Without a crown all current Ressence watches must be adjusted and wound (though they are automatics) via the caseback. The caseback turns in both directions. Unlike the Type 3, the Type 1 allows you to adjust the time in both directions. I believe that turning the caseback in one direction adjusts the time forward, while the other direction adjust the time backwards. Turning the caseback in either direction also winds the movement.

As a collection, the Ressence Type 1 comes in five initial styles. There is the Type 1B in black, Type 1W in white, Type 1Ch with a Champagne colored dial, Type 1R for ruthenium, and the Type 1G for Guilloche (engraved silvered metallic dial). Each of the dials has hands and markers painted in SuperLumiNova luminant. The Type 1 black and the Type 1 guilloche are probably my favorite versions. In some of the group pictures you can see a version of the Ressence Type 3 watch amongst the Type 1 watches for comparison purposes.

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Ressence-Type-1-watch-20 Ressence-Type-1-watch-9

Each of the different Ressence Type 1 watches has different strap options that I believe can be swapped out easily. I happen to think the tan ostrich strap would look pretty cool with the black dialed version of the Ressence Type 1. I think the overall polished looks of the Ressence Type 1 give it a fashionable demeanor that few “nerd watches” have been able to attain. Reading the time is also pretty simple once you get used to it. This is for sure a conversation starting timepiece – and one that is equally easy to live with.

As mentioned above, the biggest issue with this and other Ressence watches is the price. It isn’t that they are too expensive for what you are getting, but like I said, these products have the ability to be much more than just “niche” when it comes to appeal. I think a lot of people are going to see these watches and feel sad that they are in a much more expensive price bracket than they can afford. I suppose in the long run that is a good thing for Ressence. There are few hotter independent brands, and if anything is holding them back, it is the fact that Benoit keeps so busy making watches as opposed to just about anything else. Price for the Ressence Type 1 watch is 16,500 Euros (about $22,150 as of writing).

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