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Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The newest high-end wrist watch from Romain Jerome is another version of their Titanic DNA and tourbillon collection. The naming of the brand's watches has gotten shorter over the years which is a good thing, but the DNA hasn't changed. I appreciate that the name of the watch is just the "Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon."

The case is the same 46mm wide size that RJ has been using for a few years. I still like the looks of it even though it is a unique style. Not everyone likes the oxidized steel bezel look. It is part of the Titanic DNA concept trying to replicate the look of metal that has been under water. Actually, it isn't so much trying to look like but is. Each of these bezels is oxidized under water to get the signature look. The metal used has a bit of metal recovered from the actual Titanic ship as part of the collection's ongoing theme.

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

For this collection there will be three models available. Each are limited editions. Actually all Romain Jerome watches are limited editions. The primary case material options are steel (ref. RJ.T.TO.CH.003.01), PVD black steel (ref. RJ.T.TO.CH.001.01), and 18k red gold (ref. RJ.T.TO.CH.002.01).

For the dial Romain Jerome is furthering their steampunk-style aesthetic to a partially skeletonized open dial with clear indicators but also a view of the movement. You can see that RJ is using the "solar" style tourbillon carriage. I believe that the movement is likely manually wound and made by Concept. It has the time with subsidiary seconds dial, tourbillon, and thirty minute monopusher chronograph. The pusher is located above the crown. I like the dial but would have preferred that Romain Jerome differentiate the design of the chronograph subdial versus the subsidiary seconds dial. As far as I can tell they are the same aside from the design of the gear in the skeletonized area behind the dial in the movement.

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Each of the three versions of the Romain Jerome Chrono Tourbillon will be limited to just 9 pieces. That isn't very many watches. The movement design is very cool and I think this should be another unique luxury item from the brand suited to the tastes of some, but not all. Prices for the Chrono Tourbillon watches are between 199,000 - 219,000 Swiss Francs. Oligarch types open your wallets.


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  • Kris C

    Really enjoying the contrasts in the movement and dial, but it must have been a trade off for any contrast in the handsets – how are you supposed to read this thing?

    Also, I wonder if this is getting the hairs on the back of Yvan Arpa’s neck to stand up – this looks more like coprolite than any kind of treated metal.

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

    did they embed the dial in a shit-patty?

    • No, a rust patty.

  • Ulysses31

    Ugly bezel? Check. Hard-to-read hands? Check. Subdial indices that don’t go all the way around? Check. The kind of person who’d buy this is the same guy who’d buy a Ferrari without an engine.

    • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

      @ulysses31 Or hook up with a transvestite.

  • kapitanshaun

    No. At any price, no.