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Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On

Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The newest term in the dictionary of obscure Rolex vocabulary is “Z blue.” Hidden among the buzz of the new Sea-Dweller and the white gold GMT-Master II, Rolex quietly added a new dial color for the estranged cousin within the Oyster line up, the Milgauss, with the new 2014 Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV watch. The Milgauss name has been around since 1956 and the current version (ref 116400) was released in 2007. Sporting magnetic interference resistance up to 1000 gauss, the Milgauss was originally designed for engineers, technicians and scientists.

Despite this niche crowd, the Milgauss has found a lasting audience thanks to its good looks and, at least within the context of Rolex, quirky styling. For Baselworld 2014, Rolex added this latest iteration that features an electric blue dial, aka “Z blue.” What is “Z blue?” It is essentially a new metallic blue watch face for the Milgauss under the line’s iconic green tinted sapphire crystal.

Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On Hands-On

All current Milgauss models are based around 40mm steel Oyster cases and offer 100M water resistance thanks to the Twinlock crown system. The new blue dial version includes the distinctive green-tinted crystal, bright orange Arabic minute track and signature Milgauss lightning bolt seconds hand. It joins both white and black versions without the green crystal and is basically identical to the black version with the green sapphire, save for the blue dial.

The movement is the same Rolex calibre 3131, a COSC certified movement running at 4 Hz with a parachrom hairspring, paramagnetic nickel-phosphorous escape wheel and a power reserve of 48 hours. The Milgauss also comes fitted to an Oyster bracelet with the easy link extension system that allows for simple and tool-free micro adjustment.

Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The (Z) blue dial looks great and offers a completely separate and bright appeal compared to the black and white versions. The dial has a brushed metallic finish and works well with the orange accents and white gold markers and hands. The 40mm  wide sizing feels great and the bracelet ensures the Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV will be versatile enough for everyday wear.


We also like that the Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV isn’t an instant crowd pleaser. At first the combination of blue, green, and orange colors feels random, and the lightning bolt seconds hand feels out of place for Rolex. After a while it starts to grow on you as the odd Rolex out – which is often a good thing – and the timepiece’s legibility and entertaining colors win you over.

Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On Hands-On

With a list price of 7,800 CHF , this new Z blue dial on the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV is a welcome addition to the Milgauss line up. The Milgauss is a strange watch, sporty yet refined while being wholly distinctive among its siblings at your local Rolex dealer. Perhaps more than anything else, this new blue dial version improves on the Milgauss’ core strength – standing out in a sea of Submariners.



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  • DG Cayse

    A beautiful watch.
    How beautiful; My wife has noted my seriously looking at this one several time and it has inspired “The Look” and a sincere….”No way” muttered in a low tone.

    Now wouldn’t this just ring some nice bells on a SS Jubilee bracelet?

  • outremer

    It’s  cool, would be awesome with a durable AR coating on both sides.

  • Ulysses31

    It’s nice, except for the orange bits.  The utilitarian square hour markers give me a Seiko 5 vibe.  Yeah, not bad at all.

  • Fraser Petrick

    DG Cayse  My wife thinks food, water, and shelter are more important than watches. Such is the cross I bear.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Love the colours.
    Not fussy about the zig-zaggy zecond hand…but I’d learn to live with it.

  • hautejalapeno

    A step too far for me. Nothing wrong with the Milgauss with green and balck.


    I’ve seen zig zag (serpentine) hands on other watches, so this
    is not a groundbreaking event. Adding a gauge to measure Teslas,
    Gauss, A/m, or whatever the current standard(s) may be is a

    trailblazing breakthrough, albeit too costly to produce/sell.

  • aworon

    personally I like the black more.  this blog has really got me liking Rolexes more than I’d wish lol

  • MarkOs

    Fraser Petrick DG Cayse 

    But how will you know what time to eat, drink and go to bed without a Rolex on your wrist?

  • Grinnie Jax

    Seiko 5 for advanced 😉 Mine for instance:
    And its not bad at all.

  • Oelholm

    A few comments: first off, saying that the name “has been around since 1956” is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? For how many years was it out of production until Rolex revived it? Secondly, calling the green glass iconic may also be a step too far, since it’s (AFAIK) wasn’t a feature on the originals and also is one variant out of two possible… For some reason watch blogs always go into fanboy-mode when writing about Rolexes.

  • bichondaddy

    Oelholm I also think most blogs just go into Fanboy-mode when they are reviewing a Rolex.  I yawn when I see a Rolex….looks the same as the one I had in the 1980’s…except it’s now a 40mm instead of a 38mm or smaller!  Oh wow…such an innovation!! Oh wow…a cool looking second hand…stop the presses!  

    To me…a Rolex today looks like a Rolex of 30 years ago.  It’s like looking at a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo SS and wishing that Chevy still made them…because when I was in my late 20’s I thought they were cool!  I thought my 1980’s Rolex was really cool…but do I want the same look on my wrist in 2014….NO!

  • Fraser Petrick

    MarkOs Fraser Petrick DG Cayse  Perfect male logic. May I quote you?

  • MisterDeal

    First off, the writing – fantastic. “Sea of Submariners” – I see what you did there! Second, the watch. The Milgauss GV is absolutely my favorite Rolex model. The blue here is a stunning addition to an already perfect yet distinctive watch. Sublime.

  • aleximd2000

    definitely this is my perfect gift for my son’s graduation

  • Biffo10

    I must be old fashioned , but when it came to colour co-ordination in clothes & things,
    the saying was…’Blue & green should never be seen’….Throw some orange accents into
    the mix & this psychedelic eyesore is the result IMHO.  Give me a tasteful IWC Ingenieur
    from the 1970’s any day….it’s more antimagnetic by a long way too !

  • Fraser Petrick

    aleximd2000  Can I be your honourary son? I graduated 1977 (night school and summer school) Queen’s University, KIngston, Ontario

  • Fraser Petrick

    Biffo10  You probably frown on argyle socks with sandals.

  • Biffo10

    Fraser Petrick Biffo10
    Nothing wrong with Argyle socks or sandals, but even I know
    wearing them together is a social faux pas lol !    Now where
    is my pink, yellow & grey Pringle sweater?

  • Fraser Petrick

    Biffo10 Fraser Petrick  Your pink, yellow and grey Pringle sweater? The one you artfully drape over your shoulders at summer theatre?
    Sorry, Ariel, I think we’re off topic.

  • mosesmoller

    MisterDeal couldn’t agree more w/ you on this. I think this line is by far the best they make. It doesn’t look  like everything else you see on every other persons wrist. I own the GV and will grab this one some day. Really looking frwd to seeing it in person as the blue will look really sweet.

  • Lesthepom

    I tried one on yesterday but that green crystal over a blue face just did not look wright the pictures in the article have just got the light right to show off the blue but change the angle a bit and the green just turns it a funny shade of blue/green I do like the second hand a bit quirky for a Rolex may be they are human after all may be a new color would have been a good time to up the antimagnetic properties I understand omega make one that is a lot more resistant now and with a quirky second hand too

  • mosesmoller

    wow good to know thx for heads up had no idea they were in…Would love to check out the new 36mm oyster colors like the silver & purple. Cheers

  • aleximd2000

    Fraser Petrick aleximd2000 of course right away
    I graduated in 1988 Bolyai Farkas Mathematics and Physics. I would be honoured but I have doubts that the american laws will punish me or you because of child molestation. Cheers my friend  alex

  • Biffo10

    Yes, I agree with you, glad you had the courage to make these comments.
    I hitch-hiked to Geneva in the 70’s with a college buddy & bought Rolex chronometers
    for ourselves. I’ve since, over the years, had a Submariner, SeaDweller & DateJust.  I don’t
    wear or own Rolex now, for socio reasons….the wrong people wear them & for the wrong reasons.
    If funds permitted, now 40 years on, I could wander into any Rolex  retailer & to a great extent buy
    identical watches to the ones I’ve owned. So yes,’bored & yawning’ come to mind.  The Milgauss is
    a specialist watch, as are other uprated antimagnetic watches, designed to be worn by engineers & others working in ‘charged’ environments. I do feel now that the Rolex fanboys who wear this have no idea as to it’s raison d’etre , & only like it’s colour scheme . Other magazines have coined the phrase……
    ‘Rolex are for people who know names , not watches’.   Comments on this blog thread prove the
    point lol !

  • bichondaddy

    Biffo10  Maybe it’s just because I’ve grown up,, and not worried what anyone thinks about the watch I wear.  I am disabled and do not work anymore…I spent 25+ years working in retail management….where dress codes were strictly enforced…and yes…some establishments even dictated the kind of watch you could wear.  So now days, I prefer wearing something with some style, and pizzazz! I also prefer the larger watches…mainly because I am a big man…I am 6’6″ tall…that’s what…almost 2 meters tall….and have a 23 cm wrist.  So the larger watches are easy for me to wear, plus…with failing eye sight…I can actually read them with the aide of my glasses!!  So give me a nice large pilots watch with large numerals…and I am a happy man!!

  • CG

    Nice! This is the only Rolex I would buy… Milgauss is a handsomely simple watch unlike all those other “old man” watches they offer that you need a Corvette and a silicon blonde bimbo as wearability accessories. It will go nicely with my green Milgauss. On second thought the bimbo might be a requirement!

  • spiceballs

    Nice.  Nothing spectacular but generally neat Rolex layout with tidy hands, very nice colors and size.  But I feel that Rolex need to start upping both the resistance and power reserve if they want to remain competitive.

  • BadRonin

    CG I agree with your summation on the Milgauss. and whole heartedly endorse the blonde bimbo.
    hell, why not two!! (bimbos,not watches. lol)
    I’m only 40 and I love rolex but don’t want to have the same one as everyone else (submariner) or look like I’m wearing my dads watch (datejust)

  • Skeletor

    Skeletor approves.

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