acquired taste. Having said that, in the scheme of luxury timepieces, that is pretty much what you want. An item that does what it was designed to do very well (tell the time and be comfortable), while at the same time being a bit different. The P’6310 is just that.

Unfortunately this is a rare watch nowadays. The P’6310 came in a few colors and the white dialed version seems to have been the most rare as far as I can tell. Note that the rubber strap was offered in both black and white… Usually models from just a few years ago can be found online, but this white dialed Flat Six P’6310 is an elusive piece. Here is how you can find it though. The reference number of the watch on the bracelet as reviewed is ref. 6310.41.63.0249. On the white rubber strap it is ref. 6310.41.63.1170, and on the black rubber strap it is 6310.41.63.1167. Retail price isn’t too bad at about $2,900. porsche-design.com

Necessary Data
>Brand: Porsche Design
>Model: Flat Six Automatic P’6310
>Price: About $2,900 USD
>Size: 44mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Guy who wants a unique yet functional watch from a commonly respected luxury brand.
>Best characteristic of watch: Beautiful white dial and crisp legibility framed by a slick case and design.
>Worst characteristic of watch: No micro adjustments in bracelet for more precise fit.

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