In addition to the original 37mm-wide size of the 1960s Captain Cook models, 2017 also gets a much larger and more modern-looking 45mm-wide size. While the 37mm model is too small for my taste, the 45mm (13.8mm thick) model in this case design is actually a bit too large given the 54mm lug-to-lug distance, which causes the lugs to go past the edges of my wrist. With a small case diameter or stubbier lugs, the 45mm wide model would look just fine. For larger wrists, the 45mm wide case is fine – and to be honest, it is a great looking watch.

I want to add that the 45mm Rado Captain Cook watches wear better on the available textile strap – given that they wrap around the wrist better. Five versions of the 45mm-wide Rado Captain Cook watch will be available. These include a blue and black dial model that come on a bracelet or strap, and a brown dial model that comes on a brown leather strap only.

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Even though the 37mm-wide and 45mm-wide Rado Captain Cook models are in the same family, they are very different watches aside from mere size. Design as well as materials are different. Whereas the 37mm models come in steel, the 45mm models come in hardened titanium that Rado claims offers vastly superior scratch-resistance over standard titanium (a really good thing).

The rotating timing bezel, is once again, inwardly sloped, but the overall effect is much more dramatic given the larger size. In some lights, the blue versus black ceramic bezel insert colors look identical. Blue and black are the most popular colors these days for sport watch dials, so I totally get why Rado wanted to make one of each – but it is a bit amusing how similar the two models can look. It gets a bit easier to tell them apart when looking at the blue versus black textile straps.

Each of the Rado Captain Cook models has a domed sapphire crystal, and they have a good design and volume of AR-coating. While the 37mm-wide Rado Captain Cook watches are water-resistant to 100 meters, the 45mm-wide version is water resistant to 200 meters. With the beautiful dial design, legible utility, attractive case, and durability features such as hardened titanium, I think the 45mm-wide Captain Cook models are going to be big hits for 2017 – and the prices aren’t too bad either.

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As I said, all models of the Rado Captain Cook have the ETA C07 automatic movement inside of them. The blue-dialed 45mm Captain Cook watch on the strap is the reference 763.0501.3.220, and on the matching titanium bracelet it is the reference 763.0501.3.020. The black-dialed 45mm Captain Cook on the strap is the reference 763.0501.3.215, and on the titanium bracelet it is the reference 763.0501.3.015. The brown-dialed version is the reference 763.0501.3.130.

Prices for the 37mm-wide steel Rado Captain Cook watch are $1,900 for the limited edition model in brown on the strap, $2,000 on the steel three-link bracelet, and $2,300 in white with diamonds on the Milanese bracelet. The 45mm-wide titanium Rado Captain Cook watches on the textile or leather strap are $2,400, and $2,600 on the titanium bracelet.

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